Sunday, December 31, 2006

An Ode to 2006

Seeing as it is the last day of 2006, I think I should have a farewell post. Maybe an ode to the year or something like that.

An Ode to the Year: Oh, 2006. What a year you have been, with rashes and crashes and things that akin (see February and March posts for explanation). A washing machine kaput and an evergreen tree, shopping for houses and then for some tea. A job as a waitress, a job as a cook, also with teaching and reading a book. Being a teacher for months on an end, becoming much more than only a friend. A half dozen marriages were attended with joy and then to come home to my very own boy. With sorrow in November, but joy we did not borrow. We have it to hold and forever tomorrow. The love of the Lord will see us on through, this year and next year with no further ado. Thank you.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Christmas Season

I got some really great Christmas shots this year. Look at the excitement on the faces of those guys... Woo-hoot!

I really had a very nice Christmas this year. One gets to appreciate the holidays spent with family... Watching everyone open their gifts is always so fun. Ben loved the watch I bought him and Adam was thrilled about his new framing nailer. I'm ready to make some jam with the new stock pot Adam bought me (YES! I really wanted one!). But most importantly, Christmas is a time to celebrate what the Lord has done for us. To imagine that the God of the universe would send His Son to be born as a baby, in a stable full of dirty animals, no less... How grateful I am that He did that for us. And that He would except you and I as His followers and His children. Excepting us has to be much more humbling than being born in a stable. We were so much dirtier than any of those animals. But because Jesus was born in that stable so long ago, we can be washed clean in His blood and have our eternal hope in Him. God is so good. Praise His name... He is the reason for our joyful celebration.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Eve!

So yesterday I stayed home ALL day! I made pies (four of them), cleaned minimally, watched a movie, and wrapped presents. What an eventful day... I am quite pleased with it. I made two pumpkin pies and two pecan pies (is this da ja vue?). The only thing is that... well, instead of putting bourbon in the pecan pie, I used oozu. You might be thinking, "Oozu? Why oozu?" or "What is oozu?" Well, oozu is a Greek alcohol and this summer when my boss Mary and her family went to Greece they brought gifts home for everyone. And because they couldn't be partial with anyone, they got us all the same thing... Oozu and two little shot glasses. How nice... seeing as I don't drink and I couldn't give they drink away, I stashed it in a "secret" hiding place for the last four months waiting for Christmas when I would make pecan pie. So in went two tablespoons of oozu in each pecan pie. I have no idea how it will affect the pie but I'm sure I will find out at Adam's grandparent's this afternoon. Hopefully it'll be okay. Shortly Bob and Joanne are coming over to open their gifts (if Bob ever gets done walking the dog) and then we are going to Buffalo to Joanne's parents house. (Please let the pie be okay!)

Here's wishing everyone a loverly Christmas Eve today. May you be blessed by the Lord and keep Him in the center of your celebration. Much Love to you all!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Nothing Interesting

Since I have about an hour to spare (I should be cleaning my house or something useful) I shall blog to you all. I've been working a bit lately. Every day this week and I 'll be working everyday next week (except Christmas) because I'll be going babysitting. Christmas has come very quickly this time around. Somehow it just sneaked up. Adam and I are spending Christmas Eve at his grandparents in Buffalo. His Aunt and Uncle and two cousins will be there too. I am bringing two pies. One pumpkin and one pecan. I'll be baking all day Saturday because I am bringing pies to Mom's house on Monday too. That makes four pies... talk about lots of work. Maybe Adam will make supper tomorrow?

Tonight I'm going out to eat with Carissa, Emily and Eliza Jane. Supposedly there is some nice place to eat out at East View so we shall "don our gay apparel" and dine with the high society. Once in a while we go out with each other and it's such a nice way to keep in contact, especially with everyone off at school or working long strenuous hours. Sometimes I get to missing my friends and it's great when we all get together. Speaking 'o which, I ought to give a few people a call and set up appointments before they all rush back to the books.

Okay enough of this boring blabber. I'll post again when I have more interesting conversation. Hmmm, I should find my camera, which is buried somewhere out in the car. Not very safe. And where is this snow we're supposed to get for Christmas? All I see is rain.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm Invited

Aunt Rachel called and invited me to go to her house tonight and watch It's a Wonderful Life with them. Good thing for blogs or else I'd be lonesome tonight. Thanks for inviting me Aunt Rachel!

Christmas Parties... I'm Not Invited

I need someone to visit tonight. Does anyone want to come over? Adam's work is having a Christmas party (which I had forgotten about till he called me ten minutes ago) and he says wives aren't invited. I think that is odd... Anyway, I'll be at home cause he'll have the car. What should I make for dinner for one?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Anyone Up For Iced Tea?

This is what it feels like we should be doing today instead of getting ready to celebrating Christmas. Riding bikes sounds like fun on a day like this! It has been so warm this week. Up in the 50's today. It certainly is not like a normal December. So, is anyone up for coming over to tan in the backyard? Okay, okay... That was a joke. But how about swimming or having a barbeque? To be honest, I really would like a little snow, maybe just for the next two weeks, to help get me in the Christmas mood. How about you?

The Busy Season

So, for the last several weeks, I've been rather boring. Boorish. But this week I've been very, very busy. You see, it is candy season at the restaurant. If you didn't know, I work at a restaurant and the business also sells homemade candy. Everyone from the whole world over either comes or calls to order candy. Yesterday, we sent a box of chocolates to Hawaii and today I made up three boxes that were to be sent to the Bahamas. I've been going in to work at 8:00 every morning, before going to waitress, to help with candy orders. Yesterday I worked ALL day just taking and filling candy orders for people. It really is a great place to work. I love seeing all the different candies my boss and her husband make. They make all kinds of homemade candy canes, ribbon candy and sugar speck this time of year. I'm always amazed at all the different flavors and colors and all the people who come to get their candy from us. It definently is an experience I'll never forget. So, needless to say, now I'm tired from working all week and am ready for a day off tomorrow to catch up with myself, my house and my Christmas shopping. I have turned down another day of packing candy and babysitting. My laundry is sky high because I have had no time to wash it. I must go buy Adam's Christmas present (or else he might be disappointed). Oh, so much to do... I mustn't forget to praise the Lord for all His goodness and for the gift of Jesus Christ- the real reason for the season. I must remind myself to slow down and thank Him for all He has done for us. What a great God we do serve!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Boring Blog Survey

So, I was surfing random blogs and came across a survey. I love filling out surveys, so, just to bore you I shall post.

Eye color:

Shoe size:
7 1/2

5' 3 & 3/4"

What are you wearing right now?
green sweater and muddy black dress pants

Righty or lefty:



Kind of pants:
my brown linen pants

water and chai tea

June... July and August still to go!

the old ones... road runner, bugs bunny, elmer fudd, etc.


Given anyone a bath?
a few small children

Broken a bone:

Played truth or dare:
I used to all the time with the Hester's

Came close to dying:
I don't think so.

Been in a hot tub:

Fall asleep in Class:
No, unless you call Sunday night church a class... then I have. And Mom and Dad made me go to bed that night without watching America's Funniest Videos. Guess I deserved it.

Broken someone's heart:
Yes... but I think he got over it.

Cried when someone died:

Fell off your chair:
Who hasn't?

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:

Saved email conversations?
I don't think so, but I do save important e-mails.


Chicken pox:
when I was a kid

Sore Throat:

Eight little stiches around my knuckle... washing glasses for a friend. Boy, did he feel bad.



Question yourself:
all the time

Who was the last person that texted you?
G.I. Joe

Who makes you smile a lot:
Troy, he's so cute!

Who knows you the best:
Mom and Dad, Adam is a close third

Do you like filling these out?
Sadly, yes. I find them quite enjoyable.

Do you wear contact lenses or glasses?

Do you get along with your family?
I love my family and get along with them too.


Random Questions:

What did you do yesterday:
Went Christmas shopping, ate pizza at Mom's house, texted G.I. Joe, went to the public market

What car/truck do you wish to have?
mine... I'm quite content with it

How many remote controls are in your house?:
'round about four

Scary or Funny Movies:
funny ones

Chocolate or Vanilla:

Summer or winter:
definently summer

Coffee or tea:
Tea. I try not to drink coffee. But I do like it.

Phone or in person:
In person... I've regretted "over the phone".


Yesterday did you...

1. Talked to someone you like:
Yes, quite a few people I like.

2. Buy something:
yup, Christmas is coming! and soda pop and coffee

3.Get sick:

4. Talk to an ex:
ex what? no

5. Miss someone:
I usually miss people... so I'll say yes just incase.


Last person who....

Slept in your bed:

Went to the movies with?

Said "I Love You" to?


MORE Random.....

what book are you reading now?
Revelation and Joshua... I don't seem to be reading much else lately.

