Friday, August 07, 2009

Oh Garden, Where Art Thou?

My garden has officially escaped me. I have neglected it and should be called in for maltreatment of produce. During my 10 day sabbatical in July, the weeds grew tall and fierce, the grass thick and impassable, and the peas woody and uneatable. And since the day I arrived home, the weeds have only grown taller and the grass thicker. But I'm still pretty sure you can find something good growing in the midst of the "jungle". Oh yes, there are the beets in between the blades of grass. And one unbolted head of lettuce, left for my fresh crunchy salad. The tomatoes have not yet escaped their cages and the cucumbers are sure to found lying around somewhere... Our yearly garden visitors have not failed us either. Thankful they are for the bean plants that I have sown, much to the chagrin of my spouse, who wishes I hadn't planted so many beans or any beans at that. Maybe next year the peas won't be so neglected. Maybe next year I will stave off those weeds, or the bugs for that matter. Maybe next year the zucchini will produce more than one lonely fruit. Maybe next year the lettuce won't bolt. Maybe next year... Well, in that case I probably wouldn't have planted a garden.

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Martha said...

I'm beginning to think making the rounds of the farm stands might be more profitable than planting a garden myself.