Friday, June 29, 2007

Something Different

So I took a trip to the hospital today. My plan had been to finish painting the hallway and well, that didn't happen. I discovered that I had discolored urine and called my dr's office. The office was closed, but I opted to push the number for emergency calls. They transfered me to the Dr. on duty who couldn't diagnose me over the phone. I thought maybe it was just pinkish-reddish because I ate cherries yesterday. But the Dr. said he thought I should go to the triage at the hospital to have a urine sample taken to make sure everything was okay. So I drove up there and made myself look really stupid trying to find a place to park. I had to turn around at least four times before I finally pulled into the parking garage because all the free spots were taken. Anyway, after finally making it to the triage unit on the third floor, I gave a sample (woo-hoot... pee in a cup). They had me sit in a bed while they took it away. The nurse listened to my tummy with a thingy which wasn't working and then she listened with the dopplar which was working. Ah, there was that little heartbeat. (Hi baby!) Then they left me to pick at my nails for a while because I had nothing else to do. The Dr. finally came and asked me questions about burning, pain, tingling and things like that which I didn't have. All I've had was a bit of cramping once in a while, but that's been rather regular right along. She said that there was blood in my urine but, after checking me out, they still didn't know what it was from. So the sample was taken to the lab to be tested for who knows what since I didn't have an infection (no white blood cells). The results should be known in about three days. In the mean time I feel fine, but still don't know why there's that bit of blood. When I go back to my Dr in a week and a half, they'll let me know what the results were, unless they call sooner. I'm not worried as I think it's really nothing to be concerned about. Just something different for a Friday afternoon.

Five Creatures to Keep Up With

We are dog-sitting again this weekend. I wonder how things will go at my house with a husband, a cat, a puppy, a dog and a big belly to deal with. Sounds like fun! (And lots of work.)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our New Baby

On Monday evening we welcomed a new baby into our family. It was kind of unexpected, I admit. But wonderful just the same. I know most of you disapproved, but Adam doesn't read my blog.
She's eleven (almost twelve) weeks old and she's pretty sweet. Her name is Molly, but I call her Baby. She is an American Staffordshire, like Roxy (our friends dog: see previous post from early June). Baby is a good girl and doesn't pee in the house while I go to work. We close her in the bathroom when we're not home and I am so pleased that she knows bathrooms are not for dogs to go potty in. Adam takes her out at night, if she needs to go... but she hasn't had to last night or the night before. I like her.

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Baby Belly

My baby is growing and so is my belly. This photo was taken by myself late on Saturday night. At the time, I felt huge! I guess I don't look so huge in the picture, but my belly was sure hurting! (Notice the nice green paint on the wall in the background.)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Random Late Night Thoughts

I made a mistake tonight by falling asleep right after supper (7:00) and now, at 11:00, I cannot sleep. Good time to blog.

Last Friday I felt the baby kick. I was sitting on the couch eating popcorn and it was just before 10:30. There was no doubt this time and I felt that little kick three times in a row. Adam was next to me and I took his hand and pressed it against the spot where I had felt the movement. A few seconds later, the baby kicked again. This time pretty hard. Adam jerked his hand away and his eyes got real big. He was like, "That was so weird!!! I've never felt that before!" I burst out laughing because his reaction was so great. He said it made it more real. It makes it even more real for me too. Now I've been feeling the baby moving around alot all this week. Especially when I'm at work running aroung during lunch hour. Baby must like it when I'm real active. I must admit, my tummy is growing and I'm not very good at taking belly photos. Suppose I should take at least a few while I'm pregnant. That's a good job for tomorrow. And I think my weight is staying pretty consistant this week... although it's hard to tell with my scale.

Know what sounds really good? Watermelon... I never used to like watermelon. Not until May anyways. Now I want it all the time. Too bad watermelon is so expensive. And the store is closed.

We're painting our dining room this week. It's turned out to be quite the project and the dining room looks like it will never be the same. Well, it won't, because when we're done it'll be a different color. But it's so cluttered with supplies and stuff. It is now driving me crazy. Maybe tomorrow will be a good day to clean it up a bit. Suppose I could take some pictures of our progress while I have my camera out tomorrow?

My mind is too full... It jumps from thought to thought like crazy. Now I'm on to weeding my garden. It rained a lot the past two days and everything looks alot greener. Especially the weeds in my vegetable garden. They should be pulled out... After I go strawberry picking in the morning. Hey Mom, want to come? I'll call you in the morning.