What's under your bed:
dust and probably an old water bottle or two

Favorite sports to watch?
hockey (adam's fault)

Favorite Locations?
my parent's house and the beach

What are you most scared of right now?

Who do you really hate right now?
the fly in the window

Song that's stuck in your head right NOW?
all I can hear is that buzzing fly and no song is in my head (that's odd)
Random... (again)

Your Favorite Food?

Are you too shy to ask someone out?
I was, but now I'm married, so I can ask any old time.

Hugs or Kisses?:
some of each, but more hugs

Dogs or cats?:

So there you go. A boring survey. I had fun filling it out and I hope you enjoy reading it and learning more about me.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Long Post, Short Post

So, just when I was going to delete the last post because I though it was too long and that no one would want to read it, I saw that Mom had commented. So I guess it stays. I received our first Christmas card of the year today. It was from the Hess's. Oh, how I love to be remebered by Mrs. Hess. What joy and elation!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gramanita's Christmas Memories

One might wonder, "What is with this post???" Well, I received some wonderful Christmas memories from my Gramanita and I found them so lovely, I just had to share them. Please understand that this came through e-mail and might be sloppy. I'll try to clean it up for you though. Enjoy! (Even though I didn't write it.)

Anita's story from her childhood...(okay okay, one of them anyway)
In the 1940's when I was a child...there seems to be two things that I remember most..little and probably I will save you for the moment for the long versions you know I can come up with! all of us have a story...a memory...and besides it would be good for us to write anyway...and remember...and send..

OKAY..the two things I remember..okay okay it will be a few more...My "Nanny" and "Nampy" used to come and visit sometimes at Christmas..and of course because I spent so much time with them, I was also the sisters got great stuff from Santa...but my Mom and dad thought I was very bad all the time so..not much for the bad girl...however my Grama every year somehow got hold of my doll and Christmas morning there she would be once again...the best dressed doll in the neighbourhood...and her and I both had the most fantastic little fantastic that even GramaGail, who used to be a child once also...and had everything, was green with envy..and her mom tried real hard to make her a cape the same...but mine was the best cape and doll to match in the whole world! And today...Gail is the best seamstress in the whole little town she still lives in. The other thing I got from my grama was something I have only one left even today...then I was none too pleased with them...but when I look at the work today I am totally in awe...little hankies...all trimmed in the daintiest lace in the world...that she had made herself from something called tatting or some thing like that...then I was none tooo impressed...but they are quite incredible and colourfull more thing..can you believe this...every year I used to really see Santa in the sky...I used to get up late at night..I would lay awake quietly waiting for the moment when all was quiet in the house..and that must have been very late as my parents where party folks...then I would get up...and look out the window and I would always see these incredible lights in the sky...moved right accross the sky...rudolf of course leading the sleigh...I could not make out Santa...but I just knew...once I could see this...I tippy toed back to my little bed...and slept soundly till morning...little did I know, not only did I live in direct line of the Buffalo airport...but I was looking over the field where at the time was a factory that built airplanes...oh when I was 12 and Sandra Game told me there was no Santa...I beat her up!..and that really is the truth...ask GramaGail...

sorry...that was suppose to be short!


I love this...would make a wonderful little book for our kids and theirs and theirs...think about it and please write...Your...memories


The worst Christmas Lori Anne...

I must have been about 8 or 9 and was so excited about Santa Clause coming to visit that night. All of my clothes were stuffed tightly under my freshly made bed, just in case Santa looked into my bedroom. My blankets were tucked under the mattress so tight, I could hardly move underneath them; when I tried to jump out of bed Christmas morning, I bout killed myself. As quickly as I could get off the floor, I made a get away the living room, to discover, yes, even poor children get a visit from Santa Clause. I watched as my sisters proceeded to dump their stocking crammed with goodies on the floor. I was so excited for them, as they all oohed and awed over their treasures. I ran to my stocking, which was stuffed full. Like a trophy, I proudly carried my filled stocking in front of them, as if to show them, that my stuffed stocking represented what a good kid I was this year. I excitedly took that stocking and proceeded to dump it upside-down....nothing came out....I shook it, nothing still....whatever was in there, was firmly packed in there. I finally decided I would have to unstuff this stocking like my mother unstuffed a turkey. I stuck my hand in and started to pull out many colorful "things".....many things,....and many more. Where is the candy, I turned the stocking inside out, ....where are the toys........what, no potato either???? I felt cheated. I moped and sulked, as I watched my brother and sisters suck the stuck candy from the bottom of their stockings and made a big ta-doo over their treasures.....and all I got was stupid colorful.....WHAT....."What is this supposed to be, a joke?" I thought to myself. Kathy sat warmly in front of the furnace, gloating over all her stupid candy....I cried inside, you see, "I love candy" and I deserved it more then Kathy, she was in trouble all the time, surely Santa must know that. As I sat off to the side of the colorful Christmas tree, I sulked. I don't even remember what I had already unwrapped as I continued to feel jipped out of a decent stuffed stocking. "How could Santa not think I was good enough this year, to even get a potato?" My grades were OK, my bed was made, I was real good this year, and I even left out cookies for Santa, and a carrot for Rudolf too..... Well, we were toward the end of the unwrapping, just a few gifts left now. Each of us kids had one gift left to unwrap, mine was second to the last. Still sulking, I began to open up a stupid metal thing that poked me as I took the paper off. "Great, a continuation of the stocking....." I was now going from sulky to I stated " What is this supposed to be?" Mom then showed me how to take the colorful loops of things from my stocking and create potholders of many different patterns and colors. I remember being in awe of all the potholders I could create with my loom. "My gosh, I had so many loops to use with my loom, it would keep me busy making potholders for the whole city", and I did, with pride and patience....gosh, I loved my loom. Now, and even then, I remember being ashamed of my own selfish behavior.....but how sweet my loom was, and how busy and wonderfully happy it made me.

I love you mom and all of the sweet memories you give me.

Anita's Memories... of her childrens christmases...(remember..I'm old...and a romantic... most of the time)

OF YOU HAVE MEMORIES OF CHRISTMASES AS A CHILD...WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER???...about before and getting ready for Christmas??

This is my memory of some particular Christmases when we had very little money...each one of the 6 children got a couple dollars and off we went on a shopping spree...alot of it window and windup shopping...going to all the expensive toy displays...winding up or setting off all the toys..pressing stuffed toy hands to listening to the the message or song they played...watching toy trains wind their way around little toy villages, watching people is a wonderful thing, especially little children shopping with their parents and taking in the wonders of the season...their eyes big and glazed over...delighted at the various things to see...going to the pet see all the animals, kittens, puppies, fish etc...then stopping off last at the second hand store and each child getting the one gift for their sister or brother(picked names) and seeing how they could fix it up and make it a wonderful gift all wrapped up in the saturday newspapers funnies...topping the whole day off with a hot chocolate...and popcorn(some for stringing and some for eating) and watching as the Christmas Trees was trimmed and lit...turning off all the lights except for those on the tree and sitting in the warm delight of the season...I so love my children and the loving warmth they gave me in the short time I had them with me...thats what makes happy...knowing I was soooo fortunate to have had such wonderful healthy incredible children...I am truly blessed!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dec. 3rd, 2005

On Sunday, we had our first anniversary.

Afternoon Tea for Two

I'm sure you all are thinking, "Well, it's about time she posted again!" What can I say? I'm a busy girl... most of the time. I can't believe I am so far behind. Guess I'll start with last Thursday. I meant to post about this last Friday but Adam was in a hurry, so I couldn't.

Last Thursday my dear friend Emily was going to take me out for afternoon tea at Hick's and McCarthy's in Pittsford. The thing was that I usually don't get home from work till 3:30 and that's when reservations were. So that left me very little time between work and then to stop at home and get changed. But I planned accordingly and wore my nicer pants to work and brought along a shirt to change into. I was going to change my shirt at work before I left. But the thing was, I didn't remember about changing my shirt till after I was in my car. Oops. By now it was already after three and time is scarce so I didn't think I had enough time to go back into work (especially since we close at three and maybe the door was already locked). Where could I change??? I couldn't stop at home, I can't change here in the parking lot (who knows what wack's were watching), I can't wait till I get to the restaurant. The only good thing was I always wear two shirts (just that one's a spaghetti strap). Hmmm. The only near vacant place I knew along the way was, um, the road? Who knew that I would be daring enough to change my shirt while driving. It actually is quite easy. Although I would never had tried it if there were any cars around or if the road was curvy. One shirt off real quick and the other on again. The other shirt had a real big neck so it was just over the head and then I could see again. Quite fun. Anyway, I only met Emily about ten minutes late (which was much better than I had thought I would be). Tea was to be served in a small dining room which over looked main street. The tables were small (to compliment afternoon tea guests) and spread with a white table cloth. Two tea cups and matching tea pots were arranged nicely on the table. We chose our teas; Emily, vanilla and myself, the house blend. Accompanying our tea, were small sandwiches, scones, sponge cake and fruit tarts. Good thing we were hungry. Everything was so tasty and the atmosphere was so relaxing. She and I sat and talked for about an hour or so. When we left, we were given little satchels of lavender as souveniers. I put mine in my purse and now my purse smells like lavender, which I think is quite nice.
After tea, we went to The Christmas Tree Shoppe in Henrietta. It is a relativley new place and was very busy. Especially because of the holiday. I bought myself some Christmas tree ornaments and stuff. I don't have many ornaments yet but I think one kinda collects them as they go, so I'm not very worried. We are thinking about getting a tree this weekend. I guess that means we'll have to clear a space for one?
Anyway, Emily and I had such a lovely time together and afternoon tea was just wonderful. If anyone is ever interested in going for tea sometime, just let me know! I'd love to go again.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Not Very Exciting Things

