Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Junky Stories

Just to let you know, Molly is better... No more diarrhea! Hooray! And Louis is... well, just Louis. What can you do about that? Not much.

I am into collecting old "junk" to decorate my house with. Anything that looks like it should be burned might be of interest to me. Why else would I save old cupboard doors with chipping paint, only to clean them up and hang them on my walls? Sometime I'll post some pictures to show you my old stuff. My most recent addition, which I am still working on, is a peeling and chipping door that used to be on my parents barn. It was waiting to be burned in the pile out back almost all summer... But I got to it first. One side of the door is white and I am planning on leaning against the wall in the corner of my living room. The contrast between the door and the beautiful brown walls will be stunning. I'm quite excited. I am also planning on reupholstering a chair. This will be much harder to do, but I have already bought the fabric. The chair, in reality, probably won't be started until December, seeing as baby is coming in the end of October. But if I could get it started sooner, that would be great. And no, I'm not planning on doing it all by myself. I will ask for help...

By the by, my big brother moved to Minnesota yesterday. He was a best friend to Adam and I. And still is... Just farther away. We hope he comes back someday or else we'll have to go and visit. I've never been to Minnesota. I hear it's kinda cold out there... I wonder if he'll pick up ice fishing?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Pet Problems? Or Problem Pets?

I came home today to more yucky poop on the floor. I was pretty sure Molly was done having doggy diarrhea after feeding her chicken and rice for a couple days. We switched her back to her old dog food for the weekend, ran out of that kind and I fed her a new kind this morning and last night. So I don't know if it's the old kind that upset her tummy or the new one I fed her. Ugh! Perhaps I'll feed her chicken and rice again for a few days and then start her on the new bag of dog food to see if that's what bothered her. I'm pretty sure it was the old dog food. We'd been feeding her Iam's puppy food when the diarrhea acted up in the first place. But what confuses me is that we had been feeding her the Iam's for over a month before she got sick... Then the vet (who also recommended chicken and rice) said if chicken and rice didn't help, that she should be seen. So if yuckiness has come back, then should she be seen? Or was it a result of the food? Either way the Iam's food is gone, so that won't cause anymore problems... if that was it.

If you like to hear me rant about my pets, I found that my cat is still peeing in the basement, even though his box was clean. It's pretty gross to step in cat pee when you are just trying to wash the laundry. Why he has to pee in the laundry baskets, I don't know... But it made me pretty mad this morning. And no, I don't walk in my laundry baskets, but Louis tipped the laundry basket over after peeing in it, so not only was there pee in my dirty clothes and my laundry basket, but now on the floor. Yuck!!! That did not make me happy this morning. I wish I had a good cat that only goes in his box. At least he doesn't poop elsewhere. That would be really nasty. Solutions anyone? Besides getting rid of him... that's not an option. Even though he is a bad cat, we still love him (most of the time). Mom suggested investing in a self cleaning cat box, but if he's already peeing elsewhere, is it too late to change him? I'm not supposed to clean the cat box, and Adam hardly thinks about it unless I mention it to him...

Ugh. Pet problems...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Baby Ponderings

You know there is a real, live person inside you when hiccups disturb your peace. Or when a heel kicks at your belly button. What I really "love" is when a head bulges out from underneath my ribs and makes it impossible for me to get comfortable. My growing belly makes it harder and harder to get in a good sleeping position. Good thing for extra pillows. I've got five weeks between now and my due date and feeling those little feet kicking inside makes me anxious to hold that baby without my tummy being in the way. Holding your belly is not quite the same as holding the baby. I know that in a few short weeks, our lives will be changed forever. Evenings won't be quiet and Adam and I won't be alone for extended periods of time. There will always be someone hungry at dinner time... and lunch time, breakfast time, snack time, all the time... I'll need to find a babysitter if we want to go out on a date. "Extra" spending money won't be extra anymore because someone will either need clean diapers or has grown out of their clothes.The first thing on my mind in the morning will be the little one who spent the night in the room down the hall. But the wonderful thing is that God has sent this little life to stay with us while he or she grows up. We have been entrusted with raising this child and teaching them that Jesus loves them and died for them. Why did God so choose to bless us with a baby? I don't know, but I do know that I will love every minute of being a Mommy and I so look forward to holding their hand when they take their first steps. Seeing that smile and hearing the first gurglings and giggles. Sharing a growing affection for our child with my husband. People say they grow up way too fast, so I will try my best to take in every moment. I know there will be hard days, days when I want to run away from responsibility, but in the end, who would want to run away from bedtime stories and happy feet padding into the kitchen to see if they can "help" Mommy wash the dishes? I must remember to savor each moment the God has blessed me with, even if it means that I must grow up. But not grow up too much, cause after all, someone has to get down on the floor and play too.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Get Ready, Get Set...

Come on Baby!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

No More Cat Pee!

Well, I did it. I cleaned the whole basement. It took almost four hours (I put all Adam's stuff away too), but it's done. Hopefully it smells better, which I'm pretty sure it does. After all that hard work, I was ready for a good nap. Naps are so very nice... I feel like I really got something accomplished today, and when I finish folding the laundry then I'll feel really good. So I better go get that done...

