Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Junk Truck

Small Child. He is something. I come home from church on Sunday night to find he has rearranged my bedroom. Well, not the furniture. But anything else that an almost-three-year-old can move. My bed had turned into his "truck" full of "junk" and he had dutifully moved most everything that wasn't in the "truck" into a pile in his room. He was having so much fun moving the "junk" around that I couldn't put an end to his game. (Though I did make sure he helped putting it all away before bed.) There were clothes-clean and dirty, baskets, blankets, books (oh, help!), the kitchen broom, pillows , and the computer chair all piled in a heap in his bedroom doorway. At the very least, I guess I can say his imagination was brewing. And I'm glad I let it simmer for a little bit. Funny little guy.


Heather said...

He is so funny! Just wondering...who was watching him that he managed to get so much stuff together before being noticed??;-)

Martha said...

My girls play "picking berries" which simply means they take buckets and mix up all the toys so they have to be sorted out again later. How can I keep all my marbles in one bag that way?

clw said...

I love this! Ben was just like this. It is the idea of putting things IN your TRUCK that is so appealing. Well - that and maybe lifting and moving things gives them a youngster's feeling of strength. :) I am glad you didn't get mad.

A game Ben & I used to play is that I would call him to make pick ups and deliveries (that's how he would clean) It is fun and entertaining and gets work done at the same time. I think Ben had turned 3 by the time he was ready to play ....... "BRRRRRRING!!! Hello? Speedy pick up. I have a pile of blocks that need to be moved. Can I hire you to pick them up?" (Great fun! I love this age!!!)