OKay. Time for a new post. I've been slightly distracted from my devotion to blogger because I have recently discovered how fun and interesting facebook can be. Especially when you have several odd friends who are also on facebook and you can converse quite nicely. So my apologies to all. I have been working furiously for the past week and have not found much time for lazy things... Saturday I went craft shopping with the girls and bought myself a great "native-made" hand bag. Quite colorful and unlike any other I've ever owned. I also broke a Christmas angel and had to buy it. Yuck. But the nice lady gave me a discount. Sunday was church, which was quite nice. And in the afternoon I went to visit my Grandma. And Grandpa. We had a wonderful visit and I discovered that Grandpa would make a good waiter. He brought Grandma and I some coffee. Next was more church at which I helped in the nursery. Monday was work. It was busy which is good because last week was slow. In the evening was Bible study at Mom and Dad's. Today was more work. Then after a quick burrito for supper, Adam and I went to Mary's house (she's my boss) so Adam could fix the broken part and replace the thermostat. And that is what I've been doing. Also, everyone will be glad to know that the piano tuner-man is coming tomorrow to tune the piano. I sat down to play today and only finished two measures before I was back up to make the call. It was preetty bad. Nothing exciting going on yet. So sorry to bore you all. Come again though. One never knows when exciting things pop up.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

What are you thankful for?

Ah yes... The holiday season. Will you remember to be thanking the Lord for all the blessings in your life today? Here are a few things that I am thankful for...

*My husband. We will be married for a year in 10 days. (It has gone very fast.)
*My family. There are so supportive and they don't mind sharing hugs.
*Jesus. He saved me and my hope lies in Him.
*My baby. Even though she didn't make it, she still makes me smile and I know she's with Jesus too.
*My job. I have a wonderful boss and great people to work with (most of the time). It's also a good witnessing opportunity... I see so many people every day.
*My landlord. Could I have a nicer one? What a blessing.
*My house. Cozy and warm.
*Thanksgiving. To remind us to be thankful. And for the fellowship and tasty food. Mmmm.

Monday, November 20, 2006

An Update

I figured I should update everyone and let you all know how I/we are doing... I went to the doctor today (they thought I should come in) and they checked to make sure everything was okay. The miscarraige was complete, so I don't have to worry about infection or bleeding continuously or unpleasant stuff like that. This is good, although losing the baby wasn't so good. I guess I can't say that really because "...All thing work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose..." I just have to trust the Lord that He is working through our loss and I do trust that He knows best :) We would still like a baby, so if you could pray that the Lord would bless us with a child all in His perfect timing. Thanks so much everyone for your thoughts and mostly your prayers. We love you all and we have sooo much to be thankful for.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

"Let your not your heart be troubled..."

That's what I read the other day when I wasn't feeling very pregnant anymore. Yup, you read that correctly. I was pregnant and nobody (or hardly anybody) knew. I had found out Monday that I was pregnant (at home test) ... We were SO excited! But by Thursday evening I didn't have any other symptoms and Friday I told Adam that I was kinda worried that I wasn't really pregnant at all. But I had been. All along I had been having period-like cramps off and on. But last night (early morning actually) I bled a little. *Concern* And in the morning I bled more. By 9:00 this morning, I had lost the baby. Wasn't very far along and I know this kind of thing happens alot with first babies, but still, tears. Lots of dissapointment, but I know God's plan is best and His timing is perfect. We just have to wait on Him. So if you think of it, prayers are appreciated. I'm okay now, but I still want a baby and so does Adam. So next July there will not be a new little baby, but maybe there will be the one after that...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Being a Servant

Well, it's been a busy week. Yesterday I went to help the family that I used to teach. They recently found out that their Mom has breast cancer. This is a scary thing for a family who has eight kids. But God is good and faithful to His own. So Wednesday I spent the day out there cleaning and trying to help keep track of all the kids. They have another girl who helps do the schooling now, and she has spent alot of time there over the past couple of weeks. I have a job, so I'm not available that much. But we help where we can and the Mom went in for surgery today. Tomorrow I'll be there again and hopefully I'll be of some assistance. Though I'm not sure how tomorrow will go. On Saturday their aunt is coming to stay with them for the duration of the recovery period. Please keep the Hilton family in your prayers.

Adam is eating dinner without me, so I'll go join him.

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Exciting Weekend

I'm blogging @ my Mom's house and wanted to pick a picture to put on my blog from her computer. So I picked a random photo (I couldn't tell what it was) and it turned out to be Oreo. He's one of my favorite cats.

I've had a busy weekend. Friday I did some Christmas shopping with my friend Bekah. We went out to the outlet mall and spent the afternoon wlking through some neat little stores. I still have a bunch of Christmas stuff to get done, but a little is out of the way. I'm hoping to get it done early this year. After shopping, I went out to eat with two of my other friends. Kinda for my birthday (talk about late). We went to Olive Garden. I had an enjoyable time. My friend Emily brought me a big ham....

So on Saturday I had to have a big party so we could eat the ham. It was a rather large ham- about 12 pounds. I couldn't freeze it because it had already thawed out. So I called my parents, my Grandparents and my brothers and invited them over for supper. It was quite the festive occasion, especially because it was Ben's birthday. We had a lovely gathering and we even played Apples to Apples. One of our favorite games.

Sunday was Ben's birthday party and we had cake and ice cream. Woo-hoot. (I got that from Christine's blog.) And there was church. I helped in the nursery on Sunday night with all the little chitlins.

And that was my exciting weekend. And it got even more exciting.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Birthday Boy

Happiest of birthdays to my thirteen year old brother Ben!

Friday, November 10, 2006

To Keep Dreaming as if Were Possible

Supposing I had a lovely day, spent in and out of the sunshine, would anyone care for a cup 'o hot tea to end the day? The evening should be quite uneventful, you and I sharing it like we would. Chatting about not much more than the chickadees and how they spend their afternoon caring for thar young 'uns or about old Mister Wilkus and how he plants his carrots in nice neat rows the way he likes. We'd have ourselves a right chummy time together. We could have our tea out in the backgarden in the old chairs that Uncle Charles found hid away in the wood shed last fall. Though it might be a bit dark by now, we'd still have the light 'o the moon and stars to light the way. Perhaps I'll even check to see if I've any crumpets left from Granny's visit the other mornin'. They'd go along nicely with our tea, they would. Though I'm not sure I like the way they crumble when they get too moist around the edges. But sippin' my tea in the dainty tea cup that once was my mothers, cracked though it is, I'd be quite content and perhaps comforted despite soggy crumpets... So would anyone like to share a cup?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Just a Virus

Good news... no strep. Guess I shouldn't have gone to the doc after all, although I did have a low fever- 99.9. He said it's probably just a virus. I might stay home from church tonight, make some soup and then rest. I wish Adam didn't have school so I could cuddle with him on the couch. I guess that's why he got me Louis... to cuddle with while he's gone. But Louis isn't much of a cuddler... Too bad.

Today's Order of Events

Today I went to the dmv and renewed my license. They even took a new picture. I don't know if it's a good one though because the flash from the camera momentarily blinded me so I couldn't see the new picture. And I going to the doc in a few minutes to see if I have strep throat. It doesn't feel as bad as it did earlier though, so I probably don't. But my ears are killing! We'll see... Oh and I think I broke the cable box. I dropped it and now it won't go on. I hope that either Adam can fix it or he won't get mad...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Celebrating 100

100 random things to celebrate my 100th post on Beth's Garden.

