Thursday, June 21, 2007

Random Late Night Thoughts

I made a mistake tonight by falling asleep right after supper (7:00) and now, at 11:00, I cannot sleep. Good time to blog.

Last Friday I felt the baby kick. I was sitting on the couch eating popcorn and it was just before 10:30. There was no doubt this time and I felt that little kick three times in a row. Adam was next to me and I took his hand and pressed it against the spot where I had felt the movement. A few seconds later, the baby kicked again. This time pretty hard. Adam jerked his hand away and his eyes got real big. He was like, "That was so weird!!! I've never felt that before!" I burst out laughing because his reaction was so great. He said it made it more real. It makes it even more real for me too. Now I've been feeling the baby moving around alot all this week. Especially when I'm at work running aroung during lunch hour. Baby must like it when I'm real active. I must admit, my tummy is growing and I'm not very good at taking belly photos. Suppose I should take at least a few while I'm pregnant. That's a good job for tomorrow. And I think my weight is staying pretty consistant this week... although it's hard to tell with my scale.

Know what sounds really good? Watermelon... I never used to like watermelon. Not until May anyways. Now I want it all the time. Too bad watermelon is so expensive. And the store is closed.

We're painting our dining room this week. It's turned out to be quite the project and the dining room looks like it will never be the same. Well, it won't, because when we're done it'll be a different color. But it's so cluttered with supplies and stuff. It is now driving me crazy. Maybe tomorrow will be a good day to clean it up a bit. Suppose I could take some pictures of our progress while I have my camera out tomorrow?

My mind is too full... It jumps from thought to thought like crazy. Now I'm on to weeding my garden. It rained a lot the past two days and everything looks alot greener. Especially the weeds in my vegetable garden. They should be pulled out... After I go strawberry picking in the morning. Hey Mom, want to come? I'll call you in the morning.

Ach. When will my brain go back to sleep?


mom said...

Sorry, Baby Doll. I have four small children this morning. I don't think I'll be able to go strawberry picking.

Rachel said...

Get some belly pictures so you don't regret not having any years from now when your babies are big. I don't have too many, but I do have a video of me asking 14 month old Steven where the baby is. He walks over to me and lifts my shirt a little and pats my HUGE bare belly. I'm glad I have the video!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

How sweet that the baby is kicking. Maybe saying more popcorn please? LOL! Love hubbies reaction!

heather said...

That is so exciting, Bethany! I am still in shock that you are going to be a MOTHER!!! Wow!

gmj said...

Oh, how I feel for your night owl syndrome! Happens to me but not for the same reason. Brain turn off switch malfunctions. So excited for you and Adam, that first kick is the best!!