Friday, August 17, 2012

Ann Voskamp's End of Summer To Do List

(Or the before you have a baby list.)

The Easy Before-Summer-Ends Plan
{14 Things to do in the last 2 weeks}
Just one a day:
1. Make a fruit pie
2. Eat under stars
3. Walk through one woods

4. Dip both feet in water
5. Sing hymns around flame {choice: candles or campfire}
6. Lick drippy ice cream

7. Find a swing and swing high
8. Pick a bouquet of wildflowers : set in sill. Or give it away.
9. Play one game of anything out on grass {frisbee, baseball, soccer, croquet, volleyball}

10. Eat something fresh {from the garden or the market or your mother’s}
11. Lay down on grass, look up and watch clouds for five minutes
12. Go to a park and play until something in you feels lighter

13. Open a window. Listen to the world. Slow. Still.
Pray before that open window.
14. Sit with someone you love and watch the sunset. Say it out loud: Thank you.


Martha said...

I like Ann's list. :)

Wednesday night Dad and I did both 3 and 6. We could have done #4 but it was a long drop down the side of the cliff to the beach. :)

Martha said...

I have now dipped both feet.

Hannah said...

I did all but 1, 8, 12, and 14.