1) Adam is a cutie.
2) The sky was partly cloudy today, but with lots of sunshine.
3) My landlord is a farmer.
4) A chili ristra is hanging in my living room.
5) Two giraffes are standing in my bedroom.
6) T.J. Maxx is a good store to buy random things in (like giraffes).
7) I love my Dad.
8) I never learnt how to sew properly.
9) I've served many cups of coffee.
10) I like to make dinner for my hubby.
11) My Dad has swum in the Pacific ocean.
12) I chased a little boy around the playground in kindergarten.
13) His name was Dean...
14) My first kiss was on my wedding day (awww).
15) I used to climb trees... but haven't in a while.
16) Someday I'll swim in the ocean.
17) I've been to a wedding in Texas and in New Mexico.
18) I have an aunt who lives in Canada and an uncle in Saskatchewan.
19) 100 is a big number.
20) Today I went grocery shopping with Mom.
21) You don't have to read all 100 things.
22) My license is expired. What do I do?
23) I was a teacher for a few months.
24) I liked it.
25) I planted a whole garden a couple times.
26) We still have to pick the carrots.
27) Tomorrow we're going to breakfast with some "kids" from church.
28) I still feel like a kid even though I'm 21.
29) I never went to college.
30) When I was young, I wanted to grow up and be a princess.
31) Dave told me I couldn't do that.
32) Now Dave is my friend.
33) We used to not like each other.
34) I like color on walls.
35) I bought new earrings today.
36) I used to work at Kohl's.
37) Sodus Point has a long pier, good for "anger management" classes.
38) I have sat in the middle of Sodus Bay... on the sand bar. It's really cool.
39) Christmas at Grandma's brings back good memories.
40) One month from yesterday is my one year anniversary.
41) My friend Carissa plays piano and is in a concert on my anniversary.
42) It's weird to think of me having an anniversy.
43) After all, I'm just a kid.
44) Louis doesn't like showers.
45) I have a "new" dresser as of yesterday.
46) Adam goes to school two nights a week.
47) My camara needs new batteries.
48) Now I have to stop and think.
49) I like old photographs.
50) But not too many are hanging on my walls.
51) Someday when I have a house, I'll hang up my photos.
52) My giraffes were supposed to be a Christmas present.
53) I drive a Ford Escape.
54) I missed a birthday party today.
55) Rebekah is turning seven.
56) My friend Stephanie is engaged.
57) The big day is June 9th.
58) Should I be excited?
59) I like muffins.
60) Banana nut, blueberry, cranberry orange, all types actually.
61) I had braces from the time I was 17 till I was 19.
62) I have a cavity or a soft spot in my tooth.
63) The dentist appt. is on Dec. 6th.
64) Adam like's to watch the Sabre's game.
65) Maybe I'll get him tickets for Christmas.
66) I had to tell somebody.
67) I often time get milkshake splattered on my shirt when I make them at work.
68) The cafe at church is a cool place to "work".
69) I help in the nursery at church too.
70) The flowers died in the garden.
71) They might grow back in the spring though.
72) I like to go tot the public market, but today I had to buy my produce at Wegmans.
73) Chai tea is yummy.
74) I try not to drink coffee.
75) But the other day at work, they were sampling new brands. So I helped taste test.
76) Tuesday is Andy's birthday. I think he'll be 26.
77) I'm slowing down now.
78) I used to tell people I was going to be a pig farmer.
79) I don't like spiders... especially when they crawl up my arm.
80) I don't drink soda a lot.
81) Elisabeth is my friend.
82) She went dress shopping with me once.
83) What if I don't get to be a bridesmaid ever again?
84) I think I'd be dissapointed.
85) Adam is saying it's time to go!!!
86) Jim is a graphic design artist.
87) We're supposed to find him a girl.
88) Sledding is cold.
89) I didn't go once last year.
90) I plan to go skiing this year though.
91) Carissa asked me to be in her musical next year.
92) In one of the major parts. I'm excited!
93) I was the mother nun in The Sound of Music.
94) Someday I'd like to have some kids.
95) I need bigger mucsles to move the chair pout of my living room.
96) The wooden playground was the best part in elementary school.
97) I used to run fast and wins lots of races.
98) My friend Hannah had the same birthday.
99) I'm glad Mom went shopping with me today. Having someone around is always better...
100)I'm never alone, cause I have Jesus.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Flat Stanley

This is Flat Stanley. He was sent visiting from my 2nd grade cousin Alicia. I am supposed to report our adventures back to Alicia at school. It is a shame that he arrived the day after we left for Albuquerque, or he could've gone to New Mexico with us. Instead I didn't find Stanley in the mail until we returned. We scanned him into the computer though, and had my grandma (who is a professional photographer) put him in pictures as if he really did go. (We're good at pretending.) She made him standing on rocks, riding the tram up the mountain, hiking through the forest, shopping in Santa Fe and etc. He will probably go on real adventures with us too, but I'm not all that exciting... usually. We'll just have to see what we can come up with. Maybe he can go grocery shopping with me, or out to eat, maybe even to work (which he did) or to the library. Sounds exciting! Okay, what we really need is a good adventure... to the moon or someplace cool like that. Where do you think Stanley and I should go?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Start: Albuquerque at a Glance

Here are my first set of N.M. pictures. They aren't neccesarily in the proper order, but here they are none-the-less. We had such an awesome time with the family down there. The wedding was beautiful (although I cried more at the rehearsal than I did at the actual wedding). I played piano during the beginning and when they walked down the isle. I absolutley murdered the processional (Canon in D). I played it worse than ever before. *blush* But Auntie Kathy didn't even notice. Sight seeing was also great. The mountains beautiful, the hieghts terrific, the mesa spectacular, eveything was georgeous. We had such a wonderful time, even if we almost rolled off a cliff in Uncle Mike's suburban. That was quite exciting. Maybe I'll tell the story in more detail later.

A Finish: Albuquerque at a Glance

Adam seemed to enjoy himself. At first he said "There's nothing to do here." But I think he changed his mind later. He loved going to Calvary Chapel Albuquerque. He was singing along with all the worship songs that I didn't know. I think Adam taught everyone at Auntie Kim's house how to play euchre. We played almost non-stop when we were there.
When I went back to work today, people were asking me why I came back and making jokes that I wasn't as smart as I looked because I did come back. Yes, New Mexico is a great place to visit and it is SO wonderful to see all the family we have down there. There are many beautiful sights and things that we didn't have time to do. But there is no place like home. Even if it is cold and wet in NY. Brrr. Where'd our sunshine go?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Going Away

Leaving today to New Mexico. Don't anyone miss me too much. I send you all my love! Maybe I will still blog this week, because Auntie Kim has the internet. We shall see. But if not, I'll be back next Wednesday... with pictures!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Like Abe Lincoln

I took a "what famous world leader are you" test and this is the result.

(Picture of Abe Lincoln) You are a mild mannered assasination victim. You are Abe Lincoln. You have a peaceful nature and are good at mediating disputes with the exception of the occasional bloody civil war.

Wow. I felt quite honored to be in the same class as Abraham Lincoln. I just HAD to blog about it.

Many Things To Do

What a busy girl I am. Here is a list of things I must do.

Things to do today:
Make a tossed salad
Peel and cut potatoes
Sweep the kitchen floor
Fold two and half baskets of laundry
Decide what to pack for our trip to N.M.
Make the house look "pretty" because my in-laws are coming for dinner
Eat dinner with and entertain my in-laws
Clean the kitchen after they leave
Go to bed

Things to do tommorrow:
Go to church
Serve in the nursery 2nd service
Gripe because I have no birthday gift for my brother who turned 23
Have birthday lunch and dessert at Dave and Leta's house
Go to church again
Come home and eat leftovers
Iron Adam's work shirts and my pants
Go to bed

Things to do Monday:
Go to work and be a waitress
Come home and pack everything that didn't already get packed
Practice the piano songs that I am playing in Aunt Kathy's wedding
Tidy up the house
Buy a wedding present (maybe)
Eat more leftovers
Stress about whether or not I am forgetting anything
Go to bed

Things to do Tuesday:
Pack those last minute items and more clean underwear
Kiss Louis because Adam is taking him to Grandma's while I am still at work
Go to work and be a waitress
Feel much anxiety because I am afraid I will leave work later than intended
Drive very quickly home so I have time to take a shower
Go to Buffalo to Adam's Grandma's house
Go out to eat with Grandma and Grandpa
Get dropped off at the airport and then go to N.M.

Oh, so much to do. My brain is full.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Selfish Motive

There is no need to fear.

The barn sale went okay. I think it could've gone better because there are still things in the barn that ought to have gone. I am realizing that I am very selfish. Why else would I want to keep an old rickety desk that I picked up off the side of the road? I hadn't touched it a year, don't have room for it in my house, and probably wouldn't ever find time to fix it up nice. I had put it in the sale with a tag saying $20. Our neighbor came by and saw it and decided to bring her friend by (who refinishes things and fixes 'em up nice) to see it. When I heard this. I wasn't so sure I wanted to part with it. I put a sold sticker on it and waited. Sure enough they came back and the lady liked what she saw. We explained I wasn't so sure that I really wanted to sell. She said I could think on it and she would be back. Why am I so selfish? Well, they came back the next day and I gave in to their barters. $27 dollars for the desk, some tiki torches (with oil) and an old motor. They would come back later with their money. (Who goes to a barn sale intending to buy something, but doesn't bring any money?) They didn't return that evening and I was tempted to take the desk and run for it. But I didn't. The couple did finally come on Sunday for their desk, tiki torches and old motor. Ah, God is good to relieve me of those worldy things that just weigh me down. Anyway, there will always be other cool, old stuff on the edge of the road for me to pick up.

