Friday, January 02, 2009

Pottying Baby

It is a joy to realize that children are much smarter than they are given credit for. Granted, they are also stubborn little creatures and often quite defiant. But that shouldn't discourage anyone from encouraging their baby to use their heads. :)

On Christmas morning, Josh woke up pretty much dry. I gave him his morning bottle and when that was finished, I was surprised to see he was still dry. Well, I supposed, now would be a fine time to sit him on the potty, since there was no doubt that he indeed had to go. I turned on the tub faucet (a little trick I learned when giving Josh a bath) and sat Josh backwards on the potty. He didn't go. As soon as I set him on the floor he started peeing, so I popped him back up on the seat and he continued doing his business. Success! He had peed in the potty. Since that day, with the exception of two days, Josh has continued to pee on the potty several times each day. He still goes inbetween potties, but we both cheer when it's done where it belongs. I was pretty sure my Mom thought I was crazy, putting my 14 month old on the potty, but then she happened upon this link about diaper free babies. Now she knows that there are even crazier parents out there than I. If you are interested in becoming a crazy parent too, check out this site as well. Pretty informative, but you have to be a very dedicated Mommy.

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That's pretty amazing!