Monday, February 16, 2009

Rollercoasters of Life

It was a long and arduous weekend, filled with agony and turmoil. I wrote that in retrospect of how I was feeling, but to be truthful, it certainly holds more true for many others who live near. I spent three days lying in bed writhing in pain, while others writhed in pain much deeper than mine. I cannot feel sorry for myself now, nor can I tell you all about "how bad my weekend was".

Feb 12th, 2009- Flight 3047 crashed into a home in the village of Clarence, NY. I've driven through Clarence often, on our way to see family in Buffalo. 49 or 50 people died.

Feb 14th, 2009- A man and his wife were murdered in Canandaigua, NY. The man was manager at a nursing home that my husband services (HVAC) and Adam's boss was good friends with him. I'm told their children were at home.

So, as soon as I wrote that first sentence, I realized that I could not tell a pitiful story about my woeful, sickly experience and how I weigh less now than I did at age 14. Now my heart aches with sadness for the loss of so many. I rest my head on Your shoulder, dear Lord.

But sadness is not all that happened this weekend. Bekah, the girl I work with at the daycare, had her baby yesterday. She and her husband had not found out what the baby was, but they thought it would be a boy. I though so too. But it really tickled my fancy to find out it was a girl!! She was born on Sunday at 1:30, and was named Rosalie Grace. Which I think is so pretty. :) And I think that news of a new baby should make anyone smile.


Martha said...

I couldn't bring myself to write about the two horrific events this past week. Nothing I said seemed meaningful, but you have done a wonderful job of putting things in perspective. My heart aches too.(The couple who were murdered went to Aunt Priscilla's church.)

I am glad to know you are feeling better. I think I need a quick diet like that but don't want the agony that goes along with it.

Congratulations to Mike and Bekah!

Rachel said...

I have to admit that these 2 stories put a little bit of a damper on the beginning of vacation. We drove right down the thruway not far from where the plane crashed, about 1 hour after it happened, never knowing it had happened until we reached Florida. The other story was equally disturbing. What a total senseless waste of life. I am praying for their children...very very sad.
I am glad you are finally feeling better. I can't believe you lost so much weight! You were already tiny.