Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rabbi Yachov

This is my great friend Rabbi Yachov. He's a great mentor and is currently getting his degree in Theology. Okay, okay, so he's not a rabbi and his name isn't Yachov and I don't know if he's even getting a degree. But he does look like a rabbi and his name is Jacob and he is going to Bible school. He's also been a family friend for over 10 years. And I dedicate this blog to Jake (as he is commonly know as). Seeing as it is wonderful Wednesday, I'll post 13 great things about Jake.

1) He is the oldest in his family.
2) He is a computer whiz.
3) He loves Jesus.
4) He likes a good joke but is often serious.
5) Jake is an honest fellow and very curtious.
6) He helps his Mom around the house.
7) He worked at the community center last year.
8) Once, he raised a whole flock of chickens.
9) Math was his favorite subject when he was young.
10) He can drive a car. (Yikes!)
11) He used to take swimming lessons and can swim like a fish.
12) He never licked a sparkplug.
13) I am older than him... O.K. so that was about me, but he is younger!

There you have it. Thirteen things about Jacob.


Martha said...

Wonderful! Were you standing on the table when you took his picture? He must be nearly a foot taller than you!

Shelly said...

I have something in common with the Rabbi Yachov - I've never licked a spark plug either!! Must be an incredibly intelligent fellow.

Rachel said...

He is a very friendly guy, very nice to talk to!

Martha said...

Hey, and I've never thrown my mashed potatoes up against a wall!

Joe Fool said...

Did you know that his first name is actually Alfred? That's right, Alfred Jacob.