Ach. When will my brain go back to sleep?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Pregnant Story

So this is my pregnant story for the day:

This morning, bright and early, I was to have an ultrasound done. I was supposed to drink 16 oz of water before going in, which isn't really all that much. Except when you get confused and think that one bottle of water is 9 oz and therefore you should drink two bottles. Yikes! Then you really have to pee. So you go in with your hubby and your eyes are just brimming, cause you really have to go. No one is really aware of the pain you are in, because they all assumed that you drank just 16 oz. I lay down and the ultrasound began and there was our little baby with it's little toes and fingers and even a nose. So cool. And then there is my bladder. "Oh my goodness! Your bladder is really full! You must really need to go..." "I thought I was supposed to drink 16 oz before coming!?!" "Honey, 16 oz is two cups." "Ohhh!" "Quick, get up and go to the bathroom." "Thank you!!!" Yeah, that was embarrassing. What 21 year old thinks that 16 oz is really double that? Um, DORK! Anyway, when I got back, baby had turned upside down so we couldn't see the face anymore. The spine was neat and so was the brain, but not quite as beautiful as the face would've been. So we didn't get any good pictures. But the technician couldn't get a good look at all the parts of the heart, so we get to go back in four weeks for another look. This time with less peeing involved and hopefully a more co-operative baby. What was cute was Adam poking my belly... "Move baby, move!"

Second edition to my story is my Dr.'s appointment. My weight this week is 134. Five weeks ago it was 124. Uh-oh, too much. I don't feel fat and I had no idea that I had gained ten pounds over the past five weeks! When did this happen and where have I put it? Well, the Dr said that this was too much to gain in five weeks, even though it only brought the total weight gain up to 11 pounds. "You must be doing something wrong," she said, "Eating too late, too many desserts or too many carbs." (Thanks for the pie Mom!) So I leave the office feeling like poop because I'm fat. Worse yet is, after another visit to the potty before I leave, I catch a glimpse of my face in the mirror. Hmm, it does look kinda chubby and my pants are really squeezing me today... I must really be getting fat! Isn't that how the brain works? Forget about seeing the baby on the ultrasound and become overwhelmed feeling fat! How very silly, but none-the-less, this is how it went.

Well, I had to return some goods to Eckerds on the way to work after the appointment and
I was feeling pretty low. Leta (my sister in-law) works at Eckerds and since her car was there I looked for her. She comes around the corner and I ask, "Leta, am I fat?" She says, "Yeah, you are fat..." And she pats my tummy. "That's what the Dr said. I gained ten pounds in the last five weeks." "Oh!" She says. "Your face isn't fat and neither are your arms!" I don't remember exactly how it went, but I was an emotional pregnant woman, and pretty soon there were tears brimming in my eyes. And there they went, onto my cheeks. And I couldn't believe I was crying in Eckerds. But Leta didn't care and she did her best to reassure me and even called out, "I love you!" when I was walking out the door. After spilling some tears, I felt much better and was even ready to go into work. If I hadn't spilled some tears in Eckerds, I would've felt like it at work and that would've been most embarrassing. Oh, what a girl I am. And what a blonde. A pregnant blonde at that.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Growing Up

This past weekend Adam and I drove down to Binghamton to celebrate the wedding of a friend of mine. Stephanie and I met at Bible camp when we were ten years old and became good friends through writing letters after that. Since she lived a bit away from me, we didn't get too many opportunities to visit each other, but we did when we could. I think it helped that my brother Joe and her twin brothers, Tom and Steve, were good friends too. I still can hardly believe that she got married yesterday. Stephanie has always talked about getting married and has been one of her dreams. It's just weird watching my friends walk down the isle. Maybe not weird, but it's sinking in that we're all grown up now... and that's the weird part. Weren't we just playing dress-up, giggling after dark, licking the last of the cookie dough from the bowl, dreaming about "true loves", and being silly like girls are? Now it's time to be big girls and take care of our own homes and our husbands and even little children. No more playing dolls for fun... except when there is another little girl to play with. I suppose this new phase of life we find ourselves in can be just as exciting or adventurous as it was in that first young phase. I just find it hard to believe that I'm not a kid anymore and neither are any of my friends.

Anyway, I started out this post meaning to say what a beautiful wedding it was and how pretty Stephanie looked. Guess sometimes I can go off on a tangent. It truely was lovely and may God bless Stephanie and her new husband, Stephen.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cure Me!

This week we are dog-sitting for some friends on vacation. Roxy is an American Staffordshire and she is so pretty. It took Louis a while to get used to her, but I think that's just because he's a cat and a cat that doesn't usually care for house guests at that. I'm having lots of fun having a dog this week and the temptation to get one for myself is pretty great. Especially when we are being spoiled with such a nice, house trained, gentle one like Rox. I need to be reminded that puppies need to be trained, have to go potty at night time, pee on the floor, get under foot, and are awfully cute and cuddly. Adam needs reminding too, because he's more apt to go and do something rash, like getting a puppy, than I am. Although I'm the one who looks in the pet section of the D and C. Can a puppy and a baby and a cat mix?