Feeling Blessed

I was feeling very blessed this morning. The warm sunshine came down and hit my skin as I sat out on our deck. The sky was blue and the cicadas and tree frogs could be heard buzzing and chirpping in the trees. Soon it will be cold... Too cold to enjoy mornings out on the deck. But for today, my day off, I had a chance to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. Just me, my Bible and, on occasion, Molly, who would come running and jump up onto the deck to see what I was up to. It's so quiet in my neighborhood on school days and I was just so enjoying the time to relax with my Bible. I don't often get to just relax, but on occasion somehow make time. Usually I rush through Bible reading and then I'm off to work or house work. I need to take more time out for Jesus... Cause He takes lots of time off to take care of me.

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Glimpse

A glimpse into the life of Bethany:

My tummy hurts. The baby keeps stretching it and making it all lumpy.

My dog has had diarrhea since Friday. I don't know how to help her get rid of it.

My cat pees all over the basement and makes the whole house smell like cat pee. Gross.

My husband is working late tonight, so I ate supper by myself.

My brother ran out of gas today. Good thing I lived right around the corner, so I could rescue him.

My husband bought pre-season game tickets for the Sabres on Friday, but I'm supposed to work.

Braxton Hicks make me have to pee.

I finished painting in my living room on Friday. Looks really great.

I'm quite tired from working today.

My pelvic bones are hurting and being on my feet all day doesn't help.

I pulled all the plants (besides the weeds) out of my vegetable garden. They had all stopped producing, besides the beans. But I have plenty of beans in my fridge already. Now I'm ready to fertilize for next year and have it tilled in.

The baby's room in pretty much all set to go, so now I can have the baby and not worry about the stuff.

But I still have six weeks till my due date.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed the glimpse!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Baby Shower and More on Louis

Louis' tail is looking a bit better this evening. It's not quite so droopy so hopefully he didn't really break it. There is some hair and skin missing in the sore area and it's a bit swollen when you run the tail through your fingers. He doesn't seem quite as bothered by us touching it as yesterday, so maybe it'll be okay. But if he chews it off... That would be really gross and look really funny. A cat with one third of a tail...

I had a baby shower today. Many loved family and friends came to bless me and baby. It's amazing how many things are needed when a new person enters the world. I didn't know such a small person could use so much stuff! I was so blessed and I love getting together with everyone, especially for such a good reason. There are still a few things I need like crib sheets (cause I think I'll need more than one). But two of Adam's Aunts sent gift cards in the mail, so they might be buying us some crib sheets and sheet saver pads. But it really is wonderful how the Lord provides for us. Many, many thanks goes from me to everyone; especially to Leta for all her planning and help. Big hugs!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


There are crickets living in my walls and Louis (my cat) has a broken tail. I don't know how either of those things happened, but they did and do. What can we do about them? I don't think you can do much for a cat with a busted tail, except treat it real gentle and don't pull on it... Does anyone have any suggestion for getting crickets out of walls without making a mess? It's kinda annoying when you can hear them chirping in there. And my poor kitty...

Ready For My Baby

Here I am again... Sorry for the lapse in time, but I'm sure you understand. Adam and I have started child birth classes, which are every Wednesday evening through the end of September. I am finding them quite helpful, though I don't think I'll ever get the "breathing" thing right. We're supposed to be practicing. Did anyone ever find the rhythmic breathing to be actually helpful? Sometimes it makes me light-headed...

The stinky carpet in the baby's room has finally been replaced, so now we can start setting things up in the room and get everything organized. Actually, I started as soon as I got home today. Thursday I had picked up the crib which my boss had given me, so I put that together. After it was set up, it was very strange to see it standing there and to know that very soon we would have a little person living with us and sleeping in that crib. A house guest of sorts. Adam and I will no longer have the house to ourselves. But I suppose we'll learn how to share and we'll enjoy it. I also picked up the changing table which was given to me, so that is now in the room. I wish I could take pictures to show you how the room looks, but I still have not replaced the camera cord which my puppy ate in July. It's kind of emotional to sit in there knowing that our little baby will be here soon and all this stuff is for him or her. Wow...

Anyway, I also have been being adventurous in my living room. Wednesday I picked out some paint (without any help) for the walls. I chose two different colors, so one wall could be an accent wall. Yesterday, while the carpet guys were here putting in carpet, my sister Hannah and I painted three of the walls in the living room. I saved the last for another day. I am so pleased with the results and Adam said he was proud of me for taking the initiative and doing this all by myself. Suppose I usually have to check with him to make sure he approves, but he likes it when I don't have to check with him about everything. I've been trying to get my projects all done before the baby comes. We'll see how far I get, especially since one of those projects includes reupholstering an old chair I've had for years. I ordered fabric, so that's at least a start!

So you can see why blogging hasn't been at the top of my list, even though I'm sure everyone wants to know how baby is and to make sure I'm behaving myself. Baby's good and I've been good too. I've got seven weeks left till my due date and my next Dr's appointment is next Friday. She'll probably complain about my weight again and ask me if I eat too many carbs, sweets, or too late at night. I'll say that it's been five and half weeks since you saw me last and that I think I've done pretty good. (Only four pounds added so far since last time.) I probably should make a dentist appointment, seeing as they were after me last month and I'll never get to it if I put it off too long. *sigh* It seems like there is so much to do... I'm ready to hold my baby.