Thursday, April 27, 2006

Home at Last

Greetings and salutations! Well, here I am in NY, blogging from my parents computer. (Mine is still busted...) The wedding was beautiful! We were decorating the cake up until an hour or two before we left for the wedding. Gramma made roses all Friday evening to put around the base of each tier of the cake. She makes lovely frosting roses. I tried to make them too, but mine weren't nearly as lovely. But they were okay, seeing as it was my first try.
On Friday, Ann and Renee took me with them when they went to get their nails done. They even paid for me to get a manicure and a pedicure! It was SO self indulgent. Quite nice. And my nails looked good too!
Anyway... The weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding and Annie looked so pretty! They got married, we took pictures, we ate orduerves, they ate orduerves, they danced, we danced, they drank, we sipped punch, they ate the cake while we served the cake, they partied the night away, we tried to sleep before I had to leave at 6:00 in the morning... It was fun, but I did miss my honey. I was glad to be going home on Sunday. I had a great time, but home is where the heart is. So wonderful to see family I haven't seen in years, but I couldn't help but grin when I got off the plane in Syracuse and knew that my love was right around the corner. Hugs and a kiss. I missed him... when your gone you appreciate when your not gone a bit more... I think :)
Still busy this week. Didn't have much time to recover from my vacation... you know... when you need a vacation from the vacation? I went right back to work and have been working since. I'm looking forward to my weekend when I can think straight... Maybe by then I'll have my computer back from the fix-it shop and can blog from home. Pics coming.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Wedding Preparations

Greetings to all up north! Today is a brand new day. This is the day that we slave over roses and leaves and pretty decorating schemes. Gramanita is going to make the cake today and I shall attempt to help her. It may be doubtful at how helpful I will be, but I might be a quick learner and actually be of some sort of assistance. I hope...
Last night Ann, Gramma and Auntie Lori went out to Tony Roma's for dinner. Boy, they sure have tasty ribs. After we finished eating we sat in the booths for a little while with our camera snapping silly pictures of each other and ourselves. We are a little too silly sometimes... Afterwards I went home with Annie and helped her sew beads onto her veil. You see, her aunt made her veil for her, but had hot glued all the beads on. So when Ann tried it on, all the beads started popping off. She figured she would try to sew them on herself and the more that were sewed on, the less would end up falling off. The problem is, is that it is very tedious work and very time consuming. Every time you sew on a couple beads, the next couple fall off. So we did that f or a few hours. I didn't get very far, but every little bit helps. Then she took me back to Auntie Lori's house so I could actually sleep in a bed instead of on the floor or couch or wherever.
So today we have a nice project before us, that which should be started relatively soon. And Auntie Kim will soon be here from Albuquerque with Mandy and Abbey (my cousins). Auntie Lori is working today and Ann is running here and there getting her nails done and her hair colored (the typical bride- much to do the day before you get married). So I'll be off to help Grandmother do the cake... or at least try. Hope everyone is well and not having too much fun without me... Hugs and kisses to all!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Still in Texas

