Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Don't Really Feel This Grouchy... I Just Have Nothing Exciting to Write

I should post something new, but I have no desire to. I do not feel clever or witty, like Jane, and I do not have a good story to tell, like my Mom. I have not been anywhere fun, like Kate, and I have not discovered a new favorite ice cream, like Jessica. So I have nothing to write about.

It is raining and quite wet. I worked today and ate jelly beans while doing so. I gave one old man a hug and he said it made his day. Josh is getting over 5 days worth of diarrhea. He is Daddy's little man. Josh's dog pajamas bring him out in a whole slur of "Molly this" and "Molly that". Last night, Joe and I stacked wood in the dark. For that reason, and only that reason, I am thankful it was still chilly. We could not see if there were bugs, but we did not worry because it was too cold for them (the bugs) to care. I have the next two weeks off of daycare work, because the family who runs daycare is going to FL. (Lucky...) I want to go to Florida. During those two weeks, I will work extra hours at the restaurant selling chocolate. Yes, the restaurant sells chocolate. It doubles as a candy store. I wish my yard was neat and clean and had a fence. Then we could go out and play without worries. Why do all four tires on my vehicle HAVE to match? Adam has class tonight, which means I'll be all by myself, with Josh, this evening. Maybe we'll go to the library. I need some more books so I can pretend to read them. On a positive note, I found my "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?" book. It had been missing almost all winter. It was under my hope chest. Good thing I clean once in a while. Oh, and we are going to be traveling to Tennessee at the end of April, for a week. Who should we visit on the way, or does anyone know of anything fun to do in Nashville with a 1 1/2 year old? I'll have two days to spend there while Adam takes a class. I need ideas people!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All By Himself

Daddy, today I made you a birthday cake. All by myself. It was chocolate. I mixed. I poured. I baked. All by myself. Then I got to taste. I like chocolate. I licked the beaters all by myself. I let Momma help lick, but only a little.

My Honey's B-Day

Happy birthday Mr. Cutie Pants! Don't go and get too old without me. (He's 27 today. Is that too old?)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Finest of Fine, at the Preschool Ball

A few weeks back we held a ball at daycare. There were pink dresses and blue dresses. A pirate and an Indian too. I believe I even saw a bride or maybe three. Some had bare feet and runny noses and others wore shoes very much like those the Princess herself would've worn. Somehow, in all the scuffle and shuffle, the pirate ended up with some fair maiden's shoes. He was quite pleased with his new found treasure and even dared to show them off to the Indian. The other dancers' swirled and pirouetted and spun themselves silly. Some of the guests were overjoyed to be present and others were dragged in to the whole affair rather unwillingly. But despite the unhappy few, the majority clung to their partners like the last song was about to play and their happy dream would be over, much like Cinderella at the Prince's ball. The pirate seemed quite out of character, with a happy grin on his face instead a the salty scowl that one would find on any ordinary pirate. But that maybe could be accounted for because of his fabulous footwear. He probably hadn't experienced such finery in all his piratey life. Or maybe it was the blushing bride that had caught his fancy. My, was she a purty sight. Sadly, after much spinning and tripping about, the dancing and music began to slow. Tummies began to rumble and the gowns and party frocks were put away. The Indian turned back into a boy and the pirate was no one other than Mr. Gilbert, himself. The fun was packed back into a box until a distant day when the music begins to sing it's familiar dancing tunes once again. Lunch was now in order. All that dancing can stir up quite the appetite, you know.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009



I have never posted a video before, but we'll see if this works. If it doesn't come up, click here.

Okay, I'm a computer loser. I don't know how to do it.

Monday, March 02, 2009

A Found-On-Road-Dead Moment (F.O.R.D.)

Ahhh.... A spare moment to sit, without Josh and without hubby to keep me occupied. Poor Josh has not been himself today. He spent an hour+ last night coughing, woke up early today and was quite crabby all day long. He even fell asleep on the way to daycare and on the way home. My poor little boy fussed and whined and boogered everything from the time we arrived at daycare till the time we left. I am so glad that I could be there with him. He is now, at 4:45, sleeping in his crib and will hopefully be happy when Daddy gets home. No hoping about it. Josh is always happy when Daddy gets home. Daddy is Joshua's #1 hero and always gets big smiles upon arriving home. So no doubt tonight will be the same. Even if Josh isn't feeling like himself.

The past week has been somewhat eventful, starting with my vehicle. I typically drive a nice 2003 Ford Escape. I typically love it. But two Friday's ago it decided to be grouchy and whine at me. (Kind of like Josh today.) The following day we, the three of us, left home to pick up my nephew to babysit for the day. Not even 5 minutes down the road, my lovely Ford Escape decides it doesn't want to drive fast. Only 30 mph. So we putts along going slower and slower... Adam is on the phone with the mechanic. Soon it is very apparent that we are not getting anywhere. We can barely get off the road. Great. Here we are stuck with a frustrated husband and a 1 1/2 year old who thinks he should get out of his car seat because we have now stopped driving. Thankfully Mom and Dad live not too far away, and my Mom drives up, picks up Josh and I, and together we drive to pick up my nephew. Good thing for Moms. Turns out, we have to replace the transmission in our Ford Escape, but very, very thankfully we bought the extended warranty and transmissions are covered. So it has now been 1 1/2 weeks that I have been driving a beautiful, very inconvenient two-door, Ford Focus. It is amazing how driving a pretty car can make you feel oh, so stylish. But, ugh, whoever decided to invent the two door car definitely wasn't thinking very family-friendly. I should have my vehicle back sometime late the week.