If you need any dishes, go to Mom's house. She has two sets of them for sale in the barn. And two dressers and a few end tables... and some clothes... and two bikes. And more! We should have another sale.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Please Comment Here

For anyone who reads my blog but doesn't comment, please comment on this post. I like to know who you are and what attracts you from the midwest to N.Y. Everyone has blog friends but me... Or do I, but just don't know it? I would like a blog friend. I feel so inferior without one.

Wanted: A Clean Heart

Well, the big barn sale starts tomorrow. No, we're not selling the barn. (Answer to many people's questions.) It has been consuming my thought life lately. How to answer questions, where to direct people, how to attract people, what to do when I'm bored, what if no one comes, on and on. I guess I don't have to worry that no one will come because I am told that a man came to look at the two wheel tractor today when the sale starts tomorrow. He wasn't going to be able to come tomorrow. I guess the ad in the paper did help. Let's just hope that things do sell and that we don't have to bargain down too much. Although, that might seem greedy. But we still have to pay for a trip to N.M. Blah, blah, blah. No one wants to hear this.
Anyway, everyone can pray for me because I feel like a real brat today. On the outside I'm sweet, but on the inside I'm grouchy. So I must depend on the Lord to give me joy because hubby's home and he doesn't like a crabby wife. I guess, when I talk to people I don't feel grouchy, but when I'm alone and I have inside conversations with myself, then all the yuck is displayed. I need a clean heart today. It's a good thing I know who gives clean hearts away for free.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

51 Things About Me

Uh, the title says 51... Let's see if I can do that.

1) I live in a blue cape cod.
2) I was never popular.
3) My legs are quite short.
4) My feet dislike shoes. But they do like flip-flops.
5) I have green bath towels. And some white and grey ones.
6) I would like a big dog someday... I'd name him George.
7) Louis is my black cat.
8) I have a green mountain bike that I haven't ridden in over a year.
9) I'm a dreamer, but I married a realist. He keeps my head out of the clouds. That's good.
10) I'll never be as tall as Aunt Priscilla. I'm only 5' 3 and 3/4".
11) I like walking in the woods. (A-fruva)
12) Muffins are my weakness.
13) I don't like the song "I'm a Red-Neck Woman".
14) I miss my teaching job.
15) Someday I would like a few (or so) kids.
16) Gardening is good "clean" fun.
17) Traveling overseas sounds quite fascinating.
18) I never met anyone famous.
19) When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up and be a princess.
20) I can swim.
21) I've had five different jobs.
22) I worked at Dunkin Donuts one day.
23) My brothers used to come to me for haircuts. Than Auntie Kathy spoiled them.
24) I've never swam in the ocean. That's one of my goals in life. To swim in it.
25) I went to the Corning Museum of Glass with my husband this past summer.
26) I like fall, but it's too close to winter.
27) I've been to Texas twice and pretty soon I'll have been to New Mexico twice too.
28) I was the last one in my 1st grade class to learn how to ride a two-wheeler.
29) We used to catch crayfish for fun.
30) I kissed a frog, but he didn't turn into a prince.
31) Family is some of my closest friends.
32) Sometimes I get really lonely...
33) When we have our own house, I would spend more time outside.
34) I know lots of people... but that's cause I'm a waitress.
35) People expect me to have a smile on my face... I tell them it's the joy of the Lord.
36) I slept in a castle.
37) I used to have my very own rabbit and the boys used to say we were going to eat him.
38) I never liked yard clean up day as a kid.
39) Once I almost drowned in Aunt Charlene's pool, but Jimmy saved me. He's my hero.
40) Geography was my favorite subject in ninth grade.
41) I always wanted to learn a foreign language.
42) I was in two plays... only minor parts, but none-the-less, speaking parts.
43) I used to sing more than I do now.
44) I've been to Bible camp and one year I helped in the kitchen.
45) I don't care for television.
46) Baking was always one of my favorites, but I don't do a whole lot of it.
47) I've been downhill skiing once. It was such a blast!
48) I once rode on a real train... but it was only a joy ride.
49) I always wanted a sister, but now I'm all growed up and moved out.
50) I had wanted to marry a farmer so I could live on a farm.
51) I love Adam.
52) I've been washed in the blood of Jesus.

There. 52 things about me. And I said 51. I could keep going all night!

Barn Sales and Birthday Fiestas

And so we push on with the barn sale. Approval has been met, although it wasn't by any of you. I've been trying to help Mom organize everything, but I only have Wednesday, Friday and Saturday to help. I do have my own things to do too, so progress has been slow although I think we will be ready by next weekend. If you haven't anyhthing to do, you should come check it out... or at least help out. Lots of good stuff! Dressers, coffee tables, chairs, kitchen gadgets, dishes, tools, tactor parts and pieces, clothes (probably), hardware... you never know what you might find! Mom, don't forget to put an ad in the pennysaver. I'm going over again tomorrow to continue setting up. Does anyone have anything they want to sell? The more the merrier they always say.

Sorry to be so boring... No one wants to hear about barn sales. Although they are fun. At least I think so.

Well, we are going to N.M. in October. Aunt Kathy is getting married, so we're going for that. She wants me to play piano in her wedding. This scares me because for the past year I've been really lax on playing the piano. First of all, my upstairs neighbor complained the first time I ever played the piano after I got married. That really put a damper on things and then I don't think anyone here enjoys my playing. Except maybe Louis. So I must practice... Like oil on my rusty fingers. And I'll have to pray. I'm also spending my birthday in New Mexico. You all shall miss it. I'll be 21. Really old. Maybe we can celebrate with a fiesta...

Auntie Kim is in the hospital with complications from a surgery. She lives in Albuquerque. We have been praying for her and I hope she will be much better when we are in town.

It's raining today. Yuck. I was hoping for sunshine.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Speaking of the Barn

Today I helped clean out my parents barn. We have lots of stuff in there. It's a big job to clean the barn and it's not done yet. Auntie Kathy left her stuff in there... Maybe someday it will be gone. Maybe we'll have a barn sale... What do you think?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Orchard Walks

Lately we've been going for orchard walks when I go to my parents house. The apples are ready for picking and the migrants are picking every day. It's always so beautiful to walk through the orchard. Very peaceful and serene. And it's good excersice. This photo is from the other day when I took a walk with my Mom. Today would be a good day for a walk too, but I'm at my house. My land lord does have a few apple trees, though I'm not sure it would be the same. Especially since no one is home to walk with. Maybe later?
A side note for Mom... CM is not getting married. They aren't engaged. I called to congratulate and was informed otherwise. But probably eventually.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"Cumming" to my Past

Last Saturday was a good day for hiking. Initially Adam had wanted to go to Letchworth Park, but after we got on the road we decided to go to Cummings Nature Center in Naples, NY. We had invited Jim along to keep us company and he liked the idea of going to Cummings. (He goes many places with us... he's like our best friend!) I hadn't been to Cummings Nature Center since I was very, very small. I think Joe or Nate was still a baby. Anyway it was in the deepest portion of my memories... I was never sure where we had gone in that memory but I had always wanted to go back. It was like walking into the past when we got there... like living a dream. We didn't go down the same trail that we did when I was younger, but the building was the same and... oh, it was pretty neat anyway. So the three of us walked the trails. We saw the beaver pond, which was quite pretty. So many lily pads! But no beavers. We did see a few chipmunks though (not in the pond of course) and lots of bugs. They didn't really bother us much. There was also many mushrooms of all kinds. It was very moist in the woods. Jim and I took many pictures. Maybe I'll post more in the future. After our nature hike, we took a drive into the village of Naples and bought a grape pie. I had never had grape pie before and was quite impressed with the taste. SOOO good! Adam also bought some concord grapes from a road side stand. He really liked those, but they weren't my favorite. I found them to be sweet at first yet sour in the middle. And the seeds were just too much! They were encased in the center and very hard for me to seperate and spit out. Adam still had them gone in no time.
We drove on home to eat our pie and then we headed back out (Jim was still with us) for dinner. We had a coupon for The India House (which was expired unbeknownst to us at the time) so we went there. I had never had Indian food before, so it was quite the treat. Adam and I ordered a platter to share and a bowl of muligatwny soup, while Jim ordered a lamb and spinach dish. (Uh-oh... spinach!) I really enjoyed our food and the basmati rice that came with it was real good. Jim's food ended up looking like this strange goup. It was brown and thick looking. He said he liked it, but it didn't look too good. I tasted it though, and it was actually okay. Better mixed with rice, but good. So that was fun and different. It's always fun to go elsewhere and try new things.
It was a good Saturday with Jim and my hubby.

