Thursday, September 06, 2012

40 Weeks and Feeling Loved

Forty weeks today! I think he's been thoroughly cooked and is ready to come now. I am ready for him to come too. I had a sweet friend stop by tonight with a bag of goodies for me. You know those things I have put off buying? Well, the bag was filled with those things. Baby wash and lotion, a crib mattress pad, and some mommy things. I feel loved. Fred, you now have my permission to come. I would like to kiss you tomorrow and help celebrate my Auntie Kathy's birthday with your arrival. Now be a good little boy and listen to your Mommy.


Rachel said...

Awww, how nice! Do you still need the nursing pads or you have enough of those now? Tell me what you still need.

C'mon, Fred!!!

Martha said...

How come I want to cry now?

I hope your friend knows what a blessing she has been. :0

Priscilla said...

Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred!

Maybe if enough of us chant his name as a type of cheer...he'll be inspired to come out!

joeks said...

Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred!
Hope it helps! : )