Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Freezie-Pop Fetish

He takes after his Daddy. Gotta love those freezie-pops! He and Daddy can go through a whole package in less than two weeks. Maybe even in one week. Now that is a fetish for freezie-pops.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Lovely World of Tupperware (With a Priority Check)

Last month I found myself with a fetish. A fetish for plastics. Yes, it was a fetish for Tupperware. I had ordered some. I had booked a party. And now I was collecting orders. And yes, it was amazingly fun. I was having a book party, so I diligently carried the catalogue everywhere I went and asked nearly everyone if they would like to look at it. I didn't pressure. I didn't whine or look exceedingly hopeful. Some ordered, some did not. But, for some reason, Tupperware was the thing. They liked it. They wanted it. My party went well. It was fun. I am tempted to have another. Please, don't tempt me! I am sure my family would think I am insane if I ever mentioned that I had passing thoughts about selling it myself. Not now of course... But when I really retire and become a SAHM. I don't know... It was pretty addicting. Especially since I was able to get these lovely storage containers for *free*. My cupboards have always been cluttered with bags and boxes, so I am very excited to have these fine additions to my kitchen.

If only I was so diligent about sharing the love of my Savior as I was about sharing my Tupperware party. Finding myself so wrapped up in this, only reveals to me how messed up my priorities are. My 1st goal in life is to serve my Lord and Savior and bring glory to His name, not to sell Tupperware. Shame on me.

Fun in a Box

Josh and I have been having fun with boxes lately. I am honestly not sure who is having more fun, me or him. I had a Tupperware party recently and when the order came, they arrived in four very fine boxes. Two of the boxes were plenty big for both Josh and I to sit in, with enough room left over for "Mahy-net" (aka blanket). The boxes have since turned into houses, boats and a place to hide when Daddy comes home from work. Although by the time Daddy actually got in the door, I was the only one still hiding... Thankfully Daddy is pretty good at playing along. Ah... Fun in a box.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh, For the Love of Ketchup!!

Yes, Josh has a fetish for ketchup. And yes, I let him feed himself. And again, yes, he got a little over excited about his dinner this particular evening. What can I say? It was too hilarious. (Click the photo for a good look.)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Gathering Up

I love having all of my family around. A year and a half ago my big bro Jim moved to Minnesota. But for the past 3+ weeks he has been home on an extended visit. So last Thursday, I decided to take advantage of having everyone in the area and invited my whole family over for supper. Wonderfully, no had anything else going on and were all able to come, even with such short notice. We cooked hot dogs, hamburgs and a few sausage and I threw some potato salad together. Mom brought a watermelon and it was a miracle-of-the-food. (I love it when that happens.) All of us kids are so rarely in the same spot at once anymore, so we obviously had to pose for a family photo. Unfortunately, my camera lens was smudged for the family shots, but you can still see through the blur, so these will have to suffice for me. And hey, everyone is actually looking in the group shot! That is a miracle in it's self. Since Jim has decided to stay until the end of June-ish, maybe we'll have a chance to gather up again. I hope...

Mosaic Chairs: In the Works

I have spent almost all afternoon arranging tiles into a mosaic pattern on my garden chairs. I have been putting off this fun little project since December when I acquired these fine chairs at our church's silent auction. The chairs have been scuffed, primed, painted and now they are ready for their seats. But after all the work I put into arranging a pattern onto the seats, I find that I have the wrong adhesive, or rather, lack of adhesive for the job. I thought that I could use the grout that I bought back in February for both the adhesion and filling in spaces for the tiles. Wrong. I am very disappointed and feel like I wasted all this time. Now I have three hours before I have to leave for a daycare meeting and no way to go get what I need before that time. And my next free day isn't until next Tuesday. Yuck. Hopefully, no one (ahem-Josh) will jostle my chairs until the tile can be properly glued in place. At least I got to work on my sun burn, I mean tan. :)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Helping Daddy

My Aunt and Uncle recently gave us a bicycle seat for Josh and this past weekend Josh and Adam set about attaching the seat to the bike. It was hard work, work which Josh took very seriously. Josh made sure his Daddy had all the nuts and bolts in properly and even helped him lose two important screws. Not to fear, Daddy found them. Josh was so pleased to be helping his Dad with the big tools. (Notice how he dressed very appropriately that morning, wearing his "Daddy's Big Helper" shirt.) Once the seat was securely in place, the boys took off with a shot. Daddy rode so fast that Mommy was unable to capture a photo of the finished product. But let's just say, that being Daddy's big helper paid off real well for Josh.