Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Helping Daddy

My Aunt and Uncle recently gave us a bicycle seat for Josh and this past weekend Josh and Adam set about attaching the seat to the bike. It was hard work, work which Josh took very seriously. Josh made sure his Daddy had all the nuts and bolts in properly and even helped him lose two important screws. Not to fear, Daddy found them. Josh was so pleased to be helping his Dad with the big tools. (Notice how he dressed very appropriately that morning, wearing his "Daddy's Big Helper" shirt.) Once the seat was securely in place, the boys took off with a shot. Daddy rode so fast that Mommy was unable to capture a photo of the finished product. But let's just say, that being Daddy's big helper paid off real well for Josh.


Martha said...

I love your Josh posts! And I love how he likes to help with Big Boy projects. How did he like his bike ride?

Priscilla said...

Hurray! I'm so glad you are putting it to good use! How'd he like it? Post a picture soon!

Jessica Morris said...

awww! that is sweet :)
How does he like the bike?
We have yet to do that with our boys, but have thought about it!!