Saturday, March 15, 2008

An Exerpt from the Life of Josh

This week Josh has been sleeping in his "big boy" bed. We decided on Monday night that it was time for him to sleep in his own crib. I expected myself to be sad and have a hard time leaving him all by himself. But I was ready for the change. Josh must've been too because he slept all night and didn't cry when we left him. He has also been taking all his naps in there.

Josh is doing very well and I still enjoy watching him learn and grow. He is now four and a half months old and often gets tired of "just lying around". Josh does like to lie on his tummy for a bit, if he has something colorful to look at like his book or rattle. But he eventually tires of that and gets whiny. Then I'll roll him onto his back and the whining stops. A bib is now Joshua's constant companion as his drooling never ceases. He'll sog up your shoulders in seconds if you let him. His Uncle Ben finds slobber quite gross, so Josh gets fewer hugs from Ben now. Poor Josh... Actually, Josh gets plenty of hugs from his other Aunts and Uncles to make up for the ones lacking from Uncle Ben.

Joshua is also developing quite the personality. He might laugh if you do something silly and he'll scream if you take too long when he's hungry. I try not to succumb too easily to his demands. For example, when he has boogers in his nose that need sucking, I will suck them out even if he insists that they should stay. Or if he does not think it is cold enough outside to require a hat, but I do, he gets a hat on whether he likes it or not. Lately Josh has decided that bundling up is no fun and neither is sitting in his car seat. But, once again, I am the Mom, so I have the final decision. But along with his increased desire for "independence" is an increased fascination with the new, the exciting and the familiar. It's so nice when I notice him wanting me or when he recognizes Aunt Hannah when we see her at church. Life, for Joshua Adam, is just getting more and more exciting. And it is for me too. :)


Wanda said...

What a sweet and insightul post. I can already see you have good parenting skills. Did you learn some of those from Mom?

I remember listening to Focus on the Family and Dr. Dobson saying remember YOU are the mother!!! Good advice.

Love and Hugs ~~ Josh is adorable.

Rachel said...

It's so fun to watch them learn, and it IS nice to be the favorite!

Steven and Michael aren't too into the baby drool either.

Hey, I see in that 3rd picture that Josh has your "crooked smile." Isn't it adorable?!

Jessica Morris said...

Aww :) what a sweet post!
Sometimes when Judah is trying to do things "his way" (which is often the harmful/dangerous/wrong way) and I tell him no, or take him away from whatever it is I CAN NOT BELIEVE the temper he displays in his response!
Being a parent amazes me! It is humbling and incredible. I think I have learnt a lot about God as our Heavenly Father as a result of having my own child.

Martha said...

You are doing a great job, Beth. I can see too that he is beginning to be bored sometimes. In the blink of an eye he will be travelling around on his own power, checking out everything along they way. We will be telling him "no" and pulling all kinds of stuff out of his chubby little fists and mouth. "Look out rocks and dirt, here he comes!"

Bethany said...

Josh sure can have a temper! I am just praying that God will give us the wisdom we need in order to curb his sinful nature, which is already displaying itself... Can you believe it? But typically, he is still the sweetheart he was. I'll take any and all the advice you guys can give! As long as it's given with a grain of salt and you don't bash me on the hard with it, cause I'm still battling my sin nature too. Down you dragon!

Heather said...

Bethany, you are doing such a great job. Every time I read your blog, I am so proud of the mother that you are. God has given you wonderful insights to Joshua's little heart already. (I also think your Mom has helped, too!)