Thursday, March 30, 2006

Synopsis of One's Week

Well, it's been a whole week since I have last blogged. Ooops... my how time does get away from you when you're busy! I've had a busy week. Last Friday Adam and I went to the Amerks Hockey game. Of course they lost, but we had fun anyway. Hockey players really do fight on the rink, just like in the movies! It was a good game with a close score: 3-4. Saturday I helped my Dad hang a mural at church in the morning and had my family over for dinner later. Adam made a delicious ham and we had quite the feast. My Mom's birthday was last Wednesday so I had made a blueberry cheesecake in celebration of the occasion. This made a lovely dessert. Mmmm, good. Sunday was church and in the afternoon, Adam and I traveled the countryside enjoying the warm day. Meanwhile I got very tired and I believe I even slept a bit (maybe 5 minutes). Monday was work and then I went to Kohls and bought a few skirts which I returned Tuesday morning because Adam didn't care for them. Tuesday I went to work again and in the evening we went to my parents house for Bible study. I finally remembered to bring the candy canes I bought for them at Christmas (they were homemade and very good) so everyone got to enjoy a late Christmas present. Hey, better late than never! Wednesday I went teaching again. It was the roughest day yet because we were all out of schedule. The kids had had a few late nights and needed to sleep in, so only two of them were awake when I arrived. Rebekah, who is six, slept till almost 11:00. I let her because she really must've needed the sleep. It's gotta be hard when you're mommy is staying in the city because your premature baby sister is in the hospital. It was a beautiful day outside too, so it was hard to get the kids to focus on the jobs that their dad had set for them to get done. I think it'll go better tomorrow because they won't be so overtired and we'll be able to (or at least mostly) stay on schedule. I like those kids and I hope that I can be of some kind of encouragement and blessing to them and their dad, while their mom is not at home. And hopefully they will be learning at the same time! Today I waitressed again and this evening (in about 15 min.) we will meet Adam's parents for dinner. Bob's birthday was yesterday and they always go out to eat when someone has a birthday... It's kinda funny how every family does things different. When I was growing up, Mom always made us dinner and cake or pie and Grandma and Grandpa came over. It just shows how different people celebrate different ways!
So, as you can see, I've been a busy girl. Not much down time. I'm hoping to get some grocery shopping in tonight as well- I won't have any time this weekend. We'll see how that goes. Ach, we're out of eggs, almost out of butter, we need this... we need that! Yup, it's gotta get done...

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