Monday, January 30, 2012

A Bit of Painting

This past month, I have been a busy girl. I had some extra time off of work during January, and I took advantage of my slower schedule by redoing some rooms. We started with the bathroom. We painted, and painted, and hung a new mirror, chose a new decor and got excited about it. When the room was finished (with the exception of finding shelves to hang on the wall), I set to work with a little creativity of my own. I used Modge Podge and old magazines to cover four canvas pallets. Then, parking myself on the bathroom floor so I could see the trees on the shower curtain, I painted. I'm not very good at painting "free-style", but I think I do okay if I have something to copy. I was very pleased with the results and cannot wait to find a proper shelf so I can hang the remaining two pictures on the wall. I cannot help but smile...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hockey Hopes

There's my little hockey player. His Daddy signed him up for beginner hockey this year. Joshua is so proud of his uniform. You should see him beam when he tries on his pads for show and tell opportunities. Adam is helping coach the youngest group of skaters, and it is quite hilarious to watch father and son out on the ice. Josh kind of skates with a one-step and Adam is doing his best to encourage his confidence, since that is what is keeping Josh from skating faster. With time, I'm sure he'll get the hang of it and soon he'll be Mr. Speedy Skates! He'll have so much more fun once he isn't always last!

Training a Smartie Pants

This month, I've tried getting myself into the "school work" mindset. Josh is four and soon Kindergarten will be upon us. My plan is to homeschool and I would like to be prepared for the task that lies ahead. I've collected a few fun learning games and educational items that would stimulate our young genius' mind. (I use the term genius rather loosely.) Josh received a Rush Hour Jr. game for Christmas, as well as a Mini Luk book, the game of Quirkle, and our favorite new card game to play together, Swish. I love seeing his mind being stimulated by each of these "games", with the exception of Quirkle, which is still a bit too hard for him. I've also been trying to get him to put the alphabet in order with scrabble tiles. You can almost see the wheels turning in his head in the above photos. And yes, he has a little bit of trouble after he gets to "G", but there has been much improvement since I took these photos. Maybe, just maybe, a big maybe, he will be ready for Kindergarten next year. More like maybe I will be ready...