Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Summer School

Hullo there! Well, I have disabled comment moderation. So Gramma, you can leave a comment and it will show up automatically. The reason why it always seemed like you couldn't leave comments is because I had to approve of them first. I suppose I'll still be able to delete unwanted comments, but at least now one will know if they really left me a comment or not.

Today I went teaching again. It seems to me that things are really getting into a routine. Just in time for summer, right? I'll still go there over the summer, but only about once a week. They don't mind the help (after all, eight kids is a handful for any one grownup, right?), and I think I would miss them if I didn't go anymore. The kids were glad to hear that I would still come over the summer... I guess they don't mind me too much. Today Josiah (8) and Rebekah (6) were actually fighting over who got to read the book that we started. They both wanted to read more. We started reading The Boy and the Lion (I think that's what it's called) on Friday, and I'm surprised at how much they seem to be enjoying reading it. I have to help them with fewer and fewer words. It's great to see how far they've come in reading over these past three or so months. I think I'll miss them in the fall when Elizabeth, their other teacher, comes back from NJ to teach them through the next school year. But God always keeps you busy doing something, and I'm sure he's got something good planned for me next year :) (Not yet...)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Whole World Over

Has anyone noticed my cluster map? I had no idea how many people actually looked at my blog! Kinda scary... Who are all you people form all over the world and what brings you to my blog? It's a very boring blog and I don't know why people visit at all... except my family members. They seem to enjoy my blog at times, but that is because we are related. Please, tell me who you are... And why would anyone from the Middle East stop in?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Life on the Go

This is me and my Gramanita at Letchworth Park. People call Letchworth Park the Grand Canyon of the East. At least that's what my Mom says. This picture was taken a few years ago... I think when my brother Dave got married. We always take our guests to Letchworth Park. Not only is it beautiful, but quite extensive. And historical. So there is always something cool to see. You should go sometime. My recommendation.

Well, it is the end of June. It always seems to be a busy time of year. Actually all times seem busy right now. With graduation parties, anniversary parties, weddings, birthdays, strawberry picking (which I haven't done yet), and other type gatherings, life just hasn't slowed down. I guess that's what happens when you grow up and get married. I don't seem to have enough time (or energy) in one day. Speaking of which, I should go clean my kitchen before my in-laws get here at 6:30. We're going out with them tonight to a horse show. Which should be fun, except that I haven't spent one night at home yet this week! Run Bethany, run!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rabbi Yachov

This is my great friend Rabbi Yachov. He's a great mentor and is currently getting his degree in Theology. Okay, okay, so he's not a rabbi and his name isn't Yachov and I don't know if he's even getting a degree. But he does look like a rabbi and his name is Jacob and he is going to Bible school. He's also been a family friend for over 10 years. And I dedicate this blog to Jake (as he is commonly know as). Seeing as it is wonderful Wednesday, I'll post 13 great things about Jake.

1) He is the oldest in his family.
2) He is a computer whiz.
3) He loves Jesus.
4) He likes a good joke but is often serious.
5) Jake is an honest fellow and very curtious.
6) He helps his Mom around the house.
7) He worked at the community center last year.
8) Once, he raised a whole flock of chickens.
9) Math was his favorite subject when he was young.
10) He can drive a car. (Yikes!)
11) He used to take swimming lessons and can swim like a fish.
12) He never licked a sparkplug.
13) I am older than him... O.K. so that was about me, but he is younger!

There you have it. Thirteen things about Jacob.

Monday, June 12, 2006

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I haven't had much time for gardening lately. Too bad, cause sometimes a nice visit with my Mom is nice. Actually all-times a nice visit with my Mom is nice. This is me planting onions in the garden at my parents house. I have to plant things there because I don't have a veggie garden at my apartment. But that is a good excuse to visit, right? It must be almost time to pick radishes. I think it's been two weeks since we planted them and that is about how long it takes for them to grow big enough. I should make sure to pick some tomorrow when I am over for Bible study. I do have a flower garden here at my house. There is a nice space next to the house for flowers. It's nice because my land-lord has a few greenhouses in which he grows plants, and he gave me some that I could plant. So it's like gardening for free! Except I did buy some other ones that I planted in there too. Ups, I gotta go. I've got company! Hooray.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Open Book

Well, Adam and I went to a fancy restaurant last night for our 6-month anniversary. It was nice to finally get to spend some time with him. I guess I really do get to spend time with him during the week, but it doesn't always feel like quality time. Either he's tired or I'm cranky or something of that nature. I suppose I'm just a work in progress. God's gotta work hard on making me a good wife :) Thank's for all the good suggestions you've given me. I'm just a novice on being someone's wife, so it's great getting real life advice from people whom I know and love. It'd also be nice for some extra prayers that I'd learn how to be encouraging and respectful and a pleasant wife to come home to. I don't always feel like I'm very pleasant. I don't want to have used up all my smiles when I'm away at work and have none left for the man I love most. That's not very encouraging or pleasant to come home to. Boy, I'm feeling like an open book for all to read. Yikes. Well, maybe I'll go wash the dishes... and besides Adam just came home from the store.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Friday, June 02, 2006

Fun With Kids

This is called "Fun With Kids." From top to bottom is: Rebekah, Bethany, Josiah, Naomi, Elisabeth, Coe and finally, Katherine. Elisabeth is not a kid. She is 22 and the next teacher for the kids I've been teaching. I think she's much more qualified than I, and she is very good with the kids. They've been friends for a while and they look up to her.
Today was very busy. First I went teaching from 8:30-10:50, then I went to work to clerk from 11:10-2:15, picked up school books for Coe, went back to their house, taught from 2:40-5:00, came home, made dinner, went shopping with my mother-in-law for a bridal shower gift for Adam's cousin, finally came home after spending too much money, washed dishes, and now here I sit. Whew! What a day! I feel satisfied with what I've done, except for communication with my hubby. Any ideas on how to get out of a communication slump? He works a lot, I work a lot, he likes T.V., I don't really... etc., etc. Anyway...

This week has been exciting, but for some reason I haven't been blogging about it. Just see my Mom's blog to find out how great my past weekend was. She wrote all about it. I gardened at my parents on Sunday... It felt good to have my hands in the dirt again. Monday was Memorial Day and a great day for picnicking. We had great food (I made mac salad), a rowdy water balloon fight (you should've seen Adam's face when he came out of the bathroom cradling two water balloons- "I could only get two tied!!!" I then became the official tyer... It still shows on my tying finger), a good football game, and a bonfire (after everyone went home- including me). It was a great time. I wasn't ready for my weekend to end. Last night I made chicken Parmesan (for the first time) and took it to Grandma's house for dinner. It was very tasty. I also tried to make rhubarb pie with a gluten-free pie crust because Grandma has cut out gluten from her diet. It didn't work. I even tried twice. Sorry Mom, for wasting your rice flour. I still have some left though! I eventually gave up and made regular crust. But that wasn't until after dinner at Grandma's, so the pie didn't come out of the oven until after 9:00. So, needless to say, we didn't eat our pie because we were getting tired and we couldn't wait long enough for the pie to cool. I think I'm going to Grandma's tomorrow around lunch time and then we can eat our pie. Yum!

Well, that's it for now. I'm going to see where hubby is. Good-night!