Saturday, April 01, 2006

Jim Shoes

Greetings! For some reason there are lines under my words. I'm not sure why. I don't see an underline button... Wierdness. Today I waitressed and made lots of money (yeah!). My feet hurt so bad after work because my shoes are worn out. I think I need to go get new ones after church tomorrow so I won't have to wear my old ones on Monday. I've attempted to get new work shoes several times in the past couple months without success, but I think I know what kind of shoes that I would like now. I'd like the black sambas by adidas. They're the ones with the white stripes on the side. I think that I could get away with wearing them with my black dress pants and they're comfy too. We'll see. Anyway enough boring stuff. I think I'll write thirteen things about Jim.

1) Jim is my oldest brother.
2) He is an artist and he tries to dress like one.
3) He is watching the basketball game at my house right now.
4) He designed a logo for Kodak once. (I'm his proud little sister.)
5) Jim lives at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
6) When he grows up, he wants to be on talk radio like Bob Lonsberry.
7) Pumpkin pie is one of his favorites.
8) Once he pushed Dave through the back door (or was that the other way around?)
9) Jim was one of the cool kids at Pensacola Christian College.
10) He got sunburned feet at the beach one day.
11) He is one of my favorite brothers. I have five favorite brothers in all.
12) Jim plays piano and guitar when not designing new logos for Kodak.
13) He's 24 years old and wants a puppy for his brithday.

That is the end of thirteen things about Jim. More to come at a further date.


Rachel said...

A puppy? What kind?

Jim the 3rd said...

I was one of the cool kids? I try to dress like an artist? Who's Jim Shoes?

Rachel said...

He also draws really cool Nascar crashes for his cousin, Mikey. He takes Mike's begging very well.

Bethany said...

He wants a great dane to keep him company when Grandma and Grandpa go out for the evening.

Rachel said...

Grandma and Grandpa are real party animals, huh?

Bethany said...

Yeah, real crazy...