Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thirteen Things... find when you clean out your car (and then some).

1) An atlas that is losing it's pages
2) A Syracuse Orangemen Blanket that is in desperate need of a bath
3) Three misplaced tape measures, one of which went promptly back to work after being found
4) Two forgotten notepads and some pens/pencils
5) An empty plastic bag
6) The leash which would've been needed shortly
7) A pack of cards minus one
8) Tide-to-go (in case of emergencies)
9) A good smelling candle that never made it to the house
10) Some odd pipe pieces
11) Adam's library card which no longer has any fines!
12) A ski mask- remnants of our latest winter hobby
13) Some good cd's the I forgot we had
14) The clip for Adam's cell phone (wonder if he is missing it yet)
15) My snow brush, which hopefully I won't need till December
16) And my car emergency kit, which is always good to have on hand

And besides all that good stuff, a whole bag of garbage and a handful of coins.


Shelly said...

My car is in desperate need of cleaning.... Wonder what I would find! LOL. Maybe I should blog about the interesting things I found in my fridge when I cleaned it out a couple of day ago. YUCK!

Rachel said...

We're getting ready to go camping for the weekend so yesterday I opened up the camp kitchen to see what was in it...I found a bunch of ripped up insulation that a little mouse must have brought in there to make a nest in the winter. There was also a lot of mouse poop and several things were chewed and ruined. I scoured the thing, and now it's probably cleaner than it's ever been. I think we need to get some mouse traps for our attic!

Martha said...

Oooo, Shelly! What a great ides! Thirteen things in my fridge... maybe next week, huh?

Beth, I'd like to know what kind of things you'll find when you clean out your car two years from now... half eaten crackers, an old french fry, a small sock, a few stray toys, a stroy book...

Priscilla said...

This is good inspiration to clean out the car.

Priscilla said...

Martha...don't forget Sunday School papers! Those always seem to get left in the car!

Martha said...

Oh yeah, and a hairy pacifier.

(Where do you find all these long word verification things?!-binpcnow?)

gmj said...

Very interesting topic for 13, I love it.