Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Bible Club Finale

Bible Club ended today. But may Bible Club never really be ended... My neighbor asked Jesus to wash away her sins and give her a new heart. Another neighbor came back after club to ask me why God would want to pay for our sins, why He would die for us. Three weeks ago, my friend Cindy and I were disappointed with the low turnout of kids (or lack of any), but remained faithful to the plan. We struggled through the last weeks, but our God brought it all together today. We closed out our club with a party, but not before a very good lesson and overview of the Wordless Book. We played multiple games and crafts and even fed the five kids in attendance (including Josh) hot dogs for lunch. And then, when things were settling down and the dust clearing, we got a peek at the fruit of our labor. I wonder what the Lord will do next?

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Martha said...

See? I wasn't meant to be there. Emma and I would have been a distraction and God knew that.