Thursday, September 09, 2010

Just Another Day at The Fair

(Adam helps Josh check out the John Deere tractors at the Erie County Fair.)
(Uncle Rick is a fireman, and his firetruck was at the fair.
.Lucky Josh, to have a fire captain for an Uncle.)
(Josh trying on Uncle Rick's fireman hat.)
Day #4: This was the day that we went to the State Fair. My camera had run out of batteries, and I left it at the apartment to charge. Therefore, I will share photos from the Erie County Fair, in NY. We had gone there with my in-laws a couple weeks prior to our visit with Jim. The Minnesota State Fair was a little more fun than that fair. There were the typical fair foods, smells and sounds. A few more interesting animals (I liked the birthing center exhibit, where there were newly born animals or soon-to-be mothers) and art exhibits... Food on a stick... You name it, pizza on a stick, pickles on a stick, potatoes on a stick, spaghetti on a stick, donuts on a stick... It was my goal to eat something on a stick while I was there, but I failed. Miserably. I suppose I'll just have to go back next year... Jim made sure that I got to see the historic section of the fair. Adam was not impressed while we dawdled in the printing press room and meandered through the corridors of the antique train cars. But I loved soaking it in. (Thanks Jim!)

When we finally left the fair, Adam was cross and needed a nap. So we headed back to the apartment and let Adam get some sleep. Our evening plan included dinner with a couple of Jim's friends, Dan and Jesse. Dan brought along his wife, Dee, and I got some much needed girl time. Spending days on end with two guys can wear a girl out, you know! It wasn't that we giggled like two school girls or anything like that, but having another girl around was something of a stress reliever for me. Oh, it was also this same evening that Jim took us to IKEA, the most amazing store in the world. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. I wish we had an IKEA down the street from us. But then, maybe it's good that we don't. To tell you about IKEA, I would need to write an entirely separate blog post, so I'll save you the details. In addition to seeing IKEA and eating with Jim's friends, this was also the evening I said good-bye to my orange Converse. They were my friends for three days, but they would not fit. It was a fun dream to have orange shoes, but simply not to come true. For just the night before, I had found a pair of black Converse at Target that fit me so much better and were $5 cheaper. Good-bye orange Converse!! And now it is 11:09pm and time for me to go to bed. Goodnight.


Priscilla said...

I have heard so much about IKEA, but have never been there either. I would like to go sometime.

I could so picture you in orange converse sneakers! Alicia has blue ones! Very stylish!

Martha said...

So Uncle Rick is responsible for Josh turning into a fireman. It all makes sense now.

About that State Fair... I think I should like to buy some food on a stick. How in the world did you miss the opportunity? Maybe we can make some of our own... Nah, wouldn't be the same without carnival music in the background and hoards of people walking about.

Rachel said...

Josh looks like a cute little fireman!
I would love to go to IKEA.

Sherri said...

1. I am so sad about the orange converse.

2. I will start a petition with you to start an IKEA around here. There's one on our way to MI to see Joel's family, but it's hard to tack a trip to IKEA to a 9 hour trip. Sighh.

3. Josh is very cute and I find him very entertaining :)