Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Appropriately Honored

Today is the two year anniversary of when my Grandpa walked through those Pearly Gates. Two years ago today he breathed his last laboring breath after a brief battle with lung cancer. I had intended to stop by the cemetery where his ashes were buried, but time ran out ahead of me and I failed to catch up with it. But as the evening progressed, and my commitments met, I realized that the way I ended up spending my evening would be much more honoring of my Grandpa and the way he lived his life.

Grandpa was almost constantly serving others in ministry. He spent countless week hours at nursing homes holding Bible studies and singing old hymns. During the last years of his life, he also began serving at the Open Door Mission, the local homeless shelter. He would sing in his usual style, with his banjo, harmonica or guitar, and preach the sermon before the men and women would be served their meals. Grandpa was passionate about telling others of Jesus' love and forgiveness, and the Open Door was a ministry he supported wholeheartedly. And this evening, exactly two years after he passed into Glory, that was where I spent my evening. The community group that I attend Bible study with, had arranged to help serve dinner at the mission, and we spent a couple hours there scooping hot meals onto plates. This was a much more appropriate way to honor my Grandfather, much better than a flower on a gravestone.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Day at the Aquarium

I had never been to an aquarium or seen real, live manta rays before. And I am 25 years old. These kids don't know how cool it really is to have access to such a cool place. When I was in Albuquerque, my cousin took me to the aquarium. My aunt and the little cousins came too, even though they had been there numerous times before. The big kids (including me and Auntie Kim) and the little kids oohed and aahed over the fish and seas creatures with the best of them. Beckett loved watching the rays. He's almost 2. I loved watching them too. (I even got to touch one! woo-hoot!)

My favorite part was probably the jelly fish room. Their eery glow filled the room, while their translucent bodies moved through the water. There was a distinct beauty to these creatures and yet I had to remind myself that these were actually dangerous animals. Still it was a cool thought to imagine swimming in a pool of jelly fish..... Definitely not very practical. I left the aquarium that day in awe of God's amazing creation. He has made so many marvelous things!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Colorado. I decided that I love that place. It is among the most beautiful places I have ever been. I also decided that next time I go there, I want to take my guys. There was just too much that I wanted to share with them, and they were not there to savor it with me. I am not sure if Adam would get as excited over the scenery as I did, but I wanted to share every mountain vista and picturesque peak with him. I thought of Josh during the entire gold mine tour, and when we were at the Bar D Ranch, all the little boys (and most big ones too) were dressed like cowboys and once again, I wished he was there with me. I imagined the fun we could have together as a family, exploring all that southwest Colorado has to offer, around the twisting curves and rising roads, and into the heart of history. Adventure breathes deep around every corner and beneath every tree. That is how it should be, deep in the mountains of Colorado.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Traveling Escapades

Did a little bit of traveling this past month. Got to hug some great people and eat wonderful food. Here's a tiny taste of the adventure.