Friday, August 26, 2011

Beartown State Park (I told you I wanted to go there)

This month we took a family vacation to see some good friends of mine. Adam, Josh and I drove 14+ hours to Greenville, South Carolina. It wasn't a bad drive, but I did take us two hours out of the way to see this really great park called Beartown State Park, in West Virginia. Josh had a hard time driving through the mountains, as all the curves and hills were making him carsick... But he loved the rocks and caves at the park. I'm pretty sure we even heard a bear, though it could've been something else... I'm hoping to share little clips of our adventure with you so "bear" with me!
Josh loved exploring the boardwalks at Beartown. He
often ran ahead a little ways to get a peek before we could.
"He hideth me in the cleft of the rock."
Each rock formation was topped with trees
and ferns like a little island. It was so gorgeous.
We had to stay on the boardwalks,
but they too us to all the good spots.
Isn't he a cutie face?


Martha said...

Very cool place. I want to go there too.

PS. He is a cutie face.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Josh!! That is not fun. That park looks beautiful. I want to go there sometime too. So glad you are home safe and blogging. I need some blogging friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool! Next time take me! :)