Thursday, April 07, 2011

Growing Again

I'm eating ice cream at 9:30, just FYI. It's going to go right to my jiggly thighs...

I am so ready for another sunshiny day tomorrow. Today, it was like torture to have to go to work and leave my garden lying still under such a blue sky. If it is beautiful tomorrow, I am staying home all morning and doing garden things. I know it is only April 7th, but I am getting ready early this year. I am making raised beds in my garden and I have been working on them in my mind already for three months. I need to finish painting the boards so I can screw them together and fill them up with fresh soil. I have had such a hard time growing root vegetables for the past four years and I am ready to try something new. So I am making four 5'x5' raised beds to supplement my garden area. And I am also sooo ready to plant cool weather seeds, like peas and lettuce. The sooner, the better. I already feel like I am behind, even though I am starting way earlier than ever before. I have planted tomato seeds which are sprouting in my basement and I am anxious to get some pepper seeds sprouting as well... Again, I am hoping for a beautiful day tomorrow, because that is my excuse for skipping preschool as volunteer Mom. Even if it is not so great of a day, it would be so encouraging for me to be able to get some things accomplished at home. And we are having lunch company too. Maybe I should clean the bathroom as well?


Heather said...

I am really going to miss working in my yard this year. I love doing that. It is something my Dad and I would do together. We have a huge space at our house in NJ for a garden and maybe next year, I will take that plunge!! I hope you have a wonderful day, Bethany Ann!

Martha said...

I am nursing a headache instead, probably brought on by spending hours in the sunshine, smoke, and pollen infested fresh air yesterday. It is a terrible payoff. :(

Wanda said...

Your garden will be so great, and your family eating all that freshness... I'm jealous. I am going to clean flowerbed next week, and plant some new flowers as all the family is coming over for a BBQ for my 70th BD in a couple of weeks.

I have beautiful purple Iris blooming, must take a picture soon.

Think of you often, dear.

Love and Hugs