Grow Your Own Spinach

Has anyone heard about the e-coli outbreak related to spinach? I just found out about it today. No wonder people were commenting to me about having spinach in our salads. We don't, by the way. I guess one person already died from it, and over 100 through the nation are sick. I hope you grow your own spinach.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Continue Following the Savior

A few noted verses from Hebrews 10...

Verses 26-27: "For if we sin willfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a certain fearful expectation of jugdgment, and fiery indignation which will devour the adversaries."

And Verses 38-39: "'Now the just shall live by faith; But if anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him.' But we are not of those who draw back to perdition, but of those who believe to the saving of the soul."

All the more reason to remain faithful to Jesus and continue hard after Him!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dinner and a Movie

I miss my friends. They're all in college.

But on a happy note, I made a crock pot dinner this morning. We ate it for dinner (naturally). It was not as good as I hoped it would be... And the apple pie I made was like apple sauce pie. I'm not sure why... I used 20 oz. apples. Ack! What has become of my culinary skills!!!
But he still ate it.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hebrews 8:11-12

Okay, here's a question for you all. In my Bible reading this morning, I came across a puzzling verse and I'm wondering what it means.
Hebrews 8:11-12 "None of them shall teach his neighbor, and none his brother, saying, 'Know the Lord,' for all shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them. For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more."
In this passage He is talking to Isreal. What does it mean "...for all shall know Me..."? Wondering what everyone's take is on this.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Story of Fruit (or A Fruity Story)

Once upon a time, there was a girl who liked to walk. She walked here and she walked there. One day she decided to walk up a hill and it took her to a vast pasture filled with trees of fruit. She was quite amazed and amused at the funny little fruits. "Hmm," She thought, "I wonder if I might taste one fruit." She plucked an unsuspecting fruit from the bough on which it clung. It let out a slight cry when leaving the loved branches that once was its home. As she was about to take a bite of it's crisp, tangy flesh, a warrior jumped out of the bushes and shouted, "Do not take unsuspecting fruit! A proper warning should be issued first." Now at this remark, the girl was quite taken back. She wasn't sure what to do. Could she possible issue a proper warning now? After the fruit was already in her clutches? The girl raised her timid voice and declared very clearly, in the direction of her possession, "Do not fear, young fruit. You are now mine and I shall eat you at once. You shall know no rot." With a proper warning ensued, the warrior hopped back into the bushes with great dignity. The girl happily munched on her luscious treat and continued walking through the pasture of trees. Soon her hands were empty of fruit (and her tummy full), and still the fruit on the other trees began to look tempting. Would it be okay if she didn't properly warn the fruit before eating? Would the brave warrior return? What would happen if she ate the fruit while still on the tree? Her thoughts were interrupted by a high, squeaky voice. "I was just reading your thoughts, and I was just agreeing with them that maybe we could get away with eating fruit while still attached to trees. Maybe then, no warrior would come to badger us into properly warning before eating." The girl looked over her shoulder to see what appeared to be her twin standing there. So with a twin for encouragement they both decided to munch and crunch the fruit of trees before properly picking or warning. This was entirely against the etiquette in the land of the pasture of fruiting trees. But this was unbeknownst to either of the girls and so they ate. True, they also didn't know the repocusions of such an act. They didn't know that many little warriors (who were the protectors of the fruit) would jump out of they bushes and pull their hair and kick them in the shins. They also didn't know that unpicked fruit gave nasty tummy aches to all who ate and made them feel quite like croaking. And this is exactly what happened to the poor young maidens. They were kicked by many little warriors and their hair was pulled in every direction (which gave them quite a headache) . Their tummies also certainly felt quite like a hurricane was sloshing about inside it. Eating such a fruit without proper warning or plucking was a terrible thing. If only they had listened to the first warrior like good little girls would've! And after such excitement the girls certainly did feel like croaking... so they did a little bit of that. And then decided to lie down on the ground till they were fully recovered.
Now if you ever go out to the fruited trees of the pasture and see two "twins" lying out there arrayed in the beauty of time, you shall know they have not yet recovered. But possibly, they will soon. We hope. Cause it might rain and they could get wet. T'would be a shame to get their fine clothes wet and muddy.
**Please realize that this story is based entirely on fabricated events and do not reflect factual people, places, things, ideas or any other type of noun. This story was written late at night when the author probably should've already brushed her teeth, taken out her contact lenses, laid down in her bed and gone to sleep. Also realize that a good fable is often fun and meant to be taken lightheartedly and without serious consequences. Thank you.

Friday, September 08, 2006

It was Fair

I went to the State Fair on Monday with Adam and Jim. It was, as it always is, a fair. Sand castles, lots of people, butter sculptures, more people, chocolate milk, cookware shows (we saw six of them; all advertising the same pots and pans!), french fries, and craft shows. Pigs, goats, horses, parades, dancing acrobats, lemonade stands, big and small bands, carriage museums and cows. Seeing as we went the last day, there were very few cows left to see. Maybe a half a dozen. No fun without cows! Okay so it really was fun. There was a demolition derby in the evening, but we didn't go. We didn't have tickets ($14.00 each) and we also didn't feel like standing in line to get tickets (REALLY long line!). But we did end up meeting this really nice giraffe in the petting zoo. They are so cool! People were feeding him carrots. He (and his brother) would stretch his neck down toward the carrot and his long black tongue would wrap around the carrot just as if it were a hand. It was pretty cool.
After leaving the fair, we drove through Syracuse looking for Dinosaur BBQ. Syracuse is a very confusing city to drive in. We stopped and asked for directions a couple times, but to no avail. Finally we found a nice man driving a police car. We asked him for directions and he hemmed and hawwed trying to explain to us in the easiest way how to get there. Finally he gave up trying to explain it and said, "Follow me." (This is different; following a police car instead of being followed by one.) So we followed the officer down different roads and side streets (we definently would have never found it) till we came to the BBQ place. It was closed. It was Labor day and the restaurant had set up at the fair. Now what? Well, one of the guys that Adam had asked directions from, had warned us that Dinosaur might be closed, and had suggested The Spaghetti Warehouse. So, we asked the officer about that place. It turned out to be right around the corner, so we followed him there. With many thanks and a wave good-bye, we had finally made it. Dinner was about to be served. Now if you're ever in Syracuse, The Spaghetti Warehouse is an excellent place to eat. Just have fun finding it.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Preying Mantis: Endangered?

Can you see him? He's putting up his fierce claws as if he's defending himself or about to fight. We found him in our living room, climbing the curtains like he owned the place. Adam said, "What is that?" We rescued him from our indoors (and our cat) and set him free. Preying mantis are often thought to be an endangered species, but I looked that up and found that it is not true. Oops, because I recently told some young friends of mine that they were. Josiah, one of the kids I was teaching for the last 5 1/2 months, caught one not too long ago and brought it in to show us. They really are quite neat little insects. God's variety is amazing. I remember the first time I saw a preying mantis. I was pretty young, and had taken a walk to the town library with my Mom and siblings. We found one on our way and Mom told us how they were endangered and illegal to kill. I always thought they were since then. Why would anyone want to kill them anyways? They are good for gardens and eat many pesty bugs, so maybe that's why the rumor started that they were endangered. I guess no harm was done in believing they were endangered, it kept us from squashing them, right? But now I feel more informed, and I'll probably correct myself and let those kids know the real truth.
Speaking of the kids, my last day as teacher was on Friday :( Coe, Bethany, Noami, Joe, Rebekah, Katherina, Megan and I have become good friends over the past months. Although I won't be seeing them weekly anymore, I don't think that our friendship will end. Monthly visit should be in order as well as continuing contact via the U.S.P.S. They have taught me alot and hopefully I have also taught them alot. I know there has been good progress and hopefully they will continue in the upward climb (which I am sure they will) with their new teacher this fall.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Visit by Ben

Nothing really interesting has been going on here. True, Ben and his friend Patrick did come to see me at the CK on Monday. He asked me if I was going to blog about his visit and I said I was. So Ben and Pat came by the restaurant and were making faces at me through the window. I waved and continued my duties. They decided to hop on in and say hello. I told them to sit down and I'd come say hi when I was down at the counter. Ben admitted he had no money- only 26 cents. I waved off his comment and said I'd be there in a minute. I ended up buying the boys a drink and each a piece of chocolate. I offered them fries or a chocolate. (Nice sister, I didn't give 'em much of a choice. But hey, I didn't want to spend all the money I earned before I even left work.) They each chose a chocolate from the case- Pat, a pecan caramel patty, and Ben, tongue-twister, cumdinger, hali-o-whoozit. And the boys even left me a tip when they left! That was the best part.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Louis has Company

Well, I threw away that potato, and what do I get? Louis invites the whole neighborhood over to have a party. He's such a rebellious boy, I don't know what to do....

