Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two Posts in One

Okay, okay. I have been firmly reprimanded for not blogging for a week. (Thanks Steph.)

Life can be stressful sometimes. But I'm sure that if you believed in something as fiercely as I do, than you would tell people about it too. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I also believe that you cannot get to heaven without believing in Him. So therefore, I am going to tell people about Him. After all, I don't want to be the one who didn't tell you. But that isn't what is stressful. It is the reactions I get from those who I love most. I am forever grateful that my immediate family and I are all on the same page, when it comes to faith in Jesus Christ. We agree that He is the most amazing, loving and merciful God. Forever patient with His children, good, just and holy. He knows our weaknesses and can give us strength to endure. He picks us up when we fall and holds our hand when we feel alone. Having seen my God work in miraculous ways over and over again, I can confidently tell the world that I am not delusional for believing that He is more real than anything. And I am forever thankful to have life in Him. If you want to know more, just ask.

On that note... I am ready for spring. Six reasons why:

1) My hands are perpetually cold in this corner of the house, the farthest corner from the wood stove. We have been supplementing our gas heating with wood this year. Thankfully Joe lives with us and it is his job to bring in the wood. But the fire still must be maintained and very often I let in almost go out.
2) Also, the snow is looking yucky now. Especially cause we have a dog. Not only are there, uh, yucky things, but Molly leaves tracks wherever she goes. And I do not like where she has been wandering. There is no denying it when she goes into the neighbors yard, when there are tracks leading there. It's embarrassing. I want a fence. Please.
3) Wet shoes leave salty, muddy spots on the floor. And the laminate floors swell at the seams when wet shoes are left on them. I hate mopping.
4) The car is gross. And our back window wiper is broken, so I cannot wash the salty residue off the window when I am driving. I feel like an impaired driver without being able to see out the back clearly.
5)My leather gloves are getting holes in the fingers. Which means I may have to find new ones before the end of winter. And I won't like the new ones as much as I like these. My Gramanita brought me these from who-knows-where and they fit like a glove should. I love them.
6) I want to go outside. With flip-flops, not boots, scarf, hat, gloves, coat...

Saturday, January 17, 2009


My fingers are cold.

Mommy's Big Helper

Josh and I have had a busy morning together. Daddy had to take his van to the garage this morning, so it was just Josh and I. (And Uncle Joe, but he minds his own business pretty well.) The two of us busied ourselves with the morning housework. Josh "helped" me make the bed. We washed some laundry together. Josh is very good at pressing the buttons on the washing machine and putting the dirty laundry in to wash. He also likes to help put the wet laundry in the dryer. After we did the wash, the dishes were next. Josh stands on the chair next to me and dunks the dishes in the water, scoops water from the dish pan into the other side of the sink and over the edge of the counter onto his shirt. He like to take the clean dishes out of the dish drainer and put them back into the soapy water. I will say, "Hmmm, I think I've washed this spoon before." It may take me a little longer to get the dishes done, but I enjoy Josh's help and I know he loves helping Mommy. After all, I remember helping my Mommy wash dishes when I was very little. I would practically beg her to let me help. Sometimes she would yes, and sometimes she would say, "No, I need to get them done quick this time." I don't think my Mom realizes that I remember helping her way back then. It must've been before I went to Kindergarten. Sweet memories for me. I'm glad she took the time to let me help. Thanks Mom!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Quiet Hour

It's 6:00 Friday evening. Both my boys are sleeping. What's a girl to do?

"Hello..... Haven't seen you in a while."

I have been getting reacquainted with some childhood foods. Having a one year old might do that to someone. Things like juice boxes, raisins, graham crackers, pbj sandwiches, applesauce cups, animal crackers, and apple juice. Some of those items I haven't had since who knows when. I remember drinking juice boxes when I was in Kindergarten. Graham crackers were a hot commodity when you are growing up with four younger siblings. Bananas are the worlds best fruit. Applesauce cups are great for a portable lunch. And Josh loves those raisins. He found a box of them in his diaper bag and helped himself. Another food that Josh loves is cheese. You should hear him when I get the cheese out. "Cheeeee!" He gets so excited. Cheese and Ritz Crackers make the best afternoon snack. What sort of "kid food" do you remember eating when you were a kid?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boots Please

Josh loves his boots. He think's they're great. One day last week, he got them out and was very obviously trying to put them on. I helped him out a bit and then he clomped through the house, pleased as punch to be wearing such fine attire. And to make his outfit even finer, was the fact that he had no pants on. What a riot!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Skin Woes

