Monday, January 07, 2008

A Wedding

This past weekend Mom and I drove down to NJ to see my friend Ashleigh get married. I met Ashleigh when we were both ten years old. Her family had visited our church shortly after moving to NY and I helped her and her sister Bethany find their classrooms. Turned out we had some thing in common and we became friends. The family moved back to NJ in 2003, after Ashleigh went to college. But Ashleigh and Bethany both made the trip back when I got married and I was more than happy to go see Ashleigh get married too. We had a good trip down and it was very nice to see everyone again.
Everyone wanted to hold Joshua, especially Mr. "H" and his brother "Uncle" Ralph. I thought it was funny to see how much the guys liked to hold the baby.


Heather said...

Oh my goodness. These pictures brought tears to my eyes to see you two married girls who used to dress up at our house and take pictures all the time. And then there was the singing and many good memories of you girls growing up. Thank you so much for coming and sharing Josh with all of the Hester men (and the Hester women, too!) We are so thankful for you making the big trip down for this big day! By the way, that is one handsome dude in the tuxedo holding Josh!

Martha said...

I tried to get a picture of Uncle Ralph too but by the time I had my camera ready, he had turned around.

Yes, Heather, all those memories are coming back to me too. Those and more.

Wanda said...

Oh what lovely pictures. You two look like perfect friends.

BTW I got the goodies, and a card is off in the mail to you!!!

How sweet you are, and I loving you blog.

Country Blonde said...

She was a beautiful bride!!
It was so nice of you to stop by on your way home.Please stop by again anytime!!