Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Feeling Blessed

I was feeling very blessed this morning. The warm sunshine came down and hit my skin as I sat out on our deck. The sky was blue and the cicadas and tree frogs could be heard buzzing and chirpping in the trees. Soon it will be cold... Too cold to enjoy mornings out on the deck. But for today, my day off, I had a chance to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. Just me, my Bible and, on occasion, Molly, who would come running and jump up onto the deck to see what I was up to. It's so quiet in my neighborhood on school days and I was just so enjoying the time to relax with my Bible. I don't often get to just relax, but on occasion somehow make time. Usually I rush through Bible reading and then I'm off to work or house work. I need to take more time out for Jesus... Cause He takes lots of time off to take care of me.


Martha said...

Amen. Now I need to take a break with my Bible too.

Rachel said...

What a nice way to start your day!

Heather said...

True words, Bethany. Great thought. I need that, too.