Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Gardening Bug Has Bit

Spring has sprung a little early this year. We don't usually get 80° weather in mid-March. Nor do I usually have a sunburn on March 20th. But both are true this year. The unseasonably warm weather has me in gardening mood this week and I have been busy prepping the soil in my garden. I have also been planting seeds in pots in anticipation of adding a container garden to my already full garden space. Josh is more than eager to be my helper this year, and though I have to set limits for him, I think I'll concede a small space of garden to him to tend. My only downer is that the bugs in my garden are already prolific, which was actually predicted already by the "experts". I think this is the year that we have to call the exterminator, especially for the box-elder beetle infestation that we have. Hopefully the bugs won't deter me from planting "cool weather" seeds in my raised beds by the end of this week. I'm assuming that we'll still have some cool weather before the end of May. I mean, we have had snow in April before. But peas, radishes and lettuce sure do sound tasty!


Martha said...

We don't always have 80° in July! (I thought you had written "unreasonably" warm the first time I read it... Silly me!)
I am also feeling the gardening bug biting. I cleaned out my garden boxes but I'm not sure weather to chance planting or not. Ah, maybe I will. I think I can risk a few packets of seeds. :)

Stephanie said...

I have been wishing I could garden as well. I wish I had a little piece of earth that I could work. Maybe next year. I will have to come for a visit when you are feeling better and help with yours. :)