Monday, May 12, 2008


Today I am mad at the world. I'm mad that gas is just shy of four dollars. I'm mad that our food supply is being turned into a fuel source for our vehicles. I'm mad that I cannot jump in my car and drive to the grocery store without having to figure out the most economical way to do so. I'm mad at the lady at the Post Office who sold me stamps two weeks ago without telling me that the price was going up. I'm mad that she didn't offer me the Forever stamp. I'm mad that I've already gone into town today and therefore am not going back to get one cent stamps to mail the bills which should've been taken today and would've been, if the lady at the Post Office had sold me Forever stamps.Why didn't she offer me any? Why didn't anyone warn me of the stamp increase? Why do I keep trying to support the US Postal system? Why don't I pay my bills online? Why? Why? Why?

Okay, thanks everyone. I feel better now after getting it all out. I don't know why the stamp increase bugged me so, but it really had me ticked. I guess with everything else rising, why can't the good ol' Post Office raise their prices... Again.


Wanda said...

I agree wholeheartedly !!! Glad you got it off your chest, now I wont't have to post it. (no pun intended)

I'm glad you feel better !!

Heather said...

That really does stink, Bethany. It would have been nice if the post office lady told you about the increase!

I'm glad you feel better. Isn't blogging a wonderful outlet?

Martha said...

This post made me laugh out loud, and Wanda made me laugh again. Rising costs have a way of making me nervous and uneasy so it feels good to laugh... even if its not funny.

Becoming Me said...

Sometimes you just need to vent. It was nice to visit a blog and read a real post

Annie said...

We bought 3 books last week...I don't know why we keep mailing things at this point...thank goodness for your blogs and emails or else I'd go broke sending you letters back and forth.

Rachel said...

I agree with you on this one...yikes to the high prices! I also would have been annoyed with the lady at the post office.

Jessica Morris said...

That does stink!

I was there a month or two ago and asked if I could see the selection of stamps they have (cuz they have cool designs!!) the lady actually said "Well honey, I don't really think I should sell them to you since the price is going up. The forever stamp is a much better deal. I think you should buy it." AS she is ringing up the forever stamp!! Haha. I didn't mind, but thought it was funny she'd say that!!
And secretively, I'd rather pay a penny more for cool looking stamps... how un-frugal is that?!

Ohhh - and I heard somewhere you can buy stamps online for great savings!