Okay, fellow bloggers, I once again come to you for advice. Josh seems to have pretty sensitive skin, but today his stomach has erupted into red blotches. He typically has dry, bumpy, slightly redder areas on his back, but not like what he has today. I took a photo for your viewing pleasure. What do you think? Could it just be hives or an allergy of some sort? I rubbed him down with baby oil this week because he seemed extra dry. I'm wondering if we need to change our laundry soap... I just started using Tide a few weeks ago. It smells so good, I'd hate to think of not using it. Or at least whats left of it. Should I mention it to his pediatrician, to see what her suggestion would be? I have a cousin who has sensitive skin and has to stay away from fragrant soaps and things. I'm not even sure what to think, so I apologize for sounding quite vague and unfounded... Ideas? Anyone?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who's My Idol?

I think it's ridiculous that I feel so excited. And maybe I won't admit why I am excited, it's so embarrassing (and worldly to boot). But American Idol is starting today. Ew. I can't believe I just wrote that. Gross, that I like that show so much. Why? What makes it so fun to watch? Maybe it's because all those contestants are just real people, no different that you or I, except that they can sing. They come from little towns or big cities, grow up with zits and awkward idiosyncrasies. Some are proud and boastful and others are humble and bashful. Some love Jesus and others sing in bars. But anyway, the two hour premier is this evening, so I'm pretty syched. Isn't that dumb? To be looking forward to a stupid TV show? It has no relevance when it comes to eternity. God doesn't care whether you got to be "America's Idol" or not. He only cares about whether or not you believed on the LORD Jesus Christ. Whether you have accepted Him as your Savior and asked him to cleanse you from your sins. That's what really matters tonight. Not this stupid TV show that we will so faithfully watch for the next three+ months. So go live for Jesus, not for Simon.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Last Pot Post

For those of you who think my life now revolves around potty training an untrainable 14 month old, it does not. Maybe I was over enthusiastic about it this past weekend and that's why I was such a grouch when Josh didn't want to sit on the potty. He has been much better since I wrote my last post, and I think it's a fun learning experience for us both. I am not trying to rush him and I am not disciplining him when he pees in his diaper. I merely set him on the pot when I think his bladder should be full (ie after lunch, snack time, bottle or upon waking up dry after nap) and sometimes he goes and sometimes he doesn't. More often than not, I've timed it well and he can go a "wee" bit. He cheers for himself (sometimes even when he hasn't peed) and I also issues the proper hurrahs. I don't think it's a bad idea for me to set him up there a couple times a day. I may be wrong, and maybe I should not even bother. But none-the-less, I am enjoy seeing my son learning to react to my actions.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Stubborn Pottying

Sometimes I speak too soon. And you all will be glad to hear that Josh does not want to go potty this week. You do not want me to have "wonder-child" nor do you want me to have complete success in potty-training Josh before he is two. That would make you all "look bad". Josh has decided that the toilet is no longer his friend and, even though he is perfectly capable of peeing in the toilet, he kicks and legs and whines. He has only gone once a day since Saturday, compared to the up-to-four-times a day of last week. Last week it was fun for Josh. This week he does not like it. I am discouraged. Say, if he was a year or so older, what advice would you give me? Would you say "Keep sitting him up there", "Put undies on him so he knows when he goes", or "How stupid of you, thinking that a little baby could pee on the potty when they don't know any better"? (If you choose the last phrase, you will no longer be my facebook friend, cause he certainly does knew better, and even cheered for himself last week.)

Friday, January 02, 2009

Pottying Baby

It is a joy to realize that children are much smarter than they are given credit for. Granted, they are also stubborn little creatures and often quite defiant. But that shouldn't discourage anyone from encouraging their baby to use their heads. :)

On Christmas morning, Josh woke up pretty much dry. I gave him his morning bottle and when that was finished, I was surprised to see he was still dry. Well, I supposed, now would be a fine time to sit him on the potty, since there was no doubt that he indeed had to go. I turned on the tub faucet (a little trick I learned when giving Josh a bath) and sat Josh backwards on the potty. He didn't go. As soon as I set him on the floor he started peeing, so I popped him back up on the seat and he continued doing his business. Success! He had peed in the potty. Since that day, with the exception of two days, Josh has continued to pee on the potty several times each day. He still goes inbetween potties, but we both cheer when it's done where it belongs. I was pretty sure my Mom thought I was crazy, putting my 14 month old on the potty, but then she happened upon this link about diaper free babies. Now she knows that there are even crazier parents out there than I. If you are interested in becoming a crazy parent too, check out this site as well. Pretty informative, but you have to be a very dedicated Mommy.