Okay, so he didn't really do any of that. He's a cat, right? But it was rather funny the other day when the neighbor cat, Charles, came to visit. He sat on the front porch and he and Louis just looked at each other throught he window. Louis really wanted to go out and play. But he can't beacause he's a inside cat. And Charley couldn't come in. So they just looked. They've done this sort of thing before. Louis used to sit on the window sill inside, and one day Charley jumped up on the outside sill and they sat there as close as they could get, on either side of the window pane. It was really cute. What makes it even funnier, is that they look exactly the same. Charley's owners once thought that we were taking him away when we took Louis to my parent's house one day. It's fun having the "same" cat. Both black with a little white on their chest.

I bet you guys think I'm crazy blogging about my cat... Boy, what's next?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Pizza Hut, A Pizza Hut...

Anybody want some pizza? It's ready and waiting!

Monday, August 21, 2006

A Potato for a Friend

The other night, while we were sitting in the living room, Louis came through with a new toy. I had left a potato on the counter the night before, and guess who found it? He walked right by with the helpless spud in his mouth. Louis dropped the potato on the floor and began batting it around as if it were a mouse. I wish I could've gotten a picture of the potato in his mouth, but he walked by too quickly. We found it rather funny that a cat would choose a potato to play with. But then again, he is often carrying off my things. Hairclips, hair bands, garlic, slippers and now a potato. Someday he'll have to learn that what is on the counter is to stay on the counter and not to be played with.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

My Past (hiccup) Week Load

Well, I'm sure no one wants to hear boring relations of my past week. But, TOO BAD!

Last Saturday I went to the mall with Mom and Hannah. We bought some clothes. That evening Adam and I went to the Olive Garden for Jim's "un-birthday." We had the waitresses sing Jim happy birthday, which was really great and made us laugh.

On Sunday, after church in the morning, Adam and I went to the Erie County Fair. I really enjoyed the time spent with Bob and Joann. We saw lots of fat pigs, a few pretty horses, fuzzy bunnies, big boats and old fire engines, wood carvings, craft exhibits, a parade, a model home, a home made inside of a Giant Redwood tree, a really tall swing, dancing Indians, old fashioned candy, a Polish exhibit (where the guy was really paranoid that I was going to break one of the stackable dolls he had for sale) and lots and lots of people. All in all in was a very nice day. And we had ice cream.

Monday I went back to work after two weeks off. I also found out that a girl I work with, Peg, who was vacationing in Europe (during the time that the restaurant was closed), was on one of the planes that the terrorists were going to blow up two Thursdays ago. She came back to work with all kinds of stories about that day. Praise the Lord that the authorities caught the terrorists before anything could happen.

Tuesday was also a normal work day, with the exception of Peggy telling all the customers of her over sea adventures. When you work at a restaurant, of course everyone is going to want to hear the story.
In the evening, we went to my parents house for dinner and then to Dave's house for Bible study. The time spent with my family studying God's Word is always a blessing.

I did something different on Wednesday and went teaching. I like to spend time with the kids that I teach, only lately I've just been going on Fridays. So this week I got to go twice. Coe, who is the oldest, is planning a special evening for his parents anniversary next week. I'm kinda like his cohort, because I'm aiding and abetting his plans. It's fun. Teaching is going very well, although I might be done soon. The girl who is going to teach over the next school year is coming back into town soon, so I might have to say good-bye in the next couple of weeks. But, I think, I will still visit once in a while. :)
I managed to make in home Wednesday evening, in time to make homemade pizza for dinner. Yum.

Thursday was more work. It was very slow this week at work. Hopefully it is just because it was the first week reopened and people thought we were still closed. I hope it's not cause they are mad at us for changing our hours from 6-8 to 6-3. Some people aren't very pleased, but I don't see why that should affect our lunch crowd. Next week will be busier.

Friday was more teaching. We must finish our books before the end of the summer! This time I brought some more books from the library. Only these ones were about frogs and bees. Requests of Joe and Noami. They all love library books. I even brought a story book called "The Red Balloon". I had to read that one twice, once on Wednesday and again on Friday. Rebecca and Katherine liked that one a lot. My siblings and I used to watch a movie when we were little called "The Red Balloon" and the book was based on that movie.
Friday evening, my parents came over for dinner. We had thought about going out for dinner, but I have had a hankering for staying home this week (could you see why with last weeks schedule?), so we had bbq chicken and corn on the cob. Yum. And Mom brought fresh veggies from the garden. (Actually I ate a cucumber not too long ago and am suffering from hiccups ever since!) We had a very nice visit and some good fellowship. We ended the evening with a trip to Brusters for ice cream.

Today I woke up late. Which was frustrating, but I think worked out best in the long run. See I had made plans to go visit Elisabeth and Carissa out in Wolcott (actually at the beach, but it was raining so we changed plans), but I had to vacuum the hallways at church before that. I raced about looking for clothes, hopped in the shower and ran off to the church. The only other people there had just finished their jobs, so that left me, alone, at the church. I expected to see my Mom, because she always cleans the Sunday School rooms, but she must've already come and gone. So I vacuumed away by myself. (These hiccups have me going mad!!!) By the time I was finished it was 11:20, so I hopped in the car, stepping in a huge puddle on the way and soaking my feet. I stopped at The CK on the way to get a breakfast croissant. I was hungry, afterall I didn't eat breakfast in the morning. Carissa called me while I was there saying she had to go to Pennyan with her Mom, so we shouldn't come over. So I ended up just hanging out with Elisabeth. Which was fine with both of us. Afterall, we have been friends since we were 10 and sometimes it's nice just the two of us. So Liz and I had to think of something to do. We ended up going to the outlet mall to go clearance shopping. Elisabeth came home with nothing and I came back with a baby outfit for a girl at church and a black shirt for work. I did try on some really cute sailor pants (which fit great) at Banana Republic, but I had gone shopping last week already, and who wants to spend $33.00 on pants? It was fun anyway and we got some good excerise. After that, we stopped at a little family restaurant for a BLT and some coffee. Then I did a little aiding and abetting for dear little Coe, dropped off Liz at home and went home myself. Adam had Jim over for steak and a little TV and that is where you will find us right now. Isn't that nice?

Anyone know where I can find a book of Sudoku puzzles? I really enjoy doing those. I finished one yesterday for the first time. I had brought the Living section of the paper home from work on Thursday, just so I could do the puzzle.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Relations of a Week

Hullo. As it is now Tuesday, I don't feel quite right going to too much explanation of what excitement happened last week. But a bit of a blow through of the week doesn't hurt.

Last Week: Part 1 (Tuesday)

Last Tuesday was a nice day in which I had nothing formal planned other than attending the family Bible study at my brothers house. This made the day very nice for things such as washing clothes and hanging them on the clothesline, going grocery shopping and cleaning the bathroom. All of which I did... except maybe clean the bathroom, I cannot now remember. Wegmans is my favorite place for groceries. I also like Aldi, but I did not go there.

Part 2 (Wednesday)

On Wednesday I met my Grandparents at the nursing home, and we sang to the residents and my Grandfather had a mini Bible study. He's been doing this sort of thing for over 30 years. I used to go with him quite often but hadn't been in ages. Afterwards, I went home with them and visited with my Grandma for a bit. We shared some lunch and after a while I went home. I made some dinner for my hubby and then went to church.

Part 3 (Thursday)

Thursday morning, I woke up bright and early to go to Grandma's house. She had inadvertently planned too much for herself that morning and had arranged to meet with someone about some problems they were having with their health insurance. The thing was that my young cousins were all going to be at my grandparents as their mothers were working that day. So Grandma had asked me if I would be willing to come stay at her house while her and Grandpa were out for a couple hours. The six of us cousins had a grand time playing together. The all-time favorite thing was playing with the playmobile house. This can get out of hand sometimes, especially when playing with two 11 year old boys. Watch out! After my Grandparents came home I met my Dad at Bill Gray's for lunch. It's always nice having lunch with Dad.
In the afternoon, I drove out to my friend Carissa's for a good visit. When I arrived she wasn't home yet, so I also ended up having a nice visit with her Mom. I like her Mom. After a while, when Carissa was home, everyone else was gone. So she and I made potatoes and broccoli for dinner (I brought the broccoli- organic from the Public Market!) and then we drove out to Auburn. She had to go to Walmart and to Loews to buy paint. I helped her buy paint because she was afraid of what colors to buy. So I encouraged her. Then we had to go home. It was good to see Carissa.

