Saturday, August 19, 2006

My Past (hiccup) Week Load

Well, I'm sure no one wants to hear boring relations of my past week. But, TOO BAD!

Last Saturday I went to the mall with Mom and Hannah. We bought some clothes. That evening Adam and I went to the Olive Garden for Jim's "un-birthday." We had the waitresses sing Jim happy birthday, which was really great and made us laugh.

On Sunday, after church in the morning, Adam and I went to the Erie County Fair. I really enjoyed the time spent with Bob and Joann. We saw lots of fat pigs, a few pretty horses, fuzzy bunnies, big boats and old fire engines, wood carvings, craft exhibits, a parade, a model home, a home made inside of a Giant Redwood tree, a really tall swing, dancing Indians, old fashioned candy, a Polish exhibit (where the guy was really paranoid that I was going to break one of the stackable dolls he had for sale) and lots and lots of people. All in all in was a very nice day. And we had ice cream.

Monday I went back to work after two weeks off. I also found out that a girl I work with, Peg, who was vacationing in Europe (during the time that the restaurant was closed), was on one of the planes that the terrorists were going to blow up two Thursdays ago. She came back to work with all kinds of stories about that day. Praise the Lord that the authorities caught the terrorists before anything could happen.

Tuesday was also a normal work day, with the exception of Peggy telling all the customers of her over sea adventures. When you work at a restaurant, of course everyone is going to want to hear the story.
In the evening, we went to my parents house for dinner and then to Dave's house for Bible study. The time spent with my family studying God's Word is always a blessing.

I did something different on Wednesday and went teaching. I like to spend time with the kids that I teach, only lately I've just been going on Fridays. So this week I got to go twice. Coe, who is the oldest, is planning a special evening for his parents anniversary next week. I'm kinda like his cohort, because I'm aiding and abetting his plans. It's fun. Teaching is going very well, although I might be done soon. The girl who is going to teach over the next school year is coming back into town soon, so I might have to say good-bye in the next couple of weeks. But, I think, I will still visit once in a while. :)
I managed to make in home Wednesday evening, in time to make homemade pizza for dinner. Yum.

Thursday was more work. It was very slow this week at work. Hopefully it is just because it was the first week reopened and people thought we were still closed. I hope it's not cause they are mad at us for changing our hours from 6-8 to 6-3. Some people aren't very pleased, but I don't see why that should affect our lunch crowd. Next week will be busier.

Friday was more teaching. We must finish our books before the end of the summer! This time I brought some more books from the library. Only these ones were about frogs and bees. Requests of Joe and Noami. They all love library books. I even brought a story book called "The Red Balloon". I had to read that one twice, once on Wednesday and again on Friday. Rebecca and Katherine liked that one a lot. My siblings and I used to watch a movie when we were little called "The Red Balloon" and the book was based on that movie.
Friday evening, my parents came over for dinner. We had thought about going out for dinner, but I have had a hankering for staying home this week (could you see why with last weeks schedule?), so we had bbq chicken and corn on the cob. Yum. And Mom brought fresh veggies from the garden. (Actually I ate a cucumber not too long ago and am suffering from hiccups ever since!) We had a very nice visit and some good fellowship. We ended the evening with a trip to Brusters for ice cream.

Today I woke up late. Which was frustrating, but I think worked out best in the long run. See I had made plans to go visit Elisabeth and Carissa out in Wolcott (actually at the beach, but it was raining so we changed plans), but I had to vacuum the hallways at church before that. I raced about looking for clothes, hopped in the shower and ran off to the church. The only other people there had just finished their jobs, so that left me, alone, at the church. I expected to see my Mom, because she always cleans the Sunday School rooms, but she must've already come and gone. So I vacuumed away by myself. (These hiccups have me going mad!!!) By the time I was finished it was 11:20, so I hopped in the car, stepping in a huge puddle on the way and soaking my feet. I stopped at The CK on the way to get a breakfast croissant. I was hungry, afterall I didn't eat breakfast in the morning. Carissa called me while I was there saying she had to go to Pennyan with her Mom, so we shouldn't come over. So I ended up just hanging out with Elisabeth. Which was fine with both of us. Afterall, we have been friends since we were 10 and sometimes it's nice just the two of us. So Liz and I had to think of something to do. We ended up going to the outlet mall to go clearance shopping. Elisabeth came home with nothing and I came back with a baby outfit for a girl at church and a black shirt for work. I did try on some really cute sailor pants (which fit great) at Banana Republic, but I had gone shopping last week already, and who wants to spend $33.00 on pants? It was fun anyway and we got some good excerise. After that, we stopped at a little family restaurant for a BLT and some coffee. Then I did a little aiding and abetting for dear little Coe, dropped off Liz at home and went home myself. Adam had Jim over for steak and a little TV and that is where you will find us right now. Isn't that nice?

Anyone know where I can find a book of Sudoku puzzles? I really enjoy doing those. I finished one yesterday for the first time. I had brought the Living section of the paper home from work on Thursday, just so I could do the puzzle.


Rachel said...

You can get a book of sudoku puzzles from Wegmans. They're so fun, aren't they? You can also do them online, but only if your husband doesn't think you spend enough time on the computer.

Priscilla said...
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Priscilla said...

try this

Martha said...

Dinner was wonderful! I love Chivetta's chicken marinade... and corn on the cob... and garlic potatoes... and veggies... and ice cream too!

Jim the 3rd said...

Sometimes on rare occassions, hiccups can last for many years.

Bethany said...

Don't worry Jim. I did get rid of them. Even though they were still with me when I went to bed. A spoonful of peanut butter didn't help that time! Usually it does. Now, I'm not so sure about the "ultimate hiccup cure."

gramanita said...

I just love to read these blogs...and the comments...yours Bethany wonderful just wonderful...for being so far away just to read what you are doing and I can almost see a wonderful book...You and Adam...laughing at the cat and the dinner for the family...(I can't wait to have one of your wonderful dinners one day)reading some of Jimmy's aka Jim's wonderful encouragements..cough cough...he is sooo funny...your escapades through the week...and assisting a person with the planning of a party for his folks...the unbirthday party...hmmm...don't I just love unbirthday parties...they are the bestest...reading about work...well...its a great thing y'all got going here...and I sure hope it continues...its a great way to write a book...also...for our children...and the ones that are tooo busy to keep up...this is good...Love y' to Rachel and Priscilla also..great to see their comments...I am truly honoured to be part of all this