Friday, May 30, 2008


Mobility. That is the word of the week. It is a new found ability and now the real excitement begins. There is now so much to explore. For instance dog food tastes "wonderful", the vacuum cleaner cord cannot be left unwound, dirt and grass which is tracked into the house holds a new world of fascination, and grimy sneakers never looked so tasty. My seven month old boy already has his first bruised forehead from rocking himself into the corner wall. Adam and I were both standing right there, but how can you keep a mobile baby from moving? You cannot keep him in a box now. He wants to roam free, to eat what you are eating, to slobber on what you are holding and get into what you want to keep him out of. But the positive side is that a mobile baby is a sleepy baby and just might sleep through the whole night. Ah, wonderful sleep. Now to see if he keeps this up.


Martha said...

You are so cute. :)

Word verification? "tireukob"
Wonder if that has anything to do with making little boys sleepy?

Rachel said...

Watch out!

Heather said...

I do not think he will give up the mobility. It's too much fun! This does start a whole new phase for Josh. Look out, world. Here he comes!

Jessica Morris said...

Aww - this is so sweet Bethany!! Every stage of babyhood is so precious! If you have a baby book you should print this out and put it in there :)

I tagged you for something!

Wanda said...

Oh yes, now the fun begins...... :)