Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fleas and Other Disgusting Crawling Creatures

I admit it. We have an infestation. And it's gross and embarrassing. So why admit it publicly? Because the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. The second step is asking for help. We have washed, applied, squished and rewashed. And there is still no relief. I believe the next step is bombing, but I have reservations about using this type of treatment. Aren't there other safer solutions? There must be. We've been trying to rid ourselves of these creatures for seven months now and I am at my wits end. I hate hearing my friends shriek in disgust. And it would be too entirely humiliating to have someone else pick one off my child's head, as I have done several times. I am ready to be bug free.

We also have an issue with another familiar six-legged insect. They love our sandy soil. They build their houses 10 to every square foot (no exaggeration). They live in swarms. They love spilled dog food and forgotten crumbs. They come into my house and march right into places where they do not belong. I have set out traps, which deter them momentarily, but I know they will be back. There is a never ending supply right outside my door. How does one rid herself of so many? How do I let my child play in the yard when, no matter where I set him, he will be playing right on top of them? Cures! I need cures!!!

I know that you've heard enough. Your stomach probably cannot handle anymore grossities. But I'm already on a roll and must unleash it all. My next issue can be found in the garden eating all my bean sprouts. I've dealt with this before and, much to my chagrin, I am dealing with it again. Picking these nasty little things off my plants and drowning them in any chemical mixture works but isn't necessarily a very effective treatment. There must be a better way. There are better ways to spend my time. Hoards and hoards fly about every June and I know next year will be the same.

Yuck. It's all I can say. I've had enough of infesting, creepy, crawling, annoying, biting, chewing, making off with my goods little bugs. I am ready for a cure. Are you with me?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear Bethy.What an awkward situation.I hope that the cornmeal helps with your aunt problem.I have no solutions for your other little friends.I will ask my "wiser" Grandma if she has any safe cures.

Shelly said...

Yucky stuff!!!

I know how to get rid of ants... but it IS a chemical solution and I understand reservations. But you spray this stuff around the edges of your house - like doorways and baseboards and it keeps working for something like 6 months! Any time we've had ants and use this stuff it REALLY takes care of the problem for the entire summer!!!! As for fleas... we always bombed the house. Just make sure you are GONE for a good chunk of time - maybe even go somewhere overnight.

Joe Fool said...

yuck! I'm never going to your house again! Just kidding, I like bugs. :/

Martha said...

Joe has always had a fascination with six-legged creatures. I was almost sure he would take up a career as an entomologist. I can just see him making a film all about insects... Too bad A Bug's Life has already been done.

Oh yes, the bug problem... Once upon a time in a yellow house lived a family with fleas. (Okay maybe the house was stll white.) This particular unnamed family bought some nice chemicals, sevin and malathion, and sprayed a good section of the backyard where a vrery friendly gold dog named Misty used to play. They bagged the toys, bombed the house, and from thence forward committed to treating their pets with some kind of "on the skin" flea killer.

I suppose the nice chemical would also kill the ants but the boy child may have to play in the grass elsewhere for a time.

As for the flying beetle problem, I don't know. Aside from picking the nasty creatures off or covering your garden with nets, I have no solution.

That's the longest comment I've ever left!

Rachel said...

We haven't had any Japanese beetles yet, but we had hoards of them last year. They practically killed our poor little cherry tree even though I sprayed them twice and kept picking them off and killing was hopeless.This year we bought a mosquito net to cover it with. I know how you feel, it's quite frustrating dealing with bugs sometimes. We've dealt with the ant problem too, but not in a while.

Bethany said...

What about bedding (especially small child's bedding) when using a flea bomb?

Sherri said...

You have me itching, it's an involuntary thing when I read or think about bugs. My in-laws said they had to bomb like three weekends in a row to get rid of fleas. And I haven't seen japanese beetles (but some of my plants look to have been eaten by them), but last year I almost went mad b/c of them, they got in my hair, yuck, yuck, yuck. I use the chemical spray or put them in dishsoapy water. I don't like chemical sprays, but it beats the crazy house which was where I was headed.

Anonymous said...

been there done that and its not fun at all! but...Twenty Mule Team Borax in the laundry section of your store...not toxic us..but aunts ooops ants don't cross over that or chaulk for that matter...and if you spread a thin line all around the base of your home they won't cross over it...also if you can find the nests boiling hot water in those areas usually get rid of the queen and thats what you want to do...Fleas...yoiks! I have scars all over my feet for life from the little dudes..good luck on those things...but those beetles..there is a dust you can put on the plants that is suppose to help with them also soap (not detergent) mixed with water and sprayed on the plants underside sometimes helps..but if its lettuce..garsh...does not taste soo good..I will keep trying to come up with some remedys...I wish I could do sooo much more..I love you..if that helps at all..big hugs tooo

Wanda said...

Oh Beth, I feel for you. Years ago when we lived in a rental behind a large apt. complex in a not so nice neighborhood~~~

~~~The roaches would come in armies ~~ I would spray, bomb, cry, stomp my feet, spray, bomb cry ~~ and they would always come back because of the complex behind us!!

When we moved from there, I didn't take the washer or dryer because I was sure I would take these horible bugs to my next home!!

I hope you find a safe solution with Josh and all!!!

Love and Hugs (but not for the bugs)

Jessica Morris said...

Um, that is disgusting.
I'll still be your friend, but those pictures were gross. :)

Sorry you have those unwanted guests in your home! I don't have any ideas for ya - but I'm glad it's your house and not mine :-p

Heather said...

Oh, Bethany, first of all, I have to tell you that you are adorable and I always love the way you let us see inside your life!

Okay, secondly, I am very sorry you are having all of these bug problems. When we lived in our last house, we had fleas so bad. It was horrible. We found, like your Mom did, too, that we just had to do the monthly treatments on the dogs and then we had no more problems with fleas. Ants, well, I am not sure how we ever have taken care of them, although they have definitely made themselves at home in our house on more than one occassion:(

Anonymous said...

I happened upon your blog - and I'm so glad we're not alone!! We had never had an infestation before and it's been so embarrassing - I too hope no one notices they're no longer on the cat but everywhere else...

I've just read an article that says diluted vinegar (sprayed on carpet until damp) and on furniture etc... I'm trying it tomorrow!!!

Good luck with your cretinous creatures!