Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pink or Blue

I read about it in a magazine. And I thought it was the best. idea. ever. Well, maybe not ever... But pretty close. It was about cake. Pink or blue cake and a good surprise. The idea was, after your ultrasound, have the tech write on a piece of paper whether you were having a boy or girl, and stick it inside a sealed envelope so you cannot read it. Take the envelope to a bakery and have them make you a pink or blue cake depending on what is in the envelope, but frost the cake neutrally. I took it from there. I fashioned pink and blue flags so my guests could wave them in anticipation and share their guess. I also colored sugar with a few drops of food coloring so we could sprinkle our ice cream appropriately. Tonight we had our party. Adam, my very good secret keeper, kept the secret safe after he passed along the information to our cake baker, who turned out to be my Aunt, since the bakery didn't work out. Check out the pictures to see how it all played out!
Pink and blue flags await the voting!
The mystery cake
The crowd had voted. It's a pretty even vote! Might say 50/50.
"You mean, it's a brother?"
Happy Mom and Dad!
Boy: A noise with dirt on it.


Heather Y. said...

it is a great idea! and it looks like you had a great time and "boy" was it a success :) sorry had to put it in there somewhere :) Congrats to you two! little Josh must be thrilled!

Heather said...

I think 2 little boys is delightful!!!

Martha said...

2 boys and 2 Heathers!

I love little boys, but I did think it would be fun to have a girl. Good thing I get over it quick... just like you had to with Ben. :)

Martha said...

PS. I love Heathers too.

Kaitlin said...

=) A precious baby boy that I cannot wait to meet! Very cool cake.

Martha said...

Hi Kaitlin. :)