Friday, March 11, 2011

Horrible Tragedy

My heart is heavy today. My mind feels a million miles away. I just watched a horrendous video of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Tears gathered in my eyes and the people there did not seem like strangers to me. They felt like neighbors being washed away in a rush of debris. I realize that I knew none of them personally, but I feel connected none-the-less. You see, just eight days ago I spent a brief moment in Tokyo. I brushed shoulders with the people of Japan. People who are now hurting, desperate for help, and crying out for salvation. People who have just witnessed their lives crumble before their very eyes.

"Dear God! Please help! I know we can do nothing for those who have already lost their lives, but dear God have mercy on those who still have breath! Rescue them in this moment of dire need. Come to their aid and let them witness Your salvation!"


Martha said...

My heart is hurting with you and I am praying too.

Wanda said...

Bethany ~ I join you in this heartache and in prayers.

Rachel said...

I am hurting for all of them too, Bethany, and have felt my eyes well up with tears several times. We grew to love Uncle Dave's brother's Japanese exchange students when they spent a year with them, one of them even spent a week with us in the Outer Banks. They were very sweet girls. I heard from one of them last night, but have tried to contact the other one on Facebook and have heard nothing from her yet...she lives in Tokyo. :( We are praying for all of Japan. All that is happening there is almost beyond my comprehension, it's just so horrible and sad.
I am so glad this didn't happen a week ago while you were traveling.