Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spaghetti Boy

At home, Mommy spoon feeds Josh his meals. She likes him to stay nice and clean. But when Josh goes to Grandma's house for supper, he gets a big boy fork. He eats his spaghetti all by himself. And he likes it. He likes feeding himself a lot. Maybe Mommy should let Josh feed himself at home too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Fun Day

Josh and I did something fun today. The sin was shining and it was feeling nice-ish out, so out we went. Molly just had to come too. She would not be left home this time. We took our old loaf of crusty Italian bread and wandered down to the "sea-shore". Lake Ontario is not too far away from home and is a good spot to look for birds, pretty much any time of year. So, Josh holding the bread bag in one hand and mine in the other, and I, holding Josh's hand in one hand and a rope leading to Molly in the other, set out along the Bay side of our "sea-shore" looking for birds. I could hear the birds and I could see them. I saw one lonely swan. But they were all far away. The gulls had settled down on the remaining ice in the middle of the bay, which was far, far away. There was no tempting those birds with our bag of bread. Molly was disappointed when we turned to go back to the car. So was I really. I kinda felt dumb and like I must not have been thinking thoroughly to want to feed the birds in February. But as we were walking back across the parking lot, who drives by?? My Grandparents and Uncle Tim! I am never down that way and they didn't know I was going to be there, so God just put it together. I explained to them what we had been trying to do and how we hadn't found any birds. Seeing them was enough to make the trip seem worthwhile after all, but Grandma pointed up to the top of a light post. There on the top was a lone sea gull. And everyone knows, if one gull knows there is food, than every gull will know there is food. I throw bread. No reaction. I throw another piece. Still nothing. Grandpa and Grandma drive away. But before they are out of the parking lot, there are a dozen gulls flying in the air. I have thrown out handfuls, but still no gull is brave enough to come down. Oh Molly... The poor thing has to go back to the car. As soon as we start walking toward the car, the gulls swoop down and flocking over the bread. Since I had left home with a ample supply of crusty bread, we set up residence next to our car this time. I sit Josh on the passenger seat, so he can see all the birds and be out of the wind (which is cold in upstate NY in February). And as soon as the seagulls see that I have begun throwing bread again, without that dog around, they swarm on over, with more friends. They must've been hungry, or something. I tore off one piece at a time. More and more birds. I was enjoying myself and Josh was grinning ear to ear too. I'm not sure which part he liked most- watching the birds or getting to eat the soft inside of our crusty bread loaf.

(editors note: the picture was stolen from my mom's blog. i forgot my camera.)

Josh's Life Policy

Joshua's current life policy is to stuff it all into his mouth as fast as he can, so he can get some more.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Rollercoasters of Life

It was a long and arduous weekend, filled with agony and turmoil. I wrote that in retrospect of how I was feeling, but to be truthful, it certainly holds more true for many others who live near. I spent three days lying in bed writhing in pain, while others writhed in pain much deeper than mine. I cannot feel sorry for myself now, nor can I tell you all about "how bad my weekend was".

Feb 12th, 2009- Flight 3047 crashed into a home in the village of Clarence, NY. I've driven through Clarence often, on our way to see family in Buffalo. 49 or 50 people died.

Feb 14th, 2009- A man and his wife were murdered in Canandaigua, NY. The man was manager at a nursing home that my husband services (HVAC) and Adam's boss was good friends with him. I'm told their children were at home.

So, as soon as I wrote that first sentence, I realized that I could not tell a pitiful story about my woeful, sickly experience and how I weigh less now than I did at age 14. Now my heart aches with sadness for the loss of so many. I rest my head on Your shoulder, dear Lord.

But sadness is not all that happened this weekend. Bekah, the girl I work with at the daycare, had her baby yesterday. She and her husband had not found out what the baby was, but they thought it would be a boy. I though so too. But it really tickled my fancy to find out it was a girl!! She was born on Sunday at 1:30, and was named Rosalie Grace. Which I think is so pretty. :) And I think that news of a new baby should make anyone smile.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I think we are postponing Valentines day till tomorrow. I have been sick all day long. Maybe I will be better tomorrow. But Happy Valentines Day anyway, my love.

Friday, February 06, 2009

More Bath Photos

You gotta love bath pictures! They just capture the essence of childhood fascination. Okay, maybe not. But they sure are fun, right? And they reveal the true physique of ones' little (or not so little) body. I mean, look at the little guy! He's not covered with grotesque rolls or stretch marks from too many donuts or ho-hos. He's just short, stout and round-about. Yes, he does have a nice sized gut, but then so did my brother Joe, when he was not more than four. And look at Joe now. (See below picture if you cannot literally come to Upstate NY for a peek at him in person.) I mean, Joe is pretty much not fat. Or rather no fat. Maybe Josh will thin out just like his Uncle Joe did. Or maybe he'll be more like Uncle Andy...

Anyhow, regardless of which uncle he will more likely take the shape of, Josh is just about the perfect size to squeeze now. Chubby little legs, kissable earlobes, and little hands for holding. He'll grow up too fast as it is, I know he's "huge", but he's not really. I don't over feed him and he's not starving. (So stop accusing me already... :) But boy, oh boy, does he sure love his bath time! And his crackers... and cheeeese, and raisins, and Molly's leftover dog biscuit crumbs...

What A Guy! Or Was It... What A Cat?

This is what happens when your brother gets a hold of your camera while you are not at home. GOOF!!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sick Day

Two days off in a row! That's like, a record!! Okay, not really, but it feels like it.The only thing that would've made in better, was not being sick for day #1. But then I would not have day #2 off. The flu is no fun. At least there was no throwing up. Just body aches and severe tiredness, feeling like you were falling apart, fever, etc., etc. Josh was sick too. I've never seen the little guy turn down dinner. Or sleep through lunch for that matter. He did act pretty much fine until it was "supper" time. If you can call a grilled cheese sandwich supper, as that is all I could muster up the gusto to make. He didn't even want the half I offered to him, so I had to eat the whole thing. And then he fell asleep on the couch next to me. He NEVER has done that before. No squirming or wriggling to get down. And it was only 6ish. Thankfully we are both feeling so much better today. Next time Uncle Joe comes home feeling yucky, we're gonna make him sleep in the dog house, so we don't get sick! Oh, and in case you were wondering why Adam didn't make us supper, it was because he had class and wasn't going to home till later. And we don't really have a dog house.

Something neat I learned while looking for a grilled cheese photo: April is "National Grilled Cheese Month". Cool, eh?

Monday, February 02, 2009

Today Stuff

My body is sore and achy. I am *hopefully not* getting the flu. I should be wrapped up in my bed, but Adam isn't there yet, so there is no one to cuddle with and keep me warm.

Today was a glorious day (minus the sore, achy and tired part), as I just love it when the days start getting longer again. The sky was blue on my drive home and there were birds outside today. Even though they were black wrenish-type ones... I am not a bird watcher like my Grandparents, so therefore I do not know what kind of bird they really were. But they were there and there were several. So that made me happy. :) I like birds, even if Spring is still 2 1/2 months away. Birds make me feel like Spring. (Side note- I forget if you capitalize seasons... I think not, but do you?)

I haven't been taking as many photos of Josh lately, and I feel badly because of it. I should really get out of this slump and get back to it. Maybe tomorrow. I have the day off, so maybe in between cleaning the bathroom and mopping the floors, I'll take of few pictures and write a new post. So on that note, I'll be seeing you tomorrow.