Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Wildness of my Life

Today is a busy day. Yesterday was a busy day. The day before was a busy day. Tomorrow will be a busy day. *Sigh* Monday, Monday. Glorious day-off Monday. Today one of my best friends is getting married. I must leave home in 1 1/2 hours. The wedding doesn't start until 7, but we are doing pictures early this afternoon. I must remember to bring my camera so I can take pictures too. I also must remember to do my make-up, hair, finish getting dressed, and pick the veggies in my garden that have been neglected since earlier this week. Beans, peas, beets should be picked too, but I'll wait on the beets. My lettuce bolted somewhere during the day on Thursday, but I picked it anyways. Give us one hot day during the summer, and it'll bolt, that lettuce. We got our nails done yesterday and I had French tips painted on mine. I even had to touch them up this morning. What vanity, to have ones' nails done. I feel edgy this morning, but am trying to remember that I must be faithful in the small things, so I can be entrusted with larger things. After all if I can not march with the troops, how can I run with the horses? (Or something like that... Someone help me here. I feel like I am always making up words to Bible references, kinda like I do with songs.) Maybe it's the coffee habit I have caught for myself. It started in El Salvador and I think it may need to stop soon. Maybe when my El Salvadorian coffee is gone, then I will wean myself off of it. Boy, do I feel anxious. My nerves are going wild. Must go. Maybe I will post more about my trip soon. But now it's 11:40 and I think my touched-up nails have dried. Off to other things.

(Oh, and the picture just went really well with my title. :)


Martha said...

You are making me smile this morning... Actually, it is now past noon... and yes, your quote is fairly accurate there. I think Pastor Ray has quoted it as "foot soldiers" but the idea is the same.

I wonder how much coffee affects your sweet Grandmanita. Your writing this morning is reminding me of her. You are actually much like her and I mean that in a good way. I always enjoy her stories too but never related it to coffee, just an exuberant and colorful personality. I love finding family in the faces and personalities of my kids.

And now, I am off to finish my tasks before running out into my busy day. I'll see you at the wedding!

Rachel said...

Haha! Funny picture! Who's hair do you have on your head? That can't be your hair. Have a fun evening at the wedding and reception!...We all have these times in our life where we feel way too busy. :)

Bethany said...

That is my hair! I had it up in silly buns earlier that night and then brushed it all out. Wild!!

Sherri said...

My hair can do that, we could put on a freak show :). I hope you found time to relax by now and calm your mind now.

Priscilla said...

Hope you didn't fix it that way for the wedding!!!! HAHAHAHAH