Thursday, April 20, 2006

Still in Texas

Hullo there! There is not much to do at the moment, so I blog. Hey, my internet at home isn't working at the moment, so I might as well enjoy the ability to blog while I can! Auntie Lori isn't home right now and Gramanita is watching television, so that leaves a little time to write.
Last night I made a flower arrangement with some faux flowers that Auntie Lori had. She had bought them for Annie's wedding and told me that if I got bored I could arrange them. So I set about to use my "creative" skills and poked red and white roses and other greenery into a vase. Maybe I'll add a picture to this blog later so you can see how it turned out. Actually, I am quite pleased with the result and I think I did a fine job. I'll have to look at it again later to see if I still think so :) I also baked two cakes for the wedding cake last night. One 14 inch cake and another six inch cake. I needed three cake mixes to fill both pans and I made all three at once in the Kitchen Aid. I was so afraid it would spill out everywhere and make a mess. Uncle Dave would've really wondered what was wrong with me if that happened. No one else was home but him and I'm sure he would've thought I was crazy! But it all worked fine and no big mess was made. Both cakes turned out lovely... even Auntie Lori said so.
I'm not sure what we're going to do today. Tomorrow we will decorate the cake and sometime in the next two days Auntie Kim is coming with two or three of my cousins. Hopefully Tori will have decided that she should come. They all live in Albuquerque, NM and are driving down soon. I would love to see all of them! I haven't seen Auntie Kim since our family reunion in Dec. 2002. This is going to be so much fun! Mom, I wish you were here too... maybe next time.
I love you all and will blog again in the near future. Hey I remembered that I don't have my camera/computer cords so I'll have to wait to put pictures on till I get home. Also Texas is not on Rocky Mtn. Time... it's central time. Duh! (See yesterday's blog) And guess what! Adam called me last night and he said he missed me. And I didn't even have to say it first! It was so nice...


Martha said...

I wish so much that I could have come too :(

I talked to Auntie Kim today before she left. You'll have to do with Mandy and Abby but no Tori. That's too bad, huh? Well, at least you get to be there!

Bethany said...

Well, I guess Tori's knee-deep in school and cannot tear herself away- even if it is to see a cousin she hasn't seen in three and a half years. Oh well... it can't be helped.

Carl said...

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