Monday, June 22, 2009

The Lovely World of Tupperware (With a Priority Check)

Last month I found myself with a fetish. A fetish for plastics. Yes, it was a fetish for Tupperware. I had ordered some. I had booked a party. And now I was collecting orders. And yes, it was amazingly fun. I was having a book party, so I diligently carried the catalogue everywhere I went and asked nearly everyone if they would like to look at it. I didn't pressure. I didn't whine or look exceedingly hopeful. Some ordered, some did not. But, for some reason, Tupperware was the thing. They liked it. They wanted it. My party went well. It was fun. I am tempted to have another. Please, don't tempt me! I am sure my family would think I am insane if I ever mentioned that I had passing thoughts about selling it myself. Not now of course... But when I really retire and become a SAHM. I don't know... It was pretty addicting. Especially since I was able to get these lovely storage containers for *free*. My cupboards have always been cluttered with bags and boxes, so I am very excited to have these fine additions to my kitchen.

If only I was so diligent about sharing the love of my Savior as I was about sharing my Tupperware party. Finding myself so wrapped up in this, only reveals to me how messed up my priorities are. My 1st goal in life is to serve my Lord and Savior and bring glory to His name, not to sell Tupperware. Shame on me.

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