Friday, January 05, 2007

A List of Things

So this week I've been trying to get a few things done. Here is my list of things I've accomplished.

*Cleaned the bathroom.
*Washed the bathroom floor and walls.
*Eaten all the leftovers. (Yea!)
*Wrote a letter to me new sponser child, Ayu from Indonesia.
*Wrote out all the bills.
*Made a picture CD for Carissa. This is a big one since I was supposed to have it done 5 months ago.
*Gave Joe his b-day present that I bought for him 5 months ago.
*Established an obgyn for myself and made an appointment.
*Undecorated the Christmas tree.
*Washed all the laundry and cleaned the cat box.
*Made jam from the strawberries I picked last June.
*And I took out the mounds of recyclables that had been collecting in my kitchen the last several weeks.

Here is the list of things left to do this week.

*Wash the dishes (after I eat my lunch).
*Exchange some jeans at Steve and Barry's for Adam.
*Exchange some pj's I received for Christmas.
*Return/exchange a gift to Kmart.
*Go to Carissa's for dinner tonight.
*Take out the garbage.
*Get rid of the undecorated Christmas tree.
*Print a picture to send to Ayu.
*Mail the bills and my letter.
*And write a blog worth everyone's time.

Yeah, well I'm not very interesting lately I know. But please don't leave me and take me off your links yet. Maybe sometime soon I will have interesting things to write about. Speaking of which, my jam has seperated in the jars. The berries have floated to the top and the liquid is on the bottom. Strange. I have yet to see how it has turned out. Would anyone like a sample? It'll take us forever to got through two whole batches of jam.


Martha said...

I love homemade strawberry jam!


Rachel said...

We love jam too, and every time I have tried to make it, it never seems to set up. ???

You sound like you have been one very busy girl! Some day you and your mom and I need to get together to scrapbook!!

Shelly said...

Ummmm - homemade jam sounds good! :)

Bethany said...

Wow! Three takers... Now to invite them over so they can pick it up!