Saturday, July 14, 2012

Joy and Cheer

Do you ever feel like doing this? A little bit of pouting and a little bit of sulking went on here today. It's becoming slightly routine as of late. It gets a little tiring after a while. How about putting on a smile and sharing some cheer?

Two Moms, Two Boys, Two Bellies

This morning I had an old friend and her little boy come and play. We went to church together as kids and reconnected on Facebook. She's a little pregnant too. Okay, maybe we're both a lot pregnant. Jackie is due three weeks before me, but I'd still be willing to race her to the finish. Her son and mine were supposed to play in the sprinkler together, but "C" had different plans. He really just wanted to get his two year old hands dirty in Josh's "Gnome Home" box. After we put the "Gnome Home" in the house to keep it safe, "C" was content to play with Josh's tractors in the grass. My own little boy was not feeling very friendly today, which was a shame. He had several late nights this week and last night was no exception. Needless to say, he was a little grouchy. But having a friend over who is a bit younger than himself is good practice for when Little Brother arrives. We'll have to try our visit again when Josh is feeling a little more... happy. And less droopy. I, on the other hand, had a nice visit and it was fun to compare our pregnancies. Jackie is also expecting son #2. Little brothers are so much fun!