Hullo there! There is not much to do at the moment, so I blog. Hey, my internet at home isn't working at the moment, so I might as well enjoy the ability to blog while I can! Auntie Lori isn't home right now and Gramanita is watching television, so that leaves a little time to write.
Last night I made a flower arrangement with some faux flowers that Auntie Lori had. She had bought them for Annie's wedding and told me that if I got bored I could arrange them. So I set about to use my "creative" skills and poked red and white roses and other greenery into a vase. Maybe I'll add a picture to this blog later so you can see how it turned out. Actually, I am quite pleased with the result and I think I did a fine job. I'll have to look at it again later to see if I still think so :) I also baked two cakes for the wedding cake last night. One 14 inch cake and another six inch cake. I needed three cake mixes to fill both pans and I made all three at once in the Kitchen Aid. I was so afraid it would spill out everywhere and make a mess. Uncle Dave would've really wondered what was wrong with me if that happened. No one else was home but him and I'm sure he would've thought I was crazy! But it all worked fine and no big mess was made. Both cakes turned out lovely... even Auntie Lori said so.
I'm not sure what we're going to do today. Tomorrow we will decorate the cake and sometime in the next two days Auntie Kim is coming with two or three of my cousins. Hopefully Tori will have decided that she should come. They all live in Albuquerque, NM and are driving down soon. I would love to see all of them! I haven't seen Auntie Kim since our family reunion in Dec. 2002. This is going to be so much fun! Mom, I wish you were here too... maybe next time.
I love you all and will blog again in the near future. Hey I remembered that I don't have my camera/computer cords so I'll have to wait to put pictures on till I get home. Also Texas is not on Rocky Mtn. Time... it's central time. Duh! (See yesterday's blog) And guess what! Adam called me last night and he said he missed me. And I didn't even have to say it first! It was so nice...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Hello ya'll! Well, here I am in Texas. I know it's been a while since I've blogged and you might've forgotten that I was going to Texas, but I did. My cousin Ann is getting married on Saturday and it's a big festive occasion. I flew out of NY yesterday afternoon and finally made it to Dallas at almost 11:00pm Rocky Mtn. time. I spent almost three whole hours in O'hare because I had a very nice layover there. I bought a $7 sandwich (which really wasn't worth that... tip#1 for all you travelers out there- bring your own food!) for dinner, wandered around a little bit, sat on my butt for a while, read the Chicago paper, watched people and read two Psalms. Oh, and I chatted on the phone for a few minutes (hopefully with no roaming charge). I could tell when I was sitting in the right gate (waiting to board) because of all the cowboys around. Big, strong, muscular types with cowboy boots and cowboy hats. You know... the typical Texan. OK, not all of them looked like that, but there were quite a few! I ended up sitting next to a highschool girl and her uncle. The girl was from Arlin, NY and she was going to visit her aunt and uncle (who was traveling with her) in Texas. They were quite amusing at times, but I tried going to sleep instead of paying much attention to them. Airplane seats aren't very comfy (... tip #2- bring a pillow or something to lean on and not the strangers shoulder next to you... which, by the way, I did NOT do) so I couldn't really sleep. Maybe for 10 seconds, but the captains voice on the loud speaker woke me up. Not too much fun. I was very glad to finally land in Dallas and also glad to find that my luggage had also made it to Dallas (one of my biggest fears besides crashing). Gramanita and Auntie Lori were waiting patiently for me at gate B29 and waved ferociously when they saw me get off the plane. Gramma, of course, took pictures.
This afternoon Auntie Lori baked cakes (preparation for Gramma decorating) while Ann and I went to the cake store, Kohl's, Target, Sam Moon (a purse, jewelry, scarf store) and her house. We tried on a few things at Kohl's but didn't buy too much. She has a nice roomy house which still smells new. It almost is like stucco style inside with arched doorways and stucco-looking walls. It is a pretty house. We had a good afternoon together.
Well, now I am to be on my way. Jonathan and I are going to walk down the road to Sonic and get some food for dinner, as we are the only ones home right now (Jonathan is my cousin) and we are getting hungry. Auntie Lori and Gramma have gone to visit a friend. So long for now and no pictures yet... don't worry, I'll get out my camera soon.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Dirty Sneakers (Sounds Like Ice Cream)

Tonight I wash my dirty sneakers. This has to happen because I went for a hike today (in the rain) with a couple of the kids I watch. Noami and Joe led the way through the woods. There were nice trails, but one time they tried to lead us off into the thicket. I told them to go back to the trails, partly because I didn't think we needed to go wandering off to where I wouldn't know where we were and because Katherine (who is four) was having a hard time keeping up with the other kids. We tromped through muddy cornfields, over streams, up hills and in ditches. It was kinda fun but didn't take as long as I thought it would. But, my goodness! Were we messy when we got back to the house. Noami had mud on her pants up to her knees and Rebekah's skirt was rimmed with wetness as were her boots. I did let their wet and dirty things soak in the washer for a while this afternoon. It was fun going on a hike. I haven't done that in a while. It reminded me of being a kid. I would've felt like one except I kept on having to tell those bigger kids to wait for Katherine and I. Katherine needed a little help. I had a good day, I think. Now I look forward to my day off tomorrow. I shall have to make good use of that day. Grocery shopping and going to the mall to find something to wear to my cousins wedding in two weeks. Agh! It's less than two weeks till I go to Texas all by myself! Yikes!!! I'm so excited.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Jim Shoes

Greetings! For some reason there are lines under my words. I'm not sure why. I don't see an underline button... Wierdness. Today I waitressed and made lots of money (yeah!). My feet hurt so bad after work because my shoes are worn out. I think I need to go get new ones after church tomorrow so I won't have to wear my old ones on Monday. I've attempted to get new work shoes several times in the past couple months without success, but I think I know what kind of shoes that I would like now. I'd like the black sambas by adidas. They're the ones with the white stripes on the side. I think that I could get away with wearing them with my black dress pants and they're comfy too. We'll see. Anyway enough boring stuff. I think I'll write thirteen things about Jim.

1) Jim is my oldest brother.
2) He is an artist and he tries to dress like one.
3) He is watching the basketball game at my house right now.
4) He designed a logo for Kodak once. (I'm his proud little sister.)
5) Jim lives at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
6) When he grows up, he wants to be on talk radio like Bob Lonsberry.
7) Pumpkin pie is one of his favorites.
8) Once he pushed Dave through the back door (or was that the other way around?)
9) Jim was one of the cool kids at Pensacola Christian College.
10) He got sunburned feet at the beach one day.
11) He is one of my favorite brothers. I have five favorite brothers in all.
12) Jim plays piano and guitar when not designing new logos for Kodak.
13) He's 24 years old and wants a puppy for his brithday.

That is the end of thirteen things about Jim. More to come at a further date.