Part 4 (Friday)

Friday was also cool because I got to go to Fort Erie, Ontario with Mom, Ben and Hannah. My Grammanita was in Fort Erie visiting a friend. She lives in Nova Scotia, and since she was as close as she was, we took the opportunity to go visit. I got to drive there. All the way through Buffalo, and through customs and everything. Cool, huh? (On a side note, my neighbors are fighting at the moment. Not cool.) When we got there, we found they weren't expecting us yet. But they didn't seem to mind too much, as long as they could talk us into staying for dinner that evening. Which they somehow did. Anyway, while we were there we went to the cemetary to see graves of relatives, to Mah Way's Chinese restaurant (compliments of Gail), to the old Fort Erie where the war of 1866 was fought (or something like that), to the Ridgeway Battlefield Museum, down Teal Rd., and to another cemetary where my Great Grandparents were buried. Then we went to a store to find Aero bars. They don't sell those in the U.S. But they should. Back at Gail's house, we helped prepare for dinner. Which was tasty. Right after we ate, we started home. It was 8:00 and we still a couple hours of driving ahead. But it was worth the drive to see my dear Gramma.

Okay, I'm tired of relating last week at the moment. You probably are too.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Monday: RMSC

On Monday this week, Ben, Hannah, Mom and I went to the RMSC. We got to get in free because of Adam's work. The mastodon exhibit was quite "cool". I didn't know that skeletal remains of a mastodon were found in Avon, NY. That was real neat. Just imagine, mastodons and wooly mammoths walking the earth right here where we stand today! How cool is that. But, the dinosaur/fossil/ancient animals section wasn't my favorite of the museum. I really liked the third floor where they had miniature towns and life like rooms of 19th century Rochester. It was like walking back in time. So many old artifacts and things. Did you know that in the 19th-early 20th century, Rochester held one of the leading button making facilities in the states? I never even knew Rochester made buttons! But I really loved the time capsle on the second floor. In 1873 the citizens of Rochester put together a time capsle and had it buried in the wall of the city hall inside a copper box. It was opened in 1999, and inside was many artifacts which looked almost brand new. There were newspapers, Masonic papers and pamphlets, records of different sorts, books (which looked brand new- real cool), and an old Bible- to name a few. It was like looking into the past, which is what a time capsle is meant to be like. There was even a letter to the future mayor of Rochester (now the past mayor). It was such a beautiful letter, filled with hopes and dreams of a citizen, but most importantly a testimony, a man pointing his finger. Pointing to the Savior. Telling the citizens to prepare their hearts to meet their Maker. I can't remeber exactly what he said, so you'll have to go and read it for yourselves. But make sure that you're prepared to meet Jesus. Will He say,"Well done, good and faithful servant" or will He say, "Depart from Me, I never knew you"? Make sure that you have a relationship with the One who can give you real life. That is what the man in the letter was saying. And I too, tell you to come to Jesus, the One who will love you no matter what, and cleanse you and give you a fresh start. Who will be there to help you, as long as you lean on Him and only Him. He is my friend, He can be yours too.

So, Monday was a nice trip to the museum. I hadn't been in a while. And hey, when you can get in for free, why not go?

A Fancy Saturday and A Hillbilly Sunday

Ah, for a moment I can relax. Nothing to do for at least another 1/2 hour. I suppose that's not true as I could get up and go get the clothes off the line and iron Adam's works shirts. But hey, that can wait...

I haven't blogged a lot this week because of all the great, wonderful things that have been going on. I shall start at Sunday. No wait, last Saturday....

Last Saturday, after spending the previous night at my parents with my siblings, Adam and I (and Adam's mother, Joanne) sped off to Tonawanda to attend our cousin Jennifer's wedding. That's what the "all the happy people" picture is about. It was a medium sized wedding in a nice-looking, old church. The bride was lovely in her white satin gown, all done up with beads. And everyone looked just smashing. The ceremony, though religious, seemed rather long. Maybe it was because in all their religion, the personal touch of my Savior appeared to be lacking. Prayers were read out of a book, scripture readings were selected out of several provided to choose from (one including the book of Tobias) and there was a chance for all to go forward to take communion and be blessed by the priest. In all their religiousness, the Holy Spirit was lacking. A true relationship with Jesus Christ was not what was being sought. But despite of this, it was a nice wedding and everyone was encouraged to strive and keep Jenn and her husband, Brian, committed to one another, forsaking all others, to keep their vows for life. I found that very striking, that the priest held each one present accountable for keeping Jenn and Brian together.
The reception was also very pretty, but not too much fun. We didn't sit with anyone we knew (except for Joanne) although Adam's cousin Bobby came over to talk with us. And we did have fun with Garrett. The food was tasty and Uncle Ken and Aunt Sandy made for good conversation. The cake had creamy filling and was made with three different square layers. Pretty cool looking. We didn't do any dancing because we left shortly after they started. I always enjoy seeing Adam's side of the family. I wish they lived closer.

On Sunday, after church, Adam and I went out again. Only this time we went with Bob, Joanne and Andy to the Grizzly Festival near Nunda. We usually buy meat from Grizzly's Meat sumpin'or other and they throw festivals in the summer, like the Lumberjack Festival and the Grizzly Festival. So Bob, my father-in-law, had heard about this festival and really, really wanted to go. (He's the one who's really enjoying the chicken to the left.) Sounded fun to me. Craft sales, tractor pulls, the works. Talk about hill billies. It was pretty cool... a chain saw artist, a bandsaw mill demonstation (Dad woulda liked that), a home town type auction and good food all in one place. At the auction, they sold two little oinkers. (Seen in the picture to the right.) This one guy kept buying all the stuff. Wasn't very fair. He must've had a big pocketbook. I bought two BIG things of sprinkles. No one was bidding, so I got them for $1.00. What a bargain... although they had started melting 'cause it was so hot. Oh well, still good for cookies. Who wants to come over and help me bake?

As for the rest of my week, you must wait for that. This post is too long as it is.

MISSING: Small Black Cat

Okay, so he's not really missing. He actually is quite found. Anyway, this morning I woke up to the cry of "Mero-o-o-ow," Mero-o-o-ow." It sounded far away. I sat up in bed and said to Adam, "Where's Louis? I think he's crying." The time was just after 7 o'clock. I hopped out of bed and began to think. I hadn't seen Louis when I got home late last night. While Adam checked out in the living room and around the house I went to the basement. "Louis, Louis." I looked up in the rafters in the basement, but I didn't see him. I opened the basement door (which led to outside... there are two doors there: a big heavy one which locks and another wooden slat door which flaps in the wind 'cause I can never get it closed) and peeked through. There was Louis looking a little lost and moist from spending all night outside. He was peeking into the basement from behind the "flapping in the wind door." "Oh, Louis. There you are." He must've slipped out yesterday morning when I left to go with my Mom to Fort Erie. Good thing he didn't wander away too far. Busy roads, weird neighbors, big bugs and wild animals. You never know what might carry a small cat off into the abyss of the unknown. He ought to stick around home for a while, where it's safe.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Jenga Blocks

These pictures tell a story... Can you tell who won?

Uh-oh. Looks like someone knocked over the tower...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Week of Visits

Well, I had another busy week last week. I started with visiting my friend Stephanie (see picture to the left) in Binghamton. I made the three hour (almost) drive last Monday, all by myself and without getting lost. I hadn't seen Steph since last November as she couldn't make it for my wedding and hadn't had the time to go see her in between then and now. We met at O.B.C. when I was ten and we have been friends ever since. We managed to have a nice visit together despite myself being a little under the weather. I even got to meet her boyfriend, Stephen. He's quite the character ;)

My week didn't stop after I returned home on Wednesday. Thursday I stopped by Mom and Dad's house and spent the afternoon there. Friday, after teaching my pupils for the morning, I was back at Mom and Dad's. They were going away for the weekend and Adam and I were going to spend the night with my brothers and sister. My brother's nieces were also there for a while because my Mom babysits them. Alysa and I spent some time together wandering the backyard, vacuuming the dining room and my car, and making fudgy brownies. We made a good team.
I also had the privledge of making dinner for my siblings. After looking through the cupboards and a quick run to the store for some cheese, I began making a masterpiece. My very first lasagna ever. Mom had these cool no-boil lasagna noodles in her cupboard and they worked really well. I must say I was quite impressed with my first lasagna. A little sauce, a little meat, some zucchini (sliced thin), a bit of ricotta cheese and mozarella, and some more sauce. And noodles all layered between. Mmm, good. Eventually Adam came home from work and we commenced playing a good game of Duck Hunt with the Nintendo I had bought from a garage sale earlier that week. We also played Jenga and Mario. It was nice spending the evening with Hannah. Ben had gone off to Juniors at church, so we didn't get to spend much time with him, although we did have the whole morning the next day. I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast, which weren't as good as if Dad had made them. But I have time to perfect that, right?
I'm really glad that Mom and Dad were able to celebrate thier 25th anniversary and have some time away all by themselves.