Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Little About Josh

There is a little boy who lives in my house who loves to roar and be loud. Thursday of this week he played all day long that he was a dinosaur. He growled, he prowled and he made it well known who and what he was. That boy of mine was a fierce dinosaur. Well, bedtime rolled around and the dinosaur was tucked into bed and kissed goodnight. In the middle of the night, well after the dinosaur in my son had dissolved back into a sleeping little boy, dinosaurs were still prowling around in his mind. Suddenly, there was a dinosaur standing tall and ferocious as ever, growling at him from the corner of his bedroom! "Mommy, Daddy!" came the cries from his room. "I'm scared!" Not once, but twice during the night I had to comfort and and lovingly tell him that there were no dinosaurs. But when the dinosaur raised his head the third time, we called our little Joshua to come into our bed, where we could snuggle him down and he could sleep in safety for the rest if the night. Come morning, he vividly recounted his dream to me, still with nervousness in his voice. And that evening, when Daddy tucked him into bed, he was armed with everything he would need if the dinosaur came again. His laser blaster, Iron Man, Thomas the triceratops... You name it. If it would help protect him from a dinosaur, he had it with him. And guess what... No dinosaurs attacked him that night!


Wanda said...

Oh that is so adorable ~~ What a precious story. I could just picture him.

Hope you're doing well. Think of you often, love you much!

clw said...

: ) Delightful way to handle it.
(Pray with him, too.)
I LOVE kids with imaginations!!!!

Rachel said...

Awww, :)!

Martha said...

Congratulations on scaring those dinosaurs away. Good job.

That is one noisy little boy you have there. :)