Monday, September 17, 2007

A Glimpse

A glimpse into the life of Bethany:

My tummy hurts. The baby keeps stretching it and making it all lumpy.

My dog has had diarrhea since Friday. I don't know how to help her get rid of it.

My cat pees all over the basement and makes the whole house smell like cat pee. Gross.

My husband is working late tonight, so I ate supper by myself.

My brother ran out of gas today. Good thing I lived right around the corner, so I could rescue him.

My husband bought pre-season game tickets for the Sabres on Friday, but I'm supposed to work.

Braxton Hicks make me have to pee.

I finished painting in my living room on Friday. Looks really great.

I'm quite tired from working today.

My pelvic bones are hurting and being on my feet all day doesn't help.

I pulled all the plants (besides the weeds) out of my vegetable garden. They had all stopped producing, besides the beans. But I have plenty of beans in my fridge already. Now I'm ready to fertilize for next year and have it tilled in.

The baby's room in pretty much all set to go, so now I can have the baby and not worry about the stuff.

But I still have six weeks till my due date.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed the glimpse!


Martha said...

Baby will soon be here and your tummy will no longer be lumpy.

Maybe you need to put your dog on a fast for a day or two. Give her just water.

I never noticed your house smelling like cat pee. Spray the basement with a vinegar and water mixture and hire Shay to clean the box till Baby comes.

Come for supper tomorrow night when Husband goes to school. We're having pork roast.

Which brother? Tall and blonde?

Maybe husband can find a friend?

Baby will be here soon.

Your living room is beautiful!

Get a good night's sleep.

Baby will be here soon.

Beans, beans...

I love Baby's room.

Baby will be here soon.

Love, Mom

Heather said...

Bethany, you are on the home stretch now! These days must seem long with you working and being on your feet, but soon you will be holding that little one instead of having a lumpy belly! It sounds like you have things under control (garden, baby's room). Maybe you can rest a bit now;)Oh, and maybe take a little picture of the baby's room to show us??

Rachel said...

You sound a little overwhelmed. Maybe you could ask the vet over the phone about Molly's diarrhea and what to do. What's up with Louis, he's decided that he doesn't like his litter box?
Just like your mom and Heather said, VERY SOON you will be holding your beautiful new baby. This is the longest stretch of the pregnancy I think...when you are getting so big and uncomfortable. Do you literally "roll" out of bed in the morning? Lol! I remember that! I would love to see the baby's room and your living room!

Anonymous said...

Feed your dog boiled chicken and rice for a few days or you can give him/her canned pumpkin (plain - not pumpkin pie mix) a couple spoon fulls - it also helps with constipation for the dogs. I always keep a can in my cupboard for those 'watery' times.

Natures Miracle will get rid of the cat pee smell, just douse the areas they are peeing - if you cat never peed outside of the litter in the house before, he may be trying to tell you he is not feeling well.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Yep that was quite a glimpse. Like Martha said, give the pooch a break from food whenever she has tummy issues. makes a difference and give it some liquid pepto bismol about a spoonful in a syringe

Country Blonde said...

Oh Beth, sounds like you have had your hands full.I would feed your dog chicken broth.Boil the bones of a chicken and give him the broth.Thats sapose to help.We gave our cat it and it healed her.Something about the marrow in the bones.
About your bad kitty, have you tried rubbing his nose in it when he goes pee where he's not sapose to?We have to do it to our cats.All of the cats have learned not to except Melissa,she still does it and we can't stop her.But she only does it when her cat pan is dirty.
Other than that I can't help you but to say your little baby will soon be here and I am sure he/she will be adorable.I can't wait to meet him/her.Miss you,call me when you find yourself home alone agian.