Friday, January 26, 2007

Ease of Mind

Well, after a very brief visit to the doctor (good thing he's right around the corner), he determined that I had pulled the tendon in my thumb and that's what is causing the tingling and numbness. He said I should take aleeve and I'll be good in another week. Seeing as I don't have any aleeve and I don't like taking pills I probably won't, but I'll probably be fine anyways. I suppose I'll just take it easy and baby my thumb (except when I'm working) and it'll get better just fine.

I don't like going to the doctor for nothing. But I suppose, ease of mind is nice.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bethany's Ailments

So my wrist is feeling a bit better. But I need some advice. There is a spot on my lower thumb that is pink and the skin there is dead. I have no feeling in that spot at all. It is a very small spot but big enough for me to notice. Also, when I put pressure on that particular spot, there is a tingling sensation that moves up my thumb. This has happened for a whole day. Should I be concerned and maybe talk to someone about this? The only other thing that bothers me is the consistent feeling that my hand wants to fall off... meaning, it keeps popping and there is some pressure in my wrist (possibly form the brace I'm wearing?)... What is the general opinion of these issues?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's A Chili Kind Of Week

Seems to me, there are many people who have been craving chili lately. Maybe it's because of the chilly weather. I heard my Grandmother was making chili yesterday. I made some this morning to put in my crock pot before I went off to work. And when I stopped by my Mom's house on the way home this afternoon, she was starting to make some herself. Must be it's in the air... My Mother was the one who taught me how to make chili. She puts in hominy, bacon and several kinds of beans. Lots of chili powder and some cilantro help to give it it's special flavor. Yum. Those aren't all the ingredients, but let's not be silly, you already knew that. So, have you made chili yet this week? And if so, what is something you put in it that maybe everyone else does not?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Thumbs Up Dude

I've always looked up to my Grandpa. Maybe sometimes too much. He broke his thumb about a week ago while working hard. I sprained my wrist on Friday trying to be just like him. You might think that I have a big cast on for a little sprain. But the Doctor said she was going to put a splint on it because all the little bones in the wrist don't show up in the x-ray. Well, today my wrist feels much better and I took the splint off so I could take a shower. My hand is pretty stiff and a little swollen, but the pain is minimal so I'm letting my hand acclimate to moving a little. Don't worry, I'm taking it a little at a time, but I would like to go back to work tomorrow. We'll see how the wrist feels in a little bit. It might be wise to put the splint back on later. But, I think I might actually be okay. Hooray!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Twist and Crunch

So I hurt my wrist while sledding yesterday. Yuck. And here I was all excited for the snow cause then we could go sledding. It was a twist and a crunch that did it... At first it didn't move, then it did and the pain grew very gradually from an ouch to a take medicine, put a bandage on it along with ice and then feel like crying and go to bed. I went to the Dr today to make sure it wasn't busted. They took x-rays and didn't see anything broken. But she still put it in a splint because the place on my wrist that was the most painful doesn't show up in the x-rays and she was a little concerned about that. So I must wear the splint for a week and if, when I take it off, it still hurts, then I need to go back to my Dr. I don't know how I am to be a waitress with one arm. Hopefully I can still be a clerk and take peoples money. Argh, why doesn't my boss call me back so we can figure this out?

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Fashionable Way to Wear Boots

I need help. I'm always confused with the way boots should be worn. Do you tuck your pants into your boots or do your pants go over them? Which way is more stylish? Which way is more practical? I need to know these kinds of things if I'm ever trying to be one or the other... And what if you just want to go shopping... Are you allowed to wear boots with your favorite corduroys? I think the kind with fur at the top are cute, but they don't seem very practical. It seems to me that if you were to were some like that, you would definently have to tuck the pants because not tucking would make your pants bulge at the bottom. But tucking looks funny or at least makes me think I look funny. What's a girl to do???

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy Winter!

Well, winter has finally come. I woke this morning to snow covered allyways and bending branches and snow plows. Yea for the highway department workers who can finally go to work! And the salt mine employees who were laid off for lack of snow to salt! Maybe they can go back to work! Who knew I would be rejoicing over snow... Great, this means I must drive in it, walk in it, and maybe even buy some new winter boots. At least I don't have to shovel it. This morning my land lord was outside shoveling the walkways and plowing the driveway. I just better wait till next year to worry about that kind of stuff, I guess. As for new boots, I got rid of my OLD ones last year because of that very reason... They were OLD. And slippery. And the bottoms were worn off. Where is a good boot store? Should I get stylish boots or purely convenient boots or maybe a little of both? Rubber boots, furry boots, boots that climb on rocks? Large boots, skinny boots, or maybe boots with spots? Okay, maybe that was a little much, but, I hope you don't complain about the snow. Afterall, we haven't had much at all to bother us lately and the weather has been very agreeable up until last night. So enjoy the snow, take your kids (and me) sledding, shovel your neighbors walkways, smile and wish everyone a happy winter. (It's still falling...)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mr. Crazy Pants

Take a look at Mr. Crazy Louis Pants!

Friday, January 05, 2007

A List of Things

So this week I've been trying to get a few things done. Here is my list of things I've accomplished.

*Cleaned the bathroom.
*Washed the bathroom floor and walls.
*Eaten all the leftovers. (Yea!)
*Wrote a letter to me new sponser child, Ayu from Indonesia.
*Wrote out all the bills.
*Made a picture CD for Carissa. This is a big one since I was supposed to have it done 5 months ago.
*Gave Joe his b-day present that I bought for him 5 months ago.
*Established an obgyn for myself and made an appointment.
*Undecorated the Christmas tree.
*Washed all the laundry and cleaned the cat box.
*Made jam from the strawberries I picked last June.
*And I took out the mounds of recyclables that had been collecting in my kitchen the last several weeks.

Here is the list of things left to do this week.

*Wash the dishes (after I eat my lunch).
*Exchange some jeans at Steve and Barry's for Adam.
*Exchange some pj's I received for Christmas.
*Return/exchange a gift to Kmart.
*Go to Carissa's for dinner tonight.
*Take out the garbage.
*Get rid of the undecorated Christmas tree.
*Print a picture to send to Ayu.
*Mail the bills and my letter.
*And write a blog worth everyone's time.

Yeah, well I'm not very interesting lately I know. But please don't leave me and take me off your links yet. Maybe sometime soon I will have interesting things to write about. Speaking of which, my jam has seperated in the jars. The berries have floated to the top and the liquid is on the bottom. Strange. I have yet to see how it has turned out. Would anyone like a sample? It'll take us forever to got through two whole batches of jam.