Friday, September 07, 2012

No Birthday Baby for You!

She said he didn't feel like an eight pound baby. That was Tuesday. I don't want impatience to run my life, and so far I think I've done pretty well waiting for "Fred" to come. But now I think it's time. I would like him not to be nine pounds or more, though I'd keep him even if he was... Yet, the longer he stays in there, the more likely he will be, well, huge. Thankfully, my own rate of growth considerably slowed down back in July. In June, he was measuring up to two weeks ahead and I was sure I was going to give birth to a ten pound baby. Thankfully, that growth rate didn't continue, but instead slowed and he got back on track. (Or maybe I got back on track with more veggies and less ice cream...) It'd be kinda nice if he came this weekend, since he's not coming today. (Pretty sure of that. Like 99.9% sure.) My brother and his fiance` are coming into town next weekend and I'd love to have somewhat recovered my equilibrium and regained some control of my emotions by the time they arrive. In other words, I'd like to have had my baby and be back at home before next Friday, with a few days to spare. Am I ready? I think so. Is Adam ready? Well, this evening he prayed that he would come quickly.... Is Josh ready? He was ready seven months ago. Is "Fred" ready? Now that is the question that begs answering. (Sorry Auntie Kathy. No birthday baby for you.)

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Martha said...

Oh, bummer! And I was so hoping that sub full of deli meat would do the trick. :)