Saturday, August 12, 2006

MISSING: Small Black Cat

Okay, so he's not really missing. He actually is quite found. Anyway, this morning I woke up to the cry of "Mero-o-o-ow," Mero-o-o-ow." It sounded far away. I sat up in bed and said to Adam, "Where's Louis? I think he's crying." The time was just after 7 o'clock. I hopped out of bed and began to think. I hadn't seen Louis when I got home late last night. While Adam checked out in the living room and around the house I went to the basement. "Louis, Louis." I looked up in the rafters in the basement, but I didn't see him. I opened the basement door (which led to outside... there are two doors there: a big heavy one which locks and another wooden slat door which flaps in the wind 'cause I can never get it closed) and peeked through. There was Louis looking a little lost and moist from spending all night outside. He was peeking into the basement from behind the "flapping in the wind door." "Oh, Louis. There you are." He must've slipped out yesterday morning when I left to go with my Mom to Fort Erie. Good thing he didn't wander away too far. Busy roads, weird neighbors, big bugs and wild animals. You never know what might carry a small cat off into the abyss of the unknown. He ought to stick around home for a while, where it's safe.


Martha said...

I'm glad he didn't really get lost. That would be too sad.

Bethany said...

Yeah, he's been trying to get out more often lately. I think the adventurous side of him is calling.

yyrkxpji... man, these things are getting too long!