Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mommy's Big Helper

Josh and I have had a busy morning together. Daddy had to take his van to the garage this morning, so it was just Josh and I. (And Uncle Joe, but he minds his own business pretty well.) The two of us busied ourselves with the morning housework. Josh "helped" me make the bed. We washed some laundry together. Josh is very good at pressing the buttons on the washing machine and putting the dirty laundry in to wash. He also likes to help put the wet laundry in the dryer. After we did the wash, the dishes were next. Josh stands on the chair next to me and dunks the dishes in the water, scoops water from the dish pan into the other side of the sink and over the edge of the counter onto his shirt. He like to take the clean dishes out of the dish drainer and put them back into the soapy water. I will say, "Hmmm, I think I've washed this spoon before." It may take me a little longer to get the dishes done, but I enjoy Josh's help and I know he loves helping Mommy. After all, I remember helping my Mommy wash dishes when I was very little. I would practically beg her to let me help. Sometimes she would yes, and sometimes she would say, "No, I need to get them done quick this time." I don't think my Mom realizes that I remember helping her way back then. It must've been before I went to Kindergarten. Sweet memories for me. I'm glad she took the time to let me help. Thanks Mom!


Anonymous said...

I have pictures of me doing the exact same thing with my mom.I thought I was so much help!!Good to start young.

Jessica Morris said...

It definitely takes a lot of patience doing any chore with a little :)
But my thoughts are, not only are they enjoying themselves immensely, they are learning and the more practice they get at the chore the sooner it will be that they can take it over themselves! :)

Priscilla said...

I hope he still want to help when he is older!

Rachel said...

I just left a long comment and it disappeared when I hit the publish button.:0

You go Josh! I wish I was more consistent throughout Steven and Michael's lives about having them help out.