Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two Posts in One

Okay, okay. I have been firmly reprimanded for not blogging for a week. (Thanks Steph.)

Life can be stressful sometimes. But I'm sure that if you believed in something as fiercely as I do, than you would tell people about it too. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I also believe that you cannot get to heaven without believing in Him. So therefore, I am going to tell people about Him. After all, I don't want to be the one who didn't tell you. But that isn't what is stressful. It is the reactions I get from those who I love most. I am forever grateful that my immediate family and I are all on the same page, when it comes to faith in Jesus Christ. We agree that He is the most amazing, loving and merciful God. Forever patient with His children, good, just and holy. He knows our weaknesses and can give us strength to endure. He picks us up when we fall and holds our hand when we feel alone. Having seen my God work in miraculous ways over and over again, I can confidently tell the world that I am not delusional for believing that He is more real than anything. And I am forever thankful to have life in Him. If you want to know more, just ask.

On that note... I am ready for spring. Six reasons why:

1) My hands are perpetually cold in this corner of the house, the farthest corner from the wood stove. We have been supplementing our gas heating with wood this year. Thankfully Joe lives with us and it is his job to bring in the wood. But the fire still must be maintained and very often I let in almost go out.
2) Also, the snow is looking yucky now. Especially cause we have a dog. Not only are there, uh, yucky things, but Molly leaves tracks wherever she goes. And I do not like where she has been wandering. There is no denying it when she goes into the neighbors yard, when there are tracks leading there. It's embarrassing. I want a fence. Please.
3) Wet shoes leave salty, muddy spots on the floor. And the laminate floors swell at the seams when wet shoes are left on them. I hate mopping.
4) The car is gross. And our back window wiper is broken, so I cannot wash the salty residue off the window when I am driving. I feel like an impaired driver without being able to see out the back clearly.
5)My leather gloves are getting holes in the fingers. Which means I may have to find new ones before the end of winter. And I won't like the new ones as much as I like these. My Gramanita brought me these from who-knows-where and they fit like a glove should. I love them.
6) I want to go outside. With flip-flops, not boots, scarf, hat, gloves, coat...


Tori said...

#6. I too want to wear flip flops or even not have to bundle so heavily. I keep trying to deceive myself and I wear less clothing... like no long underwear today... and it's just way too cold!

Stephanie said...

I often feel the same as you trying to live as a Christian in a very non-Christian world.Esecialy at work.Everyone knows that I am but where does that leave me.I guess they always know who to come to when they would like someone to pray for them.It always amazes me how people don't believe in prayer but when they are in trouble they still ask for it.
I am right there with you ready for Spring to come.I have been looking at flowers online when I am really missing spring but I think it just makes me miss it all the more.Flip flops,oh how I miss my flip flops.Extra cloths to wash is one of my complaints.You have to wear so many layers this time of year.Not to mention the bundle of joy that I am looking forward to meeting this spring!! :)

Martha said...

I am also looking forward to spring but am trying not to put too much focus on it just yet. There are still plenty of winter projects to do and I must take full advantage of my inside time. Bring on the blizzards and let's get it over with!

On the other note, we must always act in love and stay on our knees. There is no doubt that standing firm will cost us something. Although it hurts, we must always put Him first.

Sherri said...

I will pray for you! That has to be hard, but you're right, necessary. I wish I were as bold as you!

And I am feeling everything except 2, since we don't have a dog. And it is only January. Uggh. Here's a little spring thought though. My aunt lives in Geneva, and there are some great flower shops near her. They are run by Mennonites and the flowers are great quality and so reasonable. I got some gorgeous hanging baskets for $15 that were twice as big as the $30 Lowes baskets. It is worth the drive and maybe we could bring the boys together!