Friday, August 13, 2010

Going Out With a Bang

I've been having a creative week this week. Not only am I nearly ready to start my decoupage wall hanging for Joshua's room, but I have also made a rocket launcher. (Watch out world! Here we come!) Tomorrow is our last Bible Club day until further notice, and we are going to go out with a *bang*! In all actuality, this is an air rocket launcher with a rocket made out of paper, so no loud noises will accompany the launch. And, as an added bonus, the launcher is very simple to make. Even I could do it. And the PVC pipe used to make it cost less than $2. (Ding-ding-ding! Extra bonus points added here!) Josh and I spent some time this morning making sure that everything worked properly, and, even though our air tank was a bit smaller than recommended, it worked great. Josh would've spent all day launching rockets if nap time hadn't sneaked up on us. Now we can only hope for a good turn out tomorrow at Bible Club, because I'm sure the kids will have fun with this one. I'll have to keep it a surprise until after the lesson time is over. For instructions on how to make your own rocket launcher click *HERE*.


Priscilla said...

That sounds totally cool!

Hey...I have a coupon for one free admission to the African Lion Safari with the purchase of a ticket. It's a pricey place to go, but fun and I'd hate to see this ticket go to waste. It doesn't expire until 2011, so you have time.

Bethany said...

oooo, I like it! I'll have to convince